EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
have released single
“Bourbon Skies”
from the album “Choose”

Multivision is the name of an alternative rock band, originated from Greece.
Under influences of different rock styles from 80s till late 10s, the first EP album "Lucius" was created
at a studio apartment between vocalist Stelios Iatridis aka StIL, bass player Bill Ntanos
and lead guitarist Dimitris Tzilopoulos.
With the addition of drummer Steph Laskos, the band released the EP, which was mixed and mastered by Dimitris Douvras at Lunatech Sounds Studio, in the spring of 2018.
The band appeared on numerous radio shows, promoting their EP album accompanied by the announcement of their pre-production of a second studio album, alongside their conceptual logo persona "Lucius".
Guitarist Bill Melachrinos completed the setup before the recording of the FL album Choose, which was recorded in 2020, before collaboration with Lunatech Sounds Studio finalized the whole project 1 year later.
The album expands on the alternative rock sound of its EP predecessor, engaging with blues and punk styles.
By fall 2021, drummer Jason Glykidis was brought into the setup as a main member.

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish melancholic
death metal band
released their debut single

Finnish melancholic death metal band Marraskuun Lapset released their single Pahuuden siemen (seed of evil).
The track is taken from their upcoming
debut EP 'Lauluja Elämässä Eksyneille',
which is set to be released later in 2022 via Inverse Records.
The band comments:
" "Pahuuden Siemen" (Seed Of Evil) tells about sickness that affects many of us. This sickness does not feel mercy or pity and destroying it also destroys the person. Song also tells about surviving and will to live what you need to win this sickness."
Marraskuun Lapset is founded in the summer of 2021 by Tero Hautamäki (Hellyysagrrressio, Burning Mindfields, Wasteland) & Janne Partanen (Hautajaisyö, Uhriristi).
The band is set to release their debut EP later in 2022.
Recorded at Rock Werstas by Sami Pulkkinen


Guitars, Bass
Tero Hautamäki
Janne Partanen

Drums are played by
Teemu Koski (Vaasa Palaa).
Jussi-Pekka Litmanen, Jani Latva-Salo, Sofia Ingo, Hanna Ingo, Satu Kuru

Artwork photo by
Tero Hautamäki

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish post-metal band
released a second single
'All These Faces'

Finnish post-metal band Light Beneath released their second single named 'All These Faces'.
The track is taken from the upcoming s/t debut album which is set to be released on March 25th 2022 via Inverse Records.

The band comments the single:
"I don't wish for an evening because I'm waiting for sleep. Sleeping isn't safe. I'm waiting for the morning because then I know that a new day has begun and maybe I will wake up. Then it's good for me to exist. Then again, I'm waiting for the evening."
Light Beneath is a fresh post-metal band from Tampere, Finland.
Founded in 2018.

Band started to take its own form when all four of its members started to combine unique ingredients of their beloved art of music.
There was an oppressive atmosphere, mutual instinct-like drive and passion to create something new.
Light Beneath mixes post-metal and black metal to
a unique musical union.

vocals, guitar
pic by ​Taneli

Single cover by Taneli

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
greek alternative Rock-Metal band
have released the single
'Re-Pack Your Bags'

Allen's Hand is a cult alternative Rock-Metal band from Greece and they have a number of new stories that they're willing to share with us in the coming months!
«Some say all you need is a cult-like boyband of chickens. Some say all you need is love. Wisdom is abundant in both.»

That said, Allen's Hand - a cult boyband quartet hailing from Athens Greece - dedicated to the reverence of the one true Chicken King, are ready to topple the human system and rock the party with their new anthem 'Re-Pack Your Bags'.
nextricably intertwined with the modern-day zeitgeist, 'Re-Pack Your Bags' is an ode to the artistic process.
This adrenaline-driven heavy rock anthem details the artist's perspective on their intrinsic battle between genuine creative expression and their perceived audience's gratification.

The narrator comes to terms with outside viewpoints concerning their work of art, removing parts that they're attached to it for the sake of an improved outcome, and balancing art with commerce.
This rerecorded version of a past track, showcases Foo Fighters-like rhythms, gut-busting drum solos, soulful vocals and poppy choruses.

Allen's Hand consists of Eggstein (guitarist), Hennis (vocals),
The Nugget (bass) and Larry (drums).
'Re-Pack Your Bags' was produced by Mitso DeChicko,
mastered by Apostolos Siopis, Animated by Arinela Kociko
and last, artwork by Jon Toussas.

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
finnish hard rock act
have released their album

Following 'Living a Lie', Franz Schubert's 'Ave Maria' and Reino Helismaa's 'Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen' comes "Nine Tracks", the debut solo album by Gtarzee.
The album that features melodic hard rock, acoustic blues, a classical hit and a Finnish evergreen has already received praise thanks to its three already released singles of different musical styles.
Influenced by metal, a hint of melodic acoustic progressive rock and a troubadour flavour - there is a perfect mix - the dinner is served!
The main stars of the album are the guitars, the songs and the special guest stars, who are heard on four tracks; Brian Forth and Mikael Söderbäck of Forth, Marco Luponero of Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones and Kristian Meurman.
The drums of the album are handled by Forth's drummer,
Maestro Kari Storckovius.
The compositions and lyrics of the album are mainly written by Gtarzee, with the exception of Franz Schubert's 'Ave Maria' and Reino Helismaa's 'Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen' and 'Jealousy' to which Brian Forth wrote the lyrics to.
"Nine Tracks" is Gtarzee's homage to guitar-driven rock music - regardless of music style.
The album was mostly recorded by Gtarzee in his home studio and partly in Soundwell Studio by Valtteri Kallio, who also mixed the whole album.

The album was mastered by Janne Hakanen and it is released
by Secret Entertainment.

01. Welcome to the Show
02. Jealousy
(feat. Brian Forth)
03. Living a Lie
(feat. Marco Luponero)
04. Destiny
05. Intermission Waltz
06. Ave Maria
07. Sunday Blues
(feat. Mikael Söderbäck)
08. Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen
(feat. Kristian Meurman)
09. I’m a Dreaming Man

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish Dark Metal Band Kaamos Warriors
released a new single/video
“Varjojen Vaeltaja”

Finnish dark metal band Kaamos Warriors released
a new single and music video 'Varjojen Vaeltaja'.
The track is taken from the upcoming fourth studio album
'Spirit From The Void', which will be released on April 8th 2022 via Inverse Records.
ani Moilanen comments:
"Varjojen Vaeltaja represents the black metal influenced elements of our music creating a constantly growing dark and powerful melodic atmosphere"
Kaamos Warriors was founded in 2018 by Jani Moilanen and Mikko Ojala in Kempele in northern Finland.
The band refers to their music as atmospheric and melodic black metal.
The band has released three albums
(Ikuisen Talven Sarastus, Shadows of Northern Chaos and Kirous).
All albums have been released by Finnish Inverse Records.
The 4th album 'Spirit from the Void' will see daylight in the spring 2022 by Inverse Records.

Single cover art by
Kaamos Warriors

vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards
Mikko Ojala
guitars, acoustic guitars,
solo guitars
Jani Moilanen
Jyri Moilanen

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish melancholic
metal band
releases new single

Finnish 1996 founded melancholic metal band DENIGRATE is releasing their third full length album on March 25th 2022.
The new single "Sonata Del Diavlo" is the second single from the upcoming "Blackguard" album.

Since Denigrate was found back in '96, the inevitable vibe of the band was to be dark, melancholy, tormented, observative.

The quantity of albums released is really not the thing in this band.
From the first released album in 2003 to the latest 3rd one in 2022 called "Blackguard", decades has changed and so has the band.

After no more than two albums released, after big-time local momentum with a finnish cover song, after mandatory hiatus, after some line-up changes, Denigrate 2022 is at it's hardest core.

"Blackguard" takes you deep, slowly, irreparably.
It's the place where all beauty and evil befalls.

Galzi Kallio
Pekka Pyrhönen
Seppo Nummela
Tipi Toivanen

pic by Hannu Nieminen

EUGENIO SAMBASILE - The Most Mistaken Thing (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones
will release their debut album 'Life & Death'
on the 4th of march 2022

Former Terrorwheel and Altaria frontman Marco Luponero’s fast and furious solo outfit Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones have released their debut album.
'Life & Death' contains ten hard rocking punk bangers, including the well-received singles ”Hook”, ”The New Dark Ages” and ”Home To You”.

The album has been co-produced, recorded and mixed by Owe Inborr at Wolfthrone Studios and features several guest performers, among them Jacob Björnfot of Swedish black metal group Kvaen.

'Life & Death' is available on all streaming services, on CD via Inverse Records and in strictly limited editions on LP and cassette.

01. Hook
02. The New Dark Ages
03. Bite The Night
04. Home To You
05. Touch The Sky
06. Life And Me
07. Not A Drill
08. Too Much Of The Good Stuff
09. No Sanctuary
10. It Is What It Is

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