”Ghost is a perfect example of how the creative flow in Imminence just knows no boundaries. We don’t follow trends or try to fit our art into a format, rather we’re always eager to explore the unexpected.”– Harald Barrett (guitar)

Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarists Harald Barrett & Alex Arnoldsson, drummer Peter Hanström, and bass player Christian Höijer; IMMINENCE releases their new single ‘Ghost‘ – a psychedelic and supernatural cinematic experience that flirts with the occult and explores the darkest corners of the mind.

Following the success of the previous single ‘Heaven In Hiding‘, that instantly became the fastest-growing release in the band’s history, even surpassing the previous record held by ‘Temptation‘ (May 2021), IMMINENCE has in a matter of a few months released two of the most successful metalcore songs of this year.
Once again, the group displays their unrestrained diversity and dynamic approach with the new song ‘Ghost‘.

Director Pavel Trebukhin and IMMINENCE have invested more time and effort than ever on the video production, ensuring the viewer to experience a completely new level of artistic storytelling and raises the bar even higher for what can be expected from a quickly uprising metalcore act today.
The new single is a hard-hitting fireball, mixing influences that haven’t been heard since the bands breakthrough single ‘The Sickness‘ (2015) with all the unique features the band has established as their very own, among others the unmistakable violin performance by singer Eddie Berg.

The new single was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sweden by Henrik Udd: Award-winning producer that has worked on some of the most critically acclaimed albums with acts such as ARCHITECTS, BRING ME THE HORIZON, AT THE GATES, and many more, including IMMINENCE as well.
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new single ‘Ghost’
is releazed on 3rd of September 2021

Eddie Berg | Vocals/Violin
Harald Barrett | Guitar
Alex Arnoldsson | Guitar
Christian Höijer | Bass
Peter Hanström | Drums

»IMMINENCE: Live in concert – Europe 2022«
15.02.22 DE – Leipzig, Täubchenthal
16.02.22 DE – Hamburg, Gruenspan
17.02.22 DE – Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
19.02.22 PL – Krakow, Kwadrat
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After the remarkably successful announcement of the band’s exclusive acoustic tour ”Live In Concert Halls”, granting the Swedish quintet a placing in Eventim’s Official Charts as one of the fastest-selling tours in Germany, IMMINENCE recently announced a new European headline tour taking place in 19 cities during February & March 2022.
All venue sizes have increased largely in capacity and these will be the band’s biggest headline shows to date.

new single ‘Ghost’
is releazed on 3rd of September 2021
part II

20.02.22 CZ – Prague, MeetFactory
22.02.22 HU – Budapest, Barba Negra
24.02.22 DE – Munich, Backstage
25.02.22 DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
26.02.22 IT – Milan, Legend Club
27.02.22 CH – Zurich, Exil
01.03.22 BE – Antwerp, Kavka
02.03.22 DE – Cologne, Kantine
03.03.22 UK – London, The Garage
04.03.22 FR – Paris, La Boule Noire
05.03.22 NL – Utrecht, De Helling
07.03.22 DE – Frankfurt, Batschkapp
08.03.22 DE – Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
09.03.22 DE – Muenster, Sputnikhalle
10.03.22 DE – Hannover, Musikzentrum


With ‘Gute Jahre’, ENGST have released a fresh and danceable summer hit that really makes you want to see their upcoming live shows.
Text, beat and melody leave nothing to be desired for fans of skatepunk.

Despite the good vibe, the song has a very special and slightly melancholy meaning for the band and especially for singer Matthias, as the content is about saying goodbye to a deceased friend.
Matze (singer):
“Last year a friend of mine passed away dramatically. His death concerns me to this day and with this song I wanted to put a small memorial to him. He was a fun-loving and crazy guy for whom a slow piano number, for example, would not have been suitable. So the song turned out to be rather positive and the lyrics were meant to remind less of his death than of his life. Robert, we miss you down here. We think that many of our fans and also people beyond that recognize themselves in this song and maybe even get some positive energy from it. If so, we’ve done everything right. It sounds so trite, but the phrase “LIVE EVERY DAY AS IF IT WAS THE LAST” has a lot of truth in it.”

ENGST are always good for a surprise and regularly cause a sensation with unusual promotions.
The fact that, due to the global corona pandemic, you can’t get together as usual and shoot a music video, for example, doesn’t stop the guys from being creative and innovative at full speed.
With their upcoming EP »Vier Gesichter«, the Berliners prove once again that they work a little differently than other bands – true to their motto:
“We don’t fit into any drawer, we are the whole closet”.
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ENGST releazed on
september 2021 the 3rd
their new single/video

ENGST are:
Matthias Engst | Vocals
Ramin Tehrani | Guitar
Chris Wendel | Bass
Yuri Cernovolov | Drums


The 4 new tracks pay homage to the very personal musical roots of each individual band member.
They are also a thank you to the fans who supported the band even in the tough times of the pandemic and made their loyalty possible with the purchase of concert tickets and the fantastic Top 20 charts entry of the current album »Schöne neue Welt«.

The »Vier Gesichter« EP will appear in a limited physical edition as CD EP and 12 “EP in addition to the usual digital versions and will contain the piano version of the track ‘Zu Hause’ as a bonus track.

The band gave the following statement about the release:
“In these challenging times you supported ENGST incredibly blatantly and as promised we want to thank you with new music. In the following months, we will be releasing four new tracks to sweeten your time without concerts. We’ll see you on our tour next year and tear down together, just like we did before these crazy times.

ENGST releazed on
september 2021 the 3rd
their new single/video
part ii

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS are a respected and forward-thinking progressive metal outfit from Copenhagen, Denmark. Swaying the world with their innovative take on progressive metalcore and playing numerous shows across Europe and even the far east of India, these guys are no freshmen.

Having explored dense, technical prog metal on their two previous full-lengths, their new release
»The Hindsight Notes« shows a more mature band with a cleaner, softer sound, focused on well crafted, innovative songs with a progressive edge.

The clean, minimalist aesthetic of the artwork covers a sprawling record that dials back the heaviness where needed to let the song-writing and myriad of creative details shine.
Whether it’s moody synths, bouncy 8-string guitar grooves, or tasteful, layered choir arrangements, the musical side of the band captivates and shows a multi-faceted, creative outpouring without conventional limitations.

This approach also shows in the lyrical and vocal tour-de-force from frontman Johan Pedersen, dealing with personal trauma, hopes, and doubts in a far more intimate and exposed way than what’s usually seen in the guarded prog metal genre.
In the flourishing Danish metal scene, COLD IGHT FOR ALLIGATORS truly stands apart as a hard to categorize, and rewarding listen with their new record, which dares to stand out and thoughtfully use their well-honed skills.
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new album ‘The Hindsight Notes’
released on September the 4th 2021

Line Up:
Johan Pedersen | Vocals
Kristoffer Jessen| Guitar
Roar Jakobsen | Guitar
Nikolaj Lauszus | Drums


The band states:
“This record is the sound of us growing up as people and musicians. Before and during the pandemic, the creative process was a fixed point in a lot of personal chaos, which we tried to channel towards an honest and personal statement. Everything was allowed, but also had to be executed to perfection. We brought in a ton of cool collaborators to make this vision come through and truly feel like we made a fully formed record that does not follow trends and does not compromise. Whether it was going softer, more straight forward or more experimental, we made a point to follow where our common creative sensibilities led us. It was a huge amount of work, but the album feels intensely rewarding and personal for that reason.”
»The Hindsight Notes« is co-produced by
the band,
Mirza Radonjica (GHOST IRIS, MØL, SIAMESE)
and Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, MØL, GHOST IRIS).
Mixing and mastering was done by

new album ‘The Hindsight Notes’
released on September the 4th 2021
part ii

“The New Joker” is one of our – if not the most -beloved songs on our record “Order of the Minus”. It deals with the reoccurring subject of “acting like a charlatan in order to be liked and feel loved, only to end up being cast out of the social norms and end up hating yourself, hating life and everyone around you”. It dabbles into being bullied and confused all your life about what you truly see behind the wall of lies that people are trying to establish as the “norm”. This song aims to inspire people to come together and rise above the darkness of this world as one, and to empower those in suffering to take a stand and fight back for a better life that we can enjoy in unity and peace. #unitythroughdiversity
Project Renegade
is a four-member metal band from Athens, Greece, founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums) and joined after by Nick K. (guitars) and Jay (bass).
Project Renegade’s sound derives from an alternative, heavy and groovy background blended with electronic and ambient elements.
After releasing their debut EP “Cerebra” to high international critical acclaim, the band is set to release its first full-length album
“Order of the Minus”.

The band is performing live in Greece and Europe, with participations in renowned festivals like Danube Rock Festival (RO),
Overthe Wall Festival (GR), Iron Queens Festival (RO),
Voices of the Succubi 2018
having also made a debut performance at Le Cercle Club (BE).
On April 2019, (MT) and the FEMME-Female Metal Event 2018 (NL), Ladies of Metal Festival (GR)
they shared the stage of the famous Greek indoor venue
“Piraeus Academy 117″with Bullet For My Valentine as special guest
and participated afterwards at Milady Metal Festival (IT)
with Mayan and Rock’n’Iasi (RO) with Harakiri for the Sky.
On September 20th, 2020 Project Renegade played as special guest with Evanescence at Kiev, Ukraine.

new single ‘the new joker’ out

On September 16th, 2021, the new single will be released, which according to songwriter Chris Danner has a lot to offer:
“When life gets you down and you feel in way above your head… Then put on this song and let us take you on a wild and groovy ride full of riffs and breakdowns that are sure to get you headbanging. Get ready for another progressive metalcore hit mixed with saxophone and big band by Torrential Rain!”

The previous single “WHY DO I CARE” cracked 25,000 audio streams after 10 days and immediately appeared in the Spotify Playlists “Progressive Metal” and “New Blood.”

Germanys metal highflyers TORRENTIAL RAIN catch you where everyday life lets you down.
Romance, Break-ups or reflecting on one‘s own life are just a few of the themes to let their fanbase located in over 99 countries know:
You are not alone!
Coupled with the guiding principle of „Power meets precision“ they fuse the unfusable:
the brutal energy of bands like August Burns Red and Polaris combined with progressive-virtuoso writing á la Periphery.
The four guys hailing from Germany create a perfect balance of both worlds in which brute force and delicate thoughtfulness coexist and present these American novelty trends to Europe’s stages.
Scene greats like Kvelertak, Equilibrium, Illumenium or Time, The Valuator have already recognized the impressive musical potential of TORRENTIAL RAIN and brought them on stage as support, where they were able to carry away fans of all possible genres on 70 shows with the current line-up.
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new single out on the
16th of September 2021

TORRENTIAL RAIN racked up over 570.000 streams in listeners playlists with their singles „HOME ALONE“,
To top the year off
the latest track
got featured in Spotify’s editorial playlists
In 2021 two more songs followed:
“Time Will Tell” & “Why Do I Care.”
The latter reached more than 10,000 streams in the first week and landed directly in many playlists.

new single out on the
16th of September 2021
part ii

Even disasters bring opportunities, however.
Less than two years after its predecessor’s release, A Pale Horse Named Death are poised to unveil their fourth full-length album,
Infernum In Terra.
Written and recorded during months of isolation in 2020, Abruscato’s latest collection of crestfallen anthems had a slow
but satisfying gestation.
“Around January last year, I was already planning on recording some ideas,” he recalls. “So I started doing some sketching. I’d walk away from it for a while, then come back and do more sketching, but then the pandemic changed everything, so I’d get involved in other things. I just have too many hats, you know? [Laughs] I have many projects going on in my life, not just in regards to music. But the summer went by and I didn’t touch the new music, but by then I had around 85 sketches. Then the Fall came, and suddenly my brain was wide open, and between October and December, I started recording lots of stuff.”
The result of Abruscato’s spontaneous productivity is simply the finest record that he has ever made.
Infernum In Terra showcases a bold and adventurous new upgrade for APHND’s trademark sound, with greater subtleties and depths but also some of the heaviest, gnarliest riffs the band have ever unleashed.
Combined with a production that fills the room with sparkling clarity and choking gloom, Infernum In Terra will satisfy every last one of the New Yorkers’ fans, while expanding Abruscato’s singular vision beyond all expectation.
Lyrically, too, Infernum In Terra represents a significant evolution.
New songs like 'Cast Out From The Sky' and visceral and epic first single 'Reflections Of The Dead' are, of course, sodden with misery and emotional turmoil, but previous albums’ myopic approach has been rejected here.
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new album 'Infernum In Terra' will
be released the 24th of September 2021

Line Up:
Sal Abruscato – Vocals, Guitar
Eddie Heedles – Guitar
Joe Taylor – Guitar
Chris Hamilton – Drums
Oddie McLaughlin – Bass

Quotes by Sal Abruscato


Instead, Infernum In Terra makes intermittent concessions to a more outward-looking perspective, enabling A Pale Horse Named Death to pass through fresh thematic territory.
Album info (incl. insights in the concept and what it’s all about)
“The album to me represents a new beginning, turning a new leaf shall we say with the same vibe from past albums but with a fresh open minded approach. There is no real concrete specific concept, it touches on some personal topics in my life long, my interest in the dark arts, that to have light you must have darkness to balance everything. With daylight comes nightfall, with heaven there is hell and at this moment the world seems to be in a very dark place hence the title of the album ‘Infernum In Terra’. This is a very dark album, but what else is new I always write dark music to sooth a dark soul!”
Album cover
“I am very excited about the album artwork and cover, it’s so nice to present something different and new. New colors! New Artist! We got connected with Kelvin Doran of Serpent Tusk Studios in Dublin, Ireland. He was very easy to work with and saw us from a different perspective, when I told him the title ‘Infernum In Terra’ the artwork and cover he did was what he envisioned, an almost biblical setting with this demonic high priest pope figure holding a bible with the horse Sheild on it in one hand and the other hand a new cross we coined the ‘Lucifix’! Villagers surrounding him in awe , fear and wonder. I feel its a fresh and striking change from previous artwork we had commisioned in past releases.”
Album title
“Well it kind of stems from a few things, one is the 10th anniversary of our first album ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ in 2021 so I wanted to utilize the word Hell again but in a clever way at the same time the state of the world with this global pandemic, suffering, all its destroyed and lives taken. It seemed like the phrase ‘Hell On Earth’ seemed appropriate for the times and music but I wanted something more unique. Thats when I translated it to Latin and the title was born ‘INFERNUM IN TERRA’!”
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new album 'Infernum In Terra' will
be released the 24th of September 2021
part ii

Believe In Something (You Are Lost)
“Is about feeling lost with your emotions and beliefs with the outside world, your on the verge of snapping, feeling alone and that’s the moment where you need to dig deep with your self, focus on what makes you feel better, ignore the rest who do not help. In a nutshell believe in your self and you can achieve anything!”
Shards Of Glass
“This one is juicy it‘s about the estranged and miserable relationship with my sister, how she has always been envious of me, my wife and children. 12 long years she has done all she could to defame me and my wife to other family. My children suffer the most with a sense of emotional abandonment and neglect from all family. So I ended up writing this song about those feelings with out directly saying it clearly and it is a form of safe therapy for me with out getting too involved in the reality of it all.”
Reflections Of The Dead
“For me one of the best doom songs I have simply ever written, nothing extravagant just heavy, moody and dark. About a person with deep depression that has the ability to see the dead where ever they look, the gift tortures them but so enamored by it that they want to crossover and join that dimension.
Leave behind this cruel raging world!”
Slave To The Master
“This song is up there for one of my favorites, I ended up doing something very different by have the piano dominate this song and keeping it very open feeling with little guitar. About the inner turmoils I go through, the self destructive nihilistic behavior I can possess at times, my inner battles with self esteem, getting older and trying to fight my inner demons since childhood. For me it is a very beautiful song and I love it!.”
Music is our saviour in even the darkest of times.
A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH have demonstrated this unwavering truth throughout their first decade.
Founded and led by multi-instrumentalist and Type O Negative alumnus SAL ABRUSCATO, the New York-based
crew opened their creative account in 2011, with stunning debut album And Hell Will Follow Me:
a slow-motion avalanche of crushing riffs,
dark melodies and profound melancholy,
with Abruscato’s heart-wrenching lyrics providing its songs with a deep emotional core.
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new album 'Infernum In Terra' will
be released the 24th of September 2021
part iii

In 2013, A Pale Horse Named Death released their second album, Lay My Soul To Waste.

Musically opulent and even more punishing in sonic terms than its predecessor, it was widely acclaimed as the Brooklyn unit’s finest work to date.
Innumerable live shows confirmed that the band were forging strong connections with a dedicated and passionate audience, and despite a six-year wait, the third APHND album emerged in 2019 to a uniformly positive response.
Of course, the album in question – When The World Becomes Undone – was blessed with what now seems an eerily prophetic title, as within months of its release, the whole world locked down.
“I guess it’s all still what A Pale Horse Named Death should be doing, but I backed off from writing every song about manic depression, self-loathing and suicidal thoughts!” chuckles Abruscato. “Unfortunately I’m a natural at it, because it’s a curse that I have. It was a little unintentional, but a couple of the new songs came out with a more Biblical theme, with stories like the fall of Lucifer. One song is about my experience of being put under anaesthesia. It was like being in another world – it felt like I slept for days, but it was only 20 minutes, you know? So there’s some new ideas, and some things about personal stuff and family stuff. I just didn’t make every song about personal torment.”
As it emerges into an uncertain and troubled world, Infernum In Terra seems certain to enhance the reputation of these weather-beaten underdogs.
A lifelong creative with an already impressive resume, Sal Abruscato has savoured this new opportunity to explore the darkness of this wicked world, and produced his finest work to date in the process.
In the darkest of times, A Pale Horse Named Death rides on with renewed vigour, forever raging against the dying of the light.
“I’m just happy to be releasing another record at this point in my life,” Abruscato concludes.
“It’s fresh and I’m excited about it. Right now, the only thing left to do is put out music, I think! It’s a sketchy time and I hope it gets better for everyone. But I’m optimistic. I’m hoping there’ll be new fans that dig Infernum In Terra, and the old fans will dig it. It’s a natural progression and there’s some really cool stuff going on. I’m really proud of this record and I’m pretty stoked to see how people take it. This business is so fickle these days, I don’t know what’s gonna fly. I’m just doing what I like!”
Dom Lawson, May 2021

new album 'Infernum In Terra' will
be released the 24th of September 2021
part iv

Forgetting the Memories combine intricate, headbangable rhythms with melodic choruses that will have you singing along in no time, constructing a unique blend of deathcore and metalcore that is unparalleled in complexity and intensity.
”Monophobia,” their first self-released full-length in 2016, was a sprawling labyrinth of ferocious, hard-pounding breakdowns and catchy choruses, peppered with meaningful lyrics detailing deeply personal journeys through issues like battling cancer, losing a friend, and heartbreak.
The band continued on this path on their first release with their new label “Long Branch Records”.
The EP “Known Darkness” was released in 2019 and featured 6 songs, further confirming the band’s rapid growth and potential.
Now “Vemod”, the second longplayer of the 5 Swedes, is a clear further development of the already known trademarks of the band and thus comes across even more intense than its predecessors.
The 10 tracks on the new album, which was mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Humanity’s Last Breath), are lyrically haunting and deal with personal setbacks, world-weariness, anger and melancholy or wistfulness (=”Vemod” in swedish).
Over the years, Forgetting The Memories have remained true to their particular style, yet have constantly evolved and defined themselves as a truly essential force within the genre.
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new album ‘Vemod’ out on
24th of September 2021

Line Up:
Bastian Kempe – Vocals
Gustav Holst – Guitars
Adrian Lyxell – Guitars
Lukas Löken Olsson – Bass & Vocals
Johan Blomberg – Drums


Written quote for every single/track:
Beneath The Creek
The meaning of this song is about finding the purpose in your life by overcoming the darkness within yourself. There’s always some sort of doubt orregret that lies heavy on our soul, but by trying to face that darkness we might beable to push ourselves to a better life. This song tells a story about a person whostruggles with this, trying to fight for a better life.

The Solstice Rebirth
This song is about manipulative behavior that occurs more often than it should. We try to put ourselves in the perspective where you are being manipulated into doing things for others’ cause. With that, you’ll live in that mindset until the darkness has swallowed you whole. You’ll become self-destructive and dangerous to others but mostly to yourself.

The Lake
The story is set outside in the outskirts of the big cities close to a lake where the melancholy of the forest continues on forever. It’s about getting too close to someone even though they have a profound evil inside them, and then being left alone when they’re gone. The Lake is about loneliness and abandonment when the
only person you hold dear is gone.

A Voice In The Static
This songs story is about love loss and the aftermath of dealing that horrible experience. To cope with being reminded by the little things you used to resemble with this person. The outcome of this incident causes depression and self-hatred in order to believe that you are in fact alright.

Mask Ov Lies
This song is about a journey through the life of a person who has a very distant relationship with his dad and the effect it has to the beholder. The song takes a dark dive into what goes through the head of the son who sees nothing but the wrong doings of his father. When it comes to becoming a parent of his own, he is eager to be the better parent. To give a better life to his child

Cowards Tongue
This song details the latent resentment that builds up over years of living in someone else’s shadow. Eventually resentment turns to rage as it boils over and results in murderous intent. Sadly, the impact of such an act is a tremendously heavy burden to bear.
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new album ‘Vemod’ out on
24th of September 2021
part ii

From Soot
This song is about by making certain acts that can be the end of everything that you love. In this case ‘From Soot’ is a story of a man who mistakenly burns down his home with his family still inside. In prison he’s waiting for the end of his days, he finally accepts death as his only way out. So that he too, can be with his family once again.

Cursed Earth
This song is about the story of a man who lives a reckless life of pain and suffering. He who has caused d – The trauma that has been caused over so many eath throughout a small town now faces judgement by being buried and then burned alive. Carved his remaining thoughts onto the wooden boards. The meaning of “Cursed Earth” is the acceptance of the afterlife which brings peacefulness to the bearer through fire.

The trauma that has been caused over so manyyears makes one want to lose all hope of existence. The angst fills your body as you know that you share the same blood with the evil in your household. This song is about wanting to cut ties with your father after being raised in an abusive home. ‘Trauma’ executes the hate
without remorse.

new album ‘Vemod’ out on
24th of September 2021
part iii
deput album ‘The Book Of Chaos’
will be releazed on 17th of September 2021

TALES OF THE OLD is a Symphonic Dark Ambient Power Metal band from Athens, Greece.

The band was founded in 2010 by keyboard player Mike Tzanakis, who is also the main composer and arranger of their music.

In 2012 they released their first Ep ” The Passageway From Hell To Earth ”.

After eight hard struggling years of unspeakable difficulties Mike decided to reform the whole band and give birth to his dream…
New members, new reality, a total new vision…

The band entered immediately the studio to make up the lost ground….so the band’s first album “The Book Of Chaos” was reality!

A project which created and marked piece by piece by pure toil and unending sacrifices!
A project which would never take flesh and bones without the contribution and the hard work of the only possible Co-Producer for Tales Of The Old, the mastermind of Power Metal in Greece, Bob Katsionis.

album ‘Fire & Soul’
out on 15th of October
album ‘Fire & Soul’
out on 15th of October

When Ela and Guido decided to write songs at the end of 2019, Guido searched through his large archive ofideas, demo recordings and pre-productions.
Including an early version of a song that shortly afterwards became “Steelheart”.
After a few musical changes, “Steelheart” was one of the first songs that Ela had completed with text and melody in a very short time.

Recorded at Empire Studios by Rolf Munkes, an active musician (Crematory) himself, the title quickly became a catchy tune even for the studio crew.

is a mentor of life, an advisor in good and bad times, someone you can rely on, who is loyal and undaunted by your side.
A timeless topic, but one that has been given a new emphasis in current times.
More rocking than its predecessor “Believe”, “Steelheart”also conveys the subject matter of the lyrics from the first to the last minute.
Performed with the typical Bodyguerra guitars, a groove of drums and bass that left you nothing but foot tapping and dancing and a hookline that catches you from the first second and never let go.
Released on all major digital portals worldwide via
Fastball Music / Bob-Media.
Including the instrumental backing track to sing-along as B-side.

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