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Finnish metal band
will release EP
'II: The Heretic'

Side A
1. Back To stone Age
2. The Collider

Side B
3. Pantheon
4. The Heretic

"Welcome modern heresy"

Vanguardian releases their second EP “II: The Heretic”
on Friday 16th of December.

'II: The Heretic' takes the listener through an alternative reality
caused by human nature and technological development.
Protagonist fights to fix his mistakes,
but eventually ends up completing a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Story told in the EP questions the grandiose delusions of humanity,
but the band really didn’t pay much attention to this criticism
when recording started.
The band wanted to honor those old-school recordings
that have inspired them through their musical career.
Therefore the EP was recorded in a fully analog session
incorporating those methods that were used
in some of the most iconic records ever made.
The end result shows a gigantic middle finger
to modern polished and safe sounding productions
where all the humanity of musical expression has been stripped off.

'II: The Heretic' was produced by Sakari Soisalo and Anssi Kippo 
and will be released physically on a limited vinyl issue playing at 45 RPM.

pic by B.W.I.dirt

Vanguardian EP kansi 3000pix
Finnish melodic metal band
released new single/video
'Heavy Rain'

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland 
released new single and music video Heavy Rain. 
The track is taken from the upcoming fifth studio album 'Victory'
which is set to be released on March 31st 2023 via Inverse Records.

Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment:
"The single is about that crushing feeling when gloom and doom take over the mind again. It's about the powerlessness you feel first thing in the morning and the inadequacy that doesn't leave you until the next night. The feeling when every day is hard in the wind and in the heavy rain."

pic by Mikko Virtanen

Vanguardian EP kansi 3000pix
Greek indie rock band
have released new single/video
'I never die, my name is EXPECTATION'

The WaterStriders are a four-piece act hailing from Athens, Greece.
The band in its current lineup was formed back in 2020
and their music could best be described as
indie rock, alternative and garage pop.
Influenced by such 80s and 90s British Pop, Alternative Rock
and post-punk bands as Joy Division, The Smiths, Placebo, James,
or American acts like The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.
The WaterStriders have formed their own style characterized
by distorted guitars and melodic lines.
The band has already released two singles
of their forthcoming full-length album titled "My Name is EXPECTATION" (Old Bad Habits Label, November 4,2022),
and is currently writing new material
while preparing for live performances.
They have already performed live in Greece
and made a special appearance on Greek National Radio. 



They have just made a video clip for their single entitled
"I never die, my name is EXPECTATION".
The WaterStriders will give a special performance at Temple live stage, Athens, on 22 December 2022, in a mini Indie rock Festival,
and a month later, January 22, 2022, they will present
their most recent full-length album in its entirety
at Sixdogs club, alongside special guests.

Manos "Immanic" Aretoulakis
voice, guitars 

Helias Koulouzis
bass guitar, backing vocals 

Giotis Petrellis
Drums and percussions 

Asterios Stelios Kotoulas

Vanguardian EP kansi 3000pix
Italian alternative rock band
has released single/video
'Prince Radiant'

Hot Sunday Blood is an Italian band,
formed in Turin in 2013.
The sounds are inspired by alternative rock music,
with heavy rock influences.
Each band member affects the sound in a unique way,
coming from different backgrounds, such as metal, stoner, grunge,
black metal, prog and new wave. 

One hundred concerts in action,
in July 2018 they were called to open
Doyle for the Turin date of his European tour.
In May 2019 they organized a mini promotional tour in
Romania, Croatia and Slovenia. 


After 3 full-length albums and 2 singles,
they release their new single titled "Prince Radiant".

Vanguardian EP kansi 3000pix
Australian theatrical glam rockers CROSSON
have released single/video
'Stop Pretending That You Love Me'
Australian theatrical glam rockers CROSSON
have released single/video
'Stop Pretending That You Love Me'

CROSSON: Putting the fun back into Rock 'N Roll!! 

Australian theatrical glam rockers CROSSON have shown their tongue.
with the release of their new video and single
'Stop Pretending That You Love Me'.  

With it's 'catchy as chlamydia' chorus,
this song will be stuck in your head for days.

Directed by Lord Tim (Lord) , the video stars the beautiful Namibian-born Australian actress, model, entrepreneur Verna Amy Mclune 

and the rising comedic actor Miles Boland
who play out a hilarious love triangle during a CROSSON rehearsal.


"Stop Pretending That You Love Me", is the third video/single
from the acclaimed new CROSSON album 'Ready, Aim... Rock!!' 

which was mixed by Duane Baron ( Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison)
and Mastered by Dave Donnelly ( Aerosmith, KISS, Cher).



CROSSON will be delivering their theatrical over- the- top stage show throughout Australia in January as part of GLAMFEST 2023 

featuring Faster Pussycat, Wednesday 19, Eclipse, Enuff 'Z Nuff,
Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff and Sisters Doll.
My Revelations - Germany:
"This album rocks like hell!"

Fireworks Magazine - UK:
"I was blown away"
Rockallica - Greece:
"An onslaught of pure glam/hair metal"

Heavy Magazine - Australia:
"Australian glam metal doesn't come better than CROSSON"


Vanguardian EP kansi 3000pix
multi-talented metalstar
has released album
'This is Heavy Metal, plain & simple'

What is "This is Heavy Metal, plain & simple"?

As the title suggests we're not reinventing the wheel here by any means. It's classic metal, that range from hardrock to death metal
and everything in between, all according to Snowy Shaw
(multi-talented worldwide underground superstar formerly of
King Diamond, Notre Dame, Therion, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Evil,
Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori etc.)
But! make no mistakes, Snowy is not what one would call
a conventional or predictable man, and there are quite a few things
that are exceptional and downright groundbreaking about this album
(or collection of singles.)

First of all, instead of putting out a full length album of 12 songs,
during the pandemic year of 2021 Snowy opted to swap things around
and release 1 single each and every month (digitally) throughout the year
and then in time for X-mas release a limited edition physical double vinyl
and digiCD with the collection of songs + no less than 4 bonus tracks.
Where on each track he also invited special guest stars
to contribute consisting of several of his teenage heroes, living legends, former bandmates and friends to as guest stars.
Including members from King Diamond, Therion, Ozzy Osbourne,
Dark Funeral, Mercyful Fate, Death SS, Doro, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch, Torch, Dream Evil, Lillasyster, U.D.O, Arch Enemy, Sabaton, Soilwork, Raubtier, Erika, Ross The Boss, Amaranthe among many others.

Sadly during the recording process some of his old heroes
eventually had to cancel their participation due to health issues
and even more tragically a few of them passed away.
R.I.P. "Their legacy lives on"

Since Christmas 2022 the album is now available on all digital platforms.

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