Swiss punk metal act
will release ep
'Kingdom Fall'
Swiss punk metal act
will release ep
'Kingdom Fall'

1. Long Live The King
2. Fade To Black
3. Coming After You
4. Your Worst Lullaby
5. Kingdom Fall

THE THREE SUM settle the score with their new Punk Metal single “Kingdom Fall” against a world full of lies and abuse of power.

Once again, THE THREE SUM are turning up the engine
of their fearsome road cruiser and have released the title track
of the upcoming EP “Kingdom Fall”
as the third single along with its music video.
This one, in turn, unites to the finale the stories
of the previous songs of the EP, which will be released on 12/02/2022
via Dr. Music Records and will cause quite a stir in the Punk Metal scene.
Imagine if there could be a world not dominated by lies, abuse of power, and a false messiah.
That’s the kind of world everyone would secretly like to see.
A little bit of anarchy?
Or maybe just the wish for some peace to finally return.
But for that to happen,
the old kingdom must fall so that this world can be reborn.

Mexican death/thrash metal act
have released single/video
'Venus Quake'

Killigion is a name made up of the words kill and religion,
there is no need to explain more.
the band arises from the remains of the dismantled Havoc
who in 2007 reached its peak
and fall with the album "Elimination process" with American Line
and stood out in line of a raw, violent and direct thrash metal.
At the beginning of 2018, it was intended to reactivate Havoc
with a second album,
but the estrangement and inactive status of some members led
to the creation of this new project.
For 3 years they worked to create the homonymous album
which saw the light in physical format before digital
at the end of the pandemic 2020.
An album that consists of 10 tracks different from each other
and this is not boring at all.
the sound described in the review of Metal Hammer Portugal
aims for touches of Swedish death metal and traces of groove metal infused with thrash metal that is left to stand out.
the band:
'We feel very satisfied with the work achieved, musically, graphically and
lyrically, this work reflects the political and cultural conditions that society is going through, and motivates us to produce new material, our passion for music would not leave us without doing it. Although we are going through times in which live presentations are not allowed, a form of direct diffusion that the public involved in this style loves, digital technology has allowed us to somehow reach metal-loving fans.'

Ulises Jaen
Guitars (lead)
Johan Pereyra
Guitars, Bass
Aldo Jaen

a Swedish hard 'n' heavy act

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2018,
Abandoned Playground started as collaboration between 
songwriter Bjorn Egelius (therhythmisodd) and vocalist Mikael Johansson.

Abandoned Playground have released 6 songs so far.
Their music blends a wide variety of musical influences
from hard rock to more modern metal. 

Bjorn Egelius
Guitars, Bass
Mikael Johansson
Fredrik Gunnarsson
Solo by Peter Burken Bjorklund

Swedish heavy metal act
will release new album

It’s their enthusiasm, the physically tangible intensity of their songs
and their irrepressible drive that has always set Screamer apart
from other acts.
The Swedish band surrounding vocalist Andreas Wikström benefits
no end from the group’s amazing energy in combination
with the musicians’ inspiring and diverse songwriting.
This rewarding mix has already produced four studio albums
and one live recording since 2011.
Screamer’s latest offering ‘Kingmaker’ is scheduled for release
on Steamhammer/SPV on 13 January 2023.
As its predecessors, ‘Kingmaker’ sparkles with a wealth of songs
in the catchment area of classic heavy metal, the kind
that has been an integral part of our lives since the early 1980s.
At the same time, Screamer skinsman Henrik Petersson promises his band’s most mature and focused album yet, saying:
“‘Kingmaker’ had us refine our signature style even more and bring out the essence of our strongest fortes.” 
Screamer came together in Ljungby in 2009,
a small town between Malmö and Gothenburg.
Their previous studio albums, ‘Adrenaline Distractions’ (2011),
‘Phoenix’ (2013) ‘Hell Machine’ (2017) and ‘Highway Of Heroes’ (2019),
saw the five-piece deliver straightforward statements featuring
dynamic riffs, tasteful twin guitars, punchy grooves
and deeply melodic vocals.
Screamer have played well over three hundred concerts,
including acclaimed shows at renowned festivals such as
Headbangers Open Air, Rock Hard Open Air, Summer Breeze,
Bang Your Head and Muskelrock.
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01. Kingmaker
02. Rise Above
03. The Traveler
04. Hellfire
05. Chasing The Rainbow
06. Ashes And Fire
07. Burn It Down
08. Fall Of A Common Man
09. Sounds Of The Night
10. Renegade

Swedish heavy metal act
will release new album
part ii

A representative testament to the quintet’s enthusiasm for playing live
saw the light of day in January 2021:
The songs on their ‘Live Sacrifice’ live album were cut
during their European tour between autumn 2019 and spring 2020,
with ‘Kingmaker’ now seamlessly picking up
where its predecessors left off.
New songs such as ‘Renegade’, ‘Chasing The Rainbow’ and ‘Hellfire’
are typical Screamer numbers.
Says Petersson:
“In addition, they show what we are about this time, musically as well as in terms of content. Normally our lyrics are about life on tour, the joys of heavy metal and the life that goes with it.”
However, the unusual, melancholy ‘The Traveler’
is not a typical Screamer fare.
vocalist Andreas Wikström adds:
“‘Kingmaker’ also features socio-critical approaches, for example on ‘Ashes And Fire’, and fantasy influences on ‘Sounds Of The Night’, which you might refer to as little adventure stories.”
Wikström is not only Screamer’s vocalist, but also the band’s main lyricist, with a sure instinct for fantastic choruses.
Along with longstanding members, guitarist Dejan Rosić,
described by his colleagues as a “riff machine and Bosnian Santana”,
and bassist Fredrik Svensson Carlström (“a real animal on stage!”)
there’s drummer Henrik Petersson, who not only started the band,
but is also its manager and organisational backbone.
Guitarist Jon Morheim has only recently joined the Screamer fold
and is a true riff virtuoso whose great technical skill
has been instrumental in propelling Screamer to the next musical level.
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Andreas Wikström
Jon Morheim
Dejan Rosić
Fredrik Svensson Carlström
Henrik Petersson
pics by Tom Johansson

Swedish heavy metal act
will release new album
part iii

These five have combined their talent, experience
and undiminished driving ambition and are set to unleash ‘Kingmaker’,
the strongest album of their career to date.
Before the album sees the light of day on 13 January 2023,
the first lead single ‘Kingmaker’ has been out on 16 September 2022, followed by ‘Hellfire’ on 28 October 2022
and ‘The Traveler’ on 9 December 2022,
all three of them supported by outstanding video clips.
So preparations for the festivities are already under way
to ensure a worthy coronation ceremony of the Screamer King!

Andreas Wikström
Jon Morheim
Dejan Rosić
Fredrik Svensson Carlström
Henrik Petersson
pics by Tom Johansson

Finnish melancholic melodic
death metal act DEAD SERENITY
has released single/video
'The World That Never Was'

pic by Jere Hyppönen

Finnish melancholic melodic death metal band Dead Serenity
has released second single from their upcoming debut album.
The song 'Evanecent' is drawing inspiration from the presence of Death
and the disintegration of close relationships.
It's a bittersweet expression of a search for meaning in life
from which all light has been drained.
Perfect for cold, dark nights when contemplating life, death and lost love.

Finnish melodic metal band
released single/video

Single cover art
painted by Inka Ojala

Finnish melodic metal band Dark The Suns
is set to release their yet unnamed fifth studio album later in 2023
via Inverse Records.
A new single, 'Aurora', taken from the upcoming album has been released.
Mikko Ojala comments:
"Aurora is the second single from our fifth album. At this moment we have recorded seven songs for the next album. We will record three songs more for the album in the beginning of year 2023."
Inka Ojala comments:
"Aurora-single is melancholic and atmospheric song, with lots of emotions of living among the northern nature. The song includes beautiful piano melodies, heavy guitars, whispering voices and dark vocals."
DARK THE SUNS are Inka and Mikko Ojala.
They are also responsible for the composition and the lyrics of 'Aurora'.

Finnish metal band
has released single
'Tämä maa'

Composition: Hannu Nieminen
Lyrics: Matti Hiitti
Pic by Niko Suominen

"Tämä maa" -single represents
a darker and heavier side of the album than the first single.
Finnish metal band Koitos released the single "Tämä Maa"
(eng. "This earth"), which is the second release
from the upcoming debut album.
First single "Ilman kurssia" was released in October.
vocalist Matti Hiitti describes:
"As a composition, the song is dark and inconsolable so the apocalyptic theme for the lyrics ran through my mind right from the moment the song was created. Unfortunately the topic is constantly relevant."

In addition to the composition and lyrics,
the song was recorded and produced entirely by the band itself.
The song was mixed and mastered by Rami Nykänen,
who has previously worked with bands like
One Morning Left and Balance Breach.

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