25th Anniversary Edition single cover
Finnish Hard Rock band
release new single/video
'Lose It All'

1. Lose it All

2. Falling Waters

Finnish Hard Rock band Hootenanny Freaks had their 25th anniversary
in January 2022 and now they are releasing two new songs
to celebrate their quarter of a century journey.

This release also presents the new singer Arttu Kettunen
who have brought loads of new fresh energy to the band,
that can be heard on both songs.
The song 'Lose it All' is about things going to hell
and nothing seems to work out.
A music video was also made for the song
and it can be viewed on the band's YouTube channel.

'Falling Waters' is an empowering song
that tells about how it feels when the imagination takes over
and you believe you have superpowers.
The song is one of the heaviest tracks the band has ever recorded.

Currently the band is working on their next full length album.

pic by
Lassi Hurskainen

25th Anniversary Edition single cover
British nu-metal influenced
re-release single/video
'Final Round'

OLLIE MILES - guitar
JOE WEBB - drums

“One of the UK’s hottest nu-metal influenced bands”
- Welcome to the Boneyard -
“GPs need to prescribe this to everyone”
- Sound Pylon -
Following the new lease of life provided by its recent airplay
on BBC Introducing Rock withAlyx Holcombe, 996 (Nine Ninety-Six) Artists are delighted to re-present 'Final Round',
the latest in a line of anthemic singles from Neptune Rain.
Testament to the Cheltenham quintet’s innovation,
drive and sheer determination,
Neptune Rain have gone from strength to strength since launching
to the online world in April 2020.
A series of lockdown covers, gameshows and livestreams not only led to BBC Gloucestershire giving debut single 'If That Was Love'
their first ever airplay, but the release of EP 'Chaos & Light'
culminated in an invitation to perform at BBC Airwaves festival
alongside Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Manic Street Preachers.
The band then ended 2021 in supreme style with their debut
on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, in addition to regular airplay
on numerous platforms including Total Rock and ERB Radio.
Taking their name from the theory that it can rain diamonds
on our solar system’s most distant planet, Neptune Rain see this
as a fitting metaphor for their belief that hope can be found,
even in the darkest of times.
This message is epitomised by the band’s focus on positive mental health, with fundraising for mental health charity Young Minds
a key focus at live shows.
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25th Anniversary Edition single cover
British nu-metal influenced
re-release single/video
'Final Round'
part ii

OLLIE MILES - guitar
JOE WEBB - drums

Powerful single 'Final Round' continues with that theme
as it documents vocalist Kieran Ayres’ ongoing experiences with depression.
With the tunesmiths now thriving off the back
of their high-octane live performances around the country,
Neptune Rain will continue
bringing their ‘metal-meets-pop’ sound to the masses.
With work under way on EP 2, Neptune Rain have shown
that they have the quality and mainstream appeal
to be one of the UK’s next breakthrough bands.

25th Anniversary Edition single cover
Nashville tennesse's pop-punks
have released single
'Good Times'

‘F**K, This is Awesome!’ - Punk on the Rocks, Voice FM -

After the hugely positive response to their last release ‘Shedding Light’ Nashville Tennessee Pop Punks No, This is Patrick! have released single ‘Good Times’.

Another track taken from their much anticipated second album
due for release next year,
‘Good Times’ is straight up pop punk and sure to be another radio smash for the 5 piece.
This was a song that Andrew (singer) brought to the band right after we finished the first record. It wasn't a complete demo, mainly just one or two sections, but the riff and the groove were so good we knew we need to expand upon it.’ says the band.
It took a very long time, but we came out with a song that we feel encapsulates our evolution from the first album to this much more expansive and eclectic second record.

Lyrically it's a song that essentially says what we need to hear right now. The last few years have been a struggle, especially in terms of mental health for a few of us, really all of us I think. The lyrics are about learning to deal with growing up, the frustration of realising what the real world is, but not letting it get to you. Remembering that as bad as things may seem, you'll come out the other side stronger.

Throughout their career so far the band has gained a name for themselves as one of the most exciting live bands of their generation
and have opened for A Wilheim Scream and Carousel Kings,
as well as being asked to perform at a tribute to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and its hugely influential soundtrack.

25th Anniversary Edition single cover
Greek power/thrash band
has released single/video
'Iron Rain'
Greek power/thrash band
has released single/video
'Iron Rain'

Music by Akis Prasinikas
Lyrics by
Alexandros Papandreou
Video by
John Kaimakamis
and theNightwatchers
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Incorporated M. studios by Vasilis Pappas

Desert Near the End returned with their fifth album
"The Dawning of the Son"
released on May 27 of 2022 by Boersma Records (Germany)!

As the time of the pandemic seems to be at its end,
Desert Near the End used this two-year break as an opportunity
to be creative.
Delivering the direct successor of their previous endeavor,
"of Fire and Stars".

This time they managed to balance the aggression
with melody reaching to an outcome
that feels more "Desert Near the End" than ever before.

In the album is included the single "Iron Rain".

25th Anniversary Edition single cover
Finnish death metal influenced progressive metal band NUMENTO releases their album 'The Vile Entity'

Finnish death metal influenced progressive metal band
NUMENTO releases their second album "The Vile Entity".
They won the "Tuska-thursday" competition earlier this year
and played a show on the largest Finnish metal festival Tuska last July.

NUMENTO's music can be called as ambitious and aggressive prog-bomb. On their new album they have gone all-in
- no compromises or no filler tracks are included.
Eclectic one hour album presents many sides of the band.
Also the darkest ones on the lyrical themes.
The album concept dives into the question that how an entity
(human or artificial intelligence) becomes evil.
What is the source of evilness?
The stories have been inspired by old fairytales
and real life villains and psychopaths.

01. The Enigma
02. The Vile Entity
03. Smile
04. Hadal Ground
05. The Riddle
06. Scarlet Haze
07. Invisible Fiend
08. Mother of Evil
09. Lucifer Rising
10. The Necromancer

pic by
kai lukander

25th Anniversary Edition single cover
Finnish metal band
has released single/video
'Ilman Kurssia'

Finnish metal band Koitos has released a single and a music video
(In the video the band plays in the middle of an autumn storm)
for the song "Ilman kurssia" (eng. "Without course"),
which is the first release from the upcoming debut album.
vocalist Matti Hiitti describes:
"The song is about how self-centered behavior can lead you to be rejected by everyone. The narrator of the song adventures in maritime atmospheres, from which we also got the inspiration for the stormy atmosphere of the music video".

In addition to the composition and lyrics,
the song was recorded and produced entirely by the band itself.
In addition, the band's bassist edited the music video
and worked as an video shooting assistant.
The song was mixed and mastered by Rami Nykänen,
who has previously worked with bands like
One Morning Left and Balance Breach.

Hannu Nieminen, Eemeli Forss
Lyrics: Matti Hiitti
Mixed and mastered by
Rami Nykänen

Matti Hiitti - vocals
Hannu Nieminen - guitar
Ville Ritala - guitar
Aaro Pelttari - bass
Eemeli Forss - drums
pic by Niko Suominen

25th Anniversary Edition single cover
Italian hard & heavy project
has released single/video
'The Mantis'

Sneakout Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce
the release of "The Mantis", new single taken from "Desert",
the debut album of the Italian hard & heavy project Krell.
“Deserts” is set for release on November 25, 2022
via Sneakout Records / Burning Minds Music Group,
with worldwide distribution via Plastic Head.

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