STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
AOR act
have released single/video

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are excited
to announce the digital release of "Brothers", first single taken
from the official album of the AOR high profile project, StreetLore.
StreetLore's definitive line-up includes, on vocals,
the likes of Terry Brock (Strangeways, Slamer, The Sign),
Jesús Espín (91 Suite, Secret), Sue Willetts (Dante Fox), Dion Bayman,
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri
(Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace, Raintimes, Room Experience),
Eric Concas (Soul Seller), Stefano Lionetti (Lionville),
Mario Percudani & Josh Zighetti (Hungryheart),
Davide Gilardino (Mindfeels, Michael Kratz),
Satin, & Marcello Spera (Alchemy).
StreetLore, produced by Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti and Andrew Trabelsi, will be an exciting experience for fans of classic AOR/melodic rock music, thanks also to some welcome songwriting contributions
from Andrew Trabelsi himself, Dion Bayman, Alessandro Broggi
& British novelist Peter Darley on the lyrics side.
High quality musicians, Tim Manford (Dante Fox),
Luca Carlomagno & Roberto Barazzotto (Mindfeels) have also been hired as special guests to provide the best possible instrumentals,
while renowned sound engineer Roberto Priori
(Danger Zone, Raintimes, Michele Luppi, Wheels Of Fire)
handled the critical sessions of mixing and mastering.
StreetLore is set for release on November 25, 2022
via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group.
A special personalized edition has been created
by Outward Styles limited to 30 copies.
They are available exclusively
on the Burning Minds Music Group's official online store.
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Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri: Vocals
Lorenzo Nava: Keyboards
Andrew Trabelsi: Additional Keyboards
Matteo Serra: Guitars
Angelo Sasso: Bass
Luca Ferraresi: Drums

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
AOR act
have released single/video
part ii

CD graphics have been created by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of Fire, Room Experience, Platens, Michael Kratz),
while the CD booklet features introductory liner notes written by Bruce Mee
(Fireworks Magazine, The Firefest).
The official bonus track "Gone" appears exclusively in the CD version of the album.

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish-Canadian rockers
released live album
'One Night at the Theatre'

Finnish-Canadian rockers Forth released a live album
with accompanying videos of the performance.
Exactly one year earlier, the band had released their third studio album, self-titled "Forth".
Due to the challenges booking live music at that time during the pandemic, the band had been unable to tour to support the new release.
Instead, during the spring of 2022, they converged on the picturesque
Kvartetti Theatre in Lepsämä to record a live performance
of the entire album.
The result is a raw front-to-back live rendition of all the album tracks without any cutting, comping, overdubbing or post-production
beyond mixing and mastering.
The performances capture the energy of the band
and the power of their classic-inspired rock sound.
The featured single, 'Paralyzed', is a straight-up rocker
with late 80's flavours and tells of unrequited love
and the dangers wanting what you can't have.
Formed in 2010, Forth delivers hard rock
and grunge with melodic sensibilities.
Canadian lead singer/songwriter Brian Forth fronts the band
joined by Finnish rockers Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar),
Kari Storckovius (drums) and Mikael Söderbäck (bass).
Their first album, "Road Stories" debuted in 2014 and brought success
with the first single 'Up Up Away' climbing to number 2
on the Finnish iTunes rock charts.
The second single, 'Fairytale Princess' lasted a month in the top 5
of YLE Toppen charts.
After signing with Secret Entertainment,
Forth released sophmore album "Captivity" in March 2019.
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pics by
Samuel Karppinen

01. 1993
02. Open Heart
03. Going Crazy
04. Paralyzed
05. Life is a Ride
06. On and On
07. Back Home
08. Point of No Return
09. Play with Me

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish-Canadian rockers
released live album
'One Night at the Theatre'
part ii

"Captivity" achieved even more success,
winning accolades from critics of the genre all over the world.
Three different tracks, went straight to the top of indie charts in Finland, US, Spain and Canada, including #1 for 'Higher Ground'
on the UK Radio Indie Alliance. "Captivity"
put Forth on rotation on YLE radio in Finland ('Let Me In')
and also on others in the US, Canada and Spain
with different tracks from the album.
The first three singles from "Forth"
have already produced songs playing on regular rotation,
including a #1 chart listing for the album's premier single,
'1993' on Finnish radio.

pics by
Samuel Karppinen

01. 1993
02. Open Heart
03. Going Crazy
04. Paralyzed
05. Life is a Ride
06. On and On
07. Back Home
08. Point of No Return
09. Play with Me

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Italian black metal project
has released album
'Destruction That Wasteth At Noonday'

Italian extreme black metal project has released their deput album
'Destruction That Wasteth At Noonday'.
the album was recorded and mixed at Jasta (nov 2021/jan 2022),
mastered at JKON audio by Giacomo Gastaldi.
All music and lyrics are written, arranged, performed and
produced by Mamaev Kurgan.
Divebombs on track 2 by Andrea Toto.
lyrics review by Eddie MacGowan.
Mamaev Kurgan is a one-man band from Italy,
which plays extreme black metal influenced by acts like Dissection, Mayhem, Emperor, Marduk, and others.
The project was started by Damiano Michetti
(Handful of Hate, Coven of Impurity, Axevyper) in march 2020.
The first same titled demo was released independently on october 2020
in digital and CD format, distributed through the band’s social media.
The second independent release was an EP published in february 2021 featuring some classic black metal cover songs.
On august the 3rd 2022 the debut album
“Destruction That Wasteth At Noonday” is finally out in digital format
on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish Hawaiicore band
has released single/video

Finnish Hawaiicore band Crest is set to release a new EP 'Riptide'
on November 18th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The first and only single 'Aloha' from the upcoming EP has been released.

'Aloha' brings a fresh but warm breeze to the modern metal scene.
The new song introduces the updated sound of Crest.
The music combines straight forward modern metal with big choruses
and adds a right amount of progressive metal.
Crest has branded it's genre as Hawaiicore,
which is also a big part of the band's visuals.
the drummer Eepi Karppinen:
'In 2022 Crest is finally ready to share the 'Hawaiicore - spectacle' with the world and spread some joy and color to the metal community. The band worked over two years on its new Riptide - EP, and the whole re-branding of the band. We have poured our hearts and souls into this project to make it perfect. The first taste that people will get to hear from "Crest 2.0" is the brand new single & music video 'Aloha'.'

Composed by Tero Koponen

Lyrics by Mano Mannila

Single cover by
Michaela Tuomenoksa


Juuso Javanainen - Guitar
Eepi Karppinen - Drums
Tero Loponen - Guitar
Teemu Lehtonen - Bass
Mano Mannila - Vocals
pic by Guilty Visuals

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish progressive metal band
has released single/video

Finnish progressive metal band Joviac released
a new single and music video 'Dissemination'.
Since their latest single 'The Fine Line' the band has now expanded
from trio to quintet,
when Johannes Leipälä (Guitar) & Tuomas Honkkila (Keyboards)
were added to the line-up earlier this summer.
Viljami Wenttola's comments:
"When the global pandemic began and we all became familiar with the term "lockdown", I noticed that it wasn't the disease itself that was most anxiety and fear inducing for me personally, but the amount of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the disease. Fake news was rampant. People used the disease to further their at times questionable motives and armed themselves with arguments that supported only their own nefarious or ignorant ends. Suddenly everyone felt like they knew better than everyone else and trust in their "own research" was stronger than in the scientific community. In many ways the pandemic brought out the darkest sides of humanity. I channelled all of my pandemic anxiety and fear into this song and the result is definitely the heaviest song that we've ever released. I even tried out harsh vocals/growling for the first time!"

Composed & lyrics by
Viljami Wenttola

Cover art by Dylan Jones


Viljami Jupiter Wenttola
Rudy Fabritius - Drums
Johannes Leipälä - Guitar
Antti Varjanne - Bass
Tuomas Honkkila - Keys
pic by Carolin Büttner

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Greek high energy rock band
has released single/video

Some people do not want a mess in their lives.
At Spider Music, they do.
In fact, they prefer a Perfect Mess!
Together now for a decade and sourced from talented musicians,
who earned their chops in the underground music scene in Greece.
Spider Music recently released the album "Breathe"
from this phenomenal high energy rock band breaking back onto the scene.
The first step was the release of the homonymous single,
and now they present you the second single titled "Buttons".

Allow yourself to Breathe with them here and get ready for Spider Music to "spread" Perfect Mess again across Europe and the world!

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Italian hard & heavy project
has released single/video
'Crushing Your Life'

Sneakout Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce
the release of "Crushing Your Life", first single taken from "Desert",
the debut album of the Italian hard & heavy project Krell.
“Deserts” is the result of an intense musical collaboration between
the long-established singer and cofounder of Crying Steel, Luca Bonzagni, and Francesco Di Nicola (Danger Zone, Crying Steel, Anims).
They have never played in Crying Steel simultaneously:
their compositions, created and developed between 2013 and 2018,
have given rise to the artistic partnership
that then materialized into "God Is A Witness",
the debut album of the Anims project
(released on April 29, 2022 by Sneakout Records).
Now, with the project Krell, they both express themselves in their entirety.
For drums, Francesco Di Nicola, producer of the album, has made use
of the unquestionable artistic qualities of Paolo Caridi,
a musician with countless recording experiences
(Reb Beach, Geoff Tate, Michele Luppi)
including his current involvement in the American duo Ellefson-Soto.
Krell is the name of the group,
but it symbolically represents a precise objective:
it's a way for the artists to communicate in the most up-to-date way,
the pure manifestation of classic hard & heavy music
that they have both lived and experienced over the years.
The lyrics, composed by Luca Bonzagni, transmit emotions,
describe sensations, situations and express feelings:
elements that have inevitably influenced the singing itself
and inspired the title of the album.
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Luca Bonzagni
Paolo Caridi
Francesco Di Nicola
Guitar, Bass

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Italian hard & heavy project
has released single/video
'Crushing Your Life'
part ii

The ten tracks were recorded at Pristudio in Bologna, Italy,
and have therefore benefited from the long experience of Roberto Priori, who as a sound engineer, as well as an expert musical artist
of the rock genre in its broadest sense,
has skillfully immortalised the instruments in order
to convey the precise intent of each song to the listener.

“Deserts” is set for release on November 25, 2022
via Sneakout Records / Burning Minds Music Group,
with worldwide distribution via Plastic Head.

Luca Bonzagni
Paolo Caridi
Francesco Di Nicola
Guitar, Bass

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish Hard Rock Group
has released single/video

Finnish Hard Rock Group Jimbo's Garage has released a new music video
to the song "Echoes" from their self titled debut album.
The band's main architect and the drummer
Jimbo Mäkeläinen comments on the video:
"This song is a true sad story taken from man's real life. It is the ending track of the album and the final turning point where the album's massive hard rock sound turns into delicate acoustic echoes."

Jimbo is known as the former sticksman of Ironcross and Lordi.
Vocalists on the album are Taage Laiho (Kilpi, Altaria, Mad Hatter's Den), Peter James Goodman (Conquest, Metal Gods, STUD..)
and Maya Liittokivi (Deathlike Silence).
Guitars are played by Kari Riihimäki and bass by Jari Riitala.

The band's music is an interesting combination of modern heavy metal
and traditional hard rock.

pic by ​Anssi Riihimäki

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
Finnish Avant-garde metal act
will release 4th album
'No Sun Nor Moon'

Finnish Avant-garde metal band Wyrmwoods
is set to release a fourth studio album 'No Sun Nor Moon'
on November 4th 2022 via Inverse Records.

The band's sole member Nuurag-Vaarn comments:
"Wyrmwoods' fourth album 'No Sun Nor Moon' is a continuation of the last album's progressive avant-garde metal in a more focused and polished package of nine tracks. There are plenty of the familiar ambient and progressive rock influences heard on the album, which can be heard for example with some mixed meter time signatures and more use of the saxophone in the tracks. There's still plenty of room for more straight-forward and intense Black Metal parts on the album as well. The production is cleaner and less chaotic when comparing to the previous releases. There are also more Death Metal influences heard this time, most so on the single release Year of Dearth, for example the vocals are now primarily low growls."

Track list:
1. Where Was a Worm Before
2. Year of Dearth
3. Raged With Curses and Sparkles of Fury
4. Mother of Maladies
5. Woe and Wailing
6. Oberon's Forests
7. Over the Disorganized Immortal
8. Deeper Labyrinths of the Mind
9. Shadows of Our Past and Future

STREETLORE - Brothers (SINGLE) - Digital cover art
British teenage poprocker
is back with new single
'Just B U'
British teenage poprocker
is back with new single
'Just B U'

15-year-old Pop/Rock artist Belle releases her latest single 'Just B U'.

Belle's music draws inspiration from her own experiences
and how she overcame difficult times.
Her songs are powerful and uplifting, with an underlying message
of kindness, hope and strength through adversity.
'Just B U' is no different, a youthful Pop/Rock anthem
that advocates staying true to yourself,
even while people and circumstances try to change you.
Backed by foot-tapping rock grooves, powerful choruses
and catchy melodies that amplifies Belle's impassioned vocal performance and message to the forefront.
Speaking on the meaning behind 'Just B U' Belle says:
"I was being pushed into trying to change myself and to stop doing the things I loved doing, all to be accepted as part of a particular friendship circle. This all felt so wrong and confusing so I broke free. This song is a reflection on that time, I wrote 'Just B U' in lockdown when I had time and space to reflect."
To celebrate the release of 'Just B U' Belle will be embarking
on a 5-week school tour throughout the Midlands and Devon.
Belle will be performing and talking with schoolchildren years 3 to 10 (Key stage 2-3) about mental health, online safety
and cyberbullying including her own experiences.
The tour is overseen and promoted via The Prime Agency.
'Just B U' is slated for release on 28th October 2022

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