new album
from German thrash metal gods

40 years of Sodom, 40 years of ruthless thrash metal ‘Made in Germany’.
What came into being in 1982 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer
has lost nothing of its authenticity and rawness,
not even four decades later.
Tom Angelripper and his men still belong to the spearhead
of a music style that draws its energy from pure determination, intransigence and relentlessness.
What’s more, Sodom never fail to surprise their fans all over the world.
They managed especially well with ‘40 Years At War
– The Greatest Hell Of Sodom’,
a more than worthy anniversary album that – in various formats –
sums up the band`s history in an unusual and highly ambitious way.
Tom explains:
“Our goal was to re-record one song from each of our previous albums. Not necessarily the most obvious ones, we wanted to go for rarities or tracks we`ve never or very rarely played live.”
‘40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom’ will be released
on October 28th, 2022 via Steamhammer/SPV as CD,
double vinyl record, digital download
and as a lavish, richly stocked and extremely limited box set including
a bunch of surprises.
The CD and vinyl double LP with their martial cover artwork
penned by Eliran Kantor (Kreator, Testament, Gwar, among others)
include 17 tracks, all newly recorded by the current Sodom line-up.
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01. Sepulchral Voice
02. After The Deluge
03. Electrocution
04. Baptism Of Fire
05. Better Off Dead
06. Body Parts
07. Jabba The Hut
08. Gathering Of Minds
09. That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized
10. Book Burning
11. Genocide
12. City Of God
13. Ashes To Ashes
14. In War And Pieces
15. S.O.D.O.M.
16. Caligula
17. Euthanasia

17. “Equinox”
Boxset Bonus CD:
01. 1982
02. Witching Metal
03. Victims Of Death
04. Let’s Fight In The Darkness Of Hell

new album
from German thrash metal gods
part ii

“We cover the songs unaltered, that’s to say: in exactly the same key and with the original lyrics. We’re better musicians now than we were back then, of course, so the new versions sound tighter and more up-to-date. But the arrangements of the songs were deliberately kept unchanged.” Obviously, the highlight of the new album is the richly equipped box set, plus an additional 4-track EP (artwork by Koloss-Skateboards-graphic artist Sebastian Feld aka. Besil Wrathbone) that includes the brand-new song ‘1982’ (the first single/video, release date: August 5th, 2022), in which Tom reminisces about their beginnings: “At first, we just wanted to be a band, the music was almost an afterthought. We were against everything and everyone, wanted to shock the world and the more people hated us, the more motivated we got. Nobody would have expected that 40 years later, we’re still alive and playing. Those 40 years have gone by in a flash, but we continue to look forward.”
Aside from the CD and a differently coloured double LP
with all their songs, the heart of the box set
is a large-format hardcover book with a gripping introduction
by Tom about their beginnings in 1982.
In addition, each album to date is honoured on a double page spread, depicting its original artwork and all production information.
One of the highlights of the book are the numerous fan statements,
which Sodom had reached out to fans for last year,
asking for anecdotes and memories.
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sodom are:
Tom Angelripper
bass, vocals
Frank Blackfire
Yorck Segatz
Toni Merkel
pic by
Moritz "Mumpi" Künster

new album
from German thrash metal gods
part iii

“We have always put special emphasis on our fan culture.
That`s why there’s a number of photos where our fans have had their picture taken with us.”
The icing on the cake
– or in this case the box set –
is an audio cassette (!) containing each and every song from the CD/LP
plus an exclusive bonus track:
the re-recorded version of ‘Equinox’,
originally featured on the 1986 album ‘Obsessed By Cruelty’.
Tom remembers:
“When we started 40 years ago, we weren’t even sure about who should be playing which instrument. In the end, I was left with the bass. We rehearsed in the auditorium of a secondary school and later on in the basement of a family home that belonged to the parents of a buddy of mine. We were on fire, everywhere you went, you experienced new awakenings.”

The band`s 40th anniversary festivities will be carried over
into their concerts in the coming fall.
“We’ll not only play the Sodom classics, but also consider fan requests. We`re launching a poll about songs we`ve rarely or never played live on a tour to find out which ones the fans want to hear.”
That's exactly what Sodom are about:
being close to their fans, full of ideas, burning for action
while keeping their eyes on the goal ahead.
“If you want to draw a summary of the past four decades, it can only be this:
40 years later, and we’re still here!”

Norwegian AOR act
will release new album

After five years from the release of the second official studio album,
"It's About Time", Satin is finally back with its strongest effort so far,
an album which represents a testament to the fact
that the melodic rock scene is still alive in the hearts
and souls of plenty of artists and fans.
"Appetition" can be properly considered a real showcase of the talent
and skills of the award-winning Scandinavian vocalist, producer,
multi-instrumentalist and songwriter,
who decided to continue the legacy started with the two previous efforts "Satin" (2014) and "It's About Time" (2017),
both enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike all over the world.
With a solid reputation built especially in Japan,
where the first two albums went sold-out very quickly,
Satin gets now the chance to prove himself as a major force
of today's melodic rock music, with a collection of catchy, groovy
and infectious songs,
all packed in a classic and refined AOR sounding production.
"Appetition" is scheduled for release on October 14, 2022
via Art Of Melody Music/Burning Minds Music Group.
A special personalized edition has been created by Outward Styles
in a very limited quantity of 30 copies, and will be available exclusively
on the Burning Minds Music Group's official online shop.
CD booklet features introductory liner notes written
by Luca Tex & Mr. Double Trouble (Rock Of Ages/Radio City Trieste).
The first single, "Going Your Way",
has been launched with an official lyric video on September 9.
A dedicated Japanese version, which includes the exclusive bonus track “Blame The Flame”, will be released via Spiritual Beast / Universal Music.

01. Going Your Way
02. Angels Come, Angels Go
03. Waiting For Another Man
04. Everybody Needs To Be Loved
05. A Dream Coming True
06. Looking At You
07. Pearly Gates
08. Jenny (I'm Bringing You Down)
09. Still Waiting
10. Fight Again

Finnish grunge rock band
have released new single/video
'Circle of Bones'

Finnish Grunge band Scarlet returned from a 10 year hiatus in 2015.
Now they release the third and the last one of their singles
before debut album launch on 11/11/22.
"Circle of Bones" is a really personal song to the band members
and it tells a story about toxic relationship.
Because of this personal aspect
the band captured something magical in the studio.
The heightened emotions and the energy of the band is something
that you don't hear or feel anymore these days.

The single comes with a music video.
It was captured in the band's home town of Suonenjoki
during the last summer day of 2022.
The full length album titled "Circle of Bones" pops out 11.11.2022
in all relevant formats (Mc/Lp/Cd/Stream) via Inverse Records.

Composed by
Ville Tuomi & Vesa Tuomi
Lyrics by
Ville Tuomi
Arrangement: Scarlet

Band pic by:
Juhamatti Vahdersalo


an Austrian drummer
has released single
'Rockin In The Free World'

Andy Rethmeier, born `68 in Salzburg, Austria was starting out
with taking drum lessons when he was 7 y.o
and was playing his first show`s at the age of 13,
with a local Austria`n folk group.
The very first rock-show was in 1983
with the Band "Splat" in Hallein,Austria.
Out of this show, Andy gets attention from Salzburg based
heavy group "Speed Limit", where gets the job and nationwide success.
After the band split in the early 90ies, Andy build his own band project "Roadhouse" and was starting out as a freelancing, independent musician, tour and recording drummer with Artists like Russell Burke, Rattlesnake, Boogie Stuff, Jimy and the Zodiacs and Daniel T. Coates,
Whispers in the Shadow, Carlos de Nicaragua, Braintrain, Delmar Brown and finally record producer and singer-songwriter till today.
2013 he starts a newHardrockband-Project with "Slide" from Austria.

The Band was ready for Shows in 2017 and the first Record-"Six Shots"
was released in Sep.2017.
In 2018, Andy`s AC/DC Tribute Song "Sin City" was released
in all online Stores.
2019 he starts with an Rock Tribute Band "Steel City Riders" from Austria!
2020 Andy works as a Freelancer in Coverbands and Recording Sessions
and released one Album 'Let there be drums'.
In 2021 Andy is working with the "The Saloon 5" and released Solo one album (Braintrain Stations).
In late summer Andy joins two new Bands:
RocknRoll with "The Blue Danube Gang" and an Country Outfit "50% Country Trash" doing Live Shows in Austria.
In 2022 the new single „Rockin in the free world" was released on
RAM-Austria-Records/DanceAllDay 2022.

Greek metal band
announce live show
at AN-club (athens,greece)

after releasing their debut album 'Stand Up' via Iason Music,
PRIMAL ROOTS announce a live show on the 27th of october 2022
at the athenean cult live-club AN (solomou 13, athens, greece).
together with PRIMAL ROOTS will hit the stage
the group contest winner of the greek metal hammer MAGENDA
and the band LOUDIVINE.
the doors will open at 8 pm and the damage will be 8 euros.
ticket pre-sells have started and you can get them at OLD SCHOOL (solomou 13-15, athens, greece).

Finnish metal band
released new single
'Into the Abyss'

Rising Finnish metal act Chronoform released a new single,
'Into the Abyss'.
The digital release can be listened to in all streaming services.
'Into the Abyss' marks the band's first release
since the 2020 full-length album, 'Myoni'.

Here's a few words from the guys:
"Into the Abyss' is our first single after the release of Myoni,
and at the same time the first release in two years. In these two years our sound has matured even further, and we'd like to think of the new single as a comeback of some sorts. The melancholic but energetic song showcases the best songwriting by us so far. Crushing blast beats accompanied with a massive chorus immediately wow the listener,
and new levels appear with each listening.'

pic by
Joni Kuusisto

Finnish melancholic melodic
death metal band
has released single/video
'The World That Never Was'

Dead Serenity is a Finnish melancholic melodic death metal
5-piece founded in 2018.
On their music the band focus on strong melodies.
On lyrics they let the full scale of human emotions
and behavior carry the music from an atmosphere to another,
from sensibility to ecstasy and from distress to aggression.

The band released their debut EP "Beginnings" in 2020
and the debut full length "When Worlds Turn To Gray"
follows later this year.
First single and lyric video "The World That Never Was"
is a dystopian story about oppression towards people
and the desperate and doomed uprising towards their superior leaders.
Musically the track opens up the whole scale of Dead Serenity's sound.

Both the single and album was recorded, mixed and mastered
by Dead Serenity's guitarist and main composer Toni Lind.
Graphics and lyric video is created by Jonas Eriksson.

pic by
Jere Hyppönen

a heavy rock band
from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Exploding on the scene in the fall of 2015,
mixing elements of metal, rock, pop and others,
Thrillkiller delivers a viciously unique style of music.
With the launch of their debut EP, 'Time' in January of 2016,
followed by their totally fan funded debut release
showdown in summer of 2016,
Thrillkiller are currently supporting their third release,
'San Francisco Moto', released in June of 2018.
In 2020, a new music video was released for the song 'Digital Desperado', which is the latest release of the band's ongoing music video series.
2018 - Maryland Music Awards - Best Funk Act - Nominated
Maryland Music Awards - Best Rock Act - Nominated
Radio Banks Australia - Week of June 27th - #9
Welcome to my Head Radio - Top Artists of the Week of January 15th - #6
Welcome to my Head Radio - Top Artists of the Week of March 5th - #1

Rob Bradley
Sebastian Ochoa Arguijo
Robbie Whiplash
Daniel Webb

Finnish Progressive Melodic Metal band
NUMENTO has released single 'The Vile Entity'

Helsinki based Progressive Melodic Metal band NUMENTO
has released a new single from their upcoming second album
to be released on October 28th.
The theme of the track "The Vile Entity" as well as the main theme
on the whole full length record is about the essence
and manifestation of evilness.

Band backgrounds the song:
"The Vile Entity is the title track of Numento's upcoming second album. The third single introduces the new intensive sound of the band comprehensively and gives an accurate overview of what is going to be expected from the album as a whole. The themes of the album and the title track are built on an enigma about the seed of evil, how does a human or other entity become evil -- how are serial killers and other criminals born? The new single will dive right into this question since the antagonist of the story is one of the most famous and cunning serial murderers ever known, and who managed to hide his true face for a long time by appearing innocent to the people around him. The story of the single will be introduced with a visually interesting
and thrilling music video.

Composed by Numento
Lyrics by Katri

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