British post-hardcore band
released single/video
'Gods & Heathen'

At the beginning of 2020, the music world came to an abrupt stop;
which for London UK post-hardcore heads Polar, meant a conclusive end to their unfinished tour alongside After The Burial, Spiritbox,
and Make Them Suffer within their cycle
of 2019’s acclaimed album »Nova«.
Filled with a sense of uncertainty in a world turned upside down,
Polar (Adam Woodford, Fabian Lomas, Gav Thane & Noah See)
took to work on brand new material
that lyrically delves deep within the self,
while musically treading new and experimental grounds.
Now armed with heavy new material
and releasing their already third single called 'Gods & Heathens',
the band is excited to take to the stage after years of musical
and personal growth behind the scenes.
Adam Woodford (vocals):
"Gods and Heathens’is about the abuse of power in the world we live in and how constant mistrust has turned us callous and cold.”

Expect the unexpected.

Polar are:
Adam Woodford
Fabian Lomas
Gav Thane
Noah See
pic by tom green

British metalcore act
released single/video

Borders released their fourth track via Arising Empire
called 'Godless' feat. Elijah Witt from Cane Hill
and announced their upcoming new album »Bloom Season«,
out worldwide on November 18th.

"Godless is about questioning your faith during your darkest hour. I wrote it when one of my close family members fell ill, I thought to myself if there was a God why would they allow such thing to happen. Coming from a religious background, I wrote this in anger and frustration. It should be normal to question your faith, especially when faith is the problem - and that's what Godless is all about."
What do you get when you combine ferocious, hard-hitting metalcore
in a blender with elements of hip-hop, grime, hardcore,
and alternative metal—then finish it off with a dash of introspection
and more than its fair share of brazen, no-holds-barred atmosphere?
You get Borders, a young but driven collective hellbent
on taking the heavy music community by storm
with an onslaught of thought-provoking, sinister,
and brutally aggressive tracks.
Built around an impetus
that obliterates any notion of single-genre classification in favor
of an immersive yet punishingly heavy experience,
Borders continually push the limits
of what one would expect from any band in the metalcore circuit.
From taking the UK’s live music scene by storm supporting legendary deathcore act Martyr Defiled on their last run to their immersive, conceptual, and thought-provoking 2019 debut full-length release »Purify«, the band is well on their way to making themselves a staple in the underground heavy music community—a goal sure to be achieved with their addition to Arising Empire’s ever-growing roster.

04. NWWM feat. Dropout Kings
07. GODLESS feat. Cane Hill
09. MDM

Jordan Olifent vocals
Gavin Burton guitar & vocals
Tom Britton bass
Dan Hodson drums
pic by rich lester

Swedish metalcore band
will release album

Swedish Metalcore sensation Aviana have significantly impacted
the global Metalcore scene since their return in February 2021.
Led solely by vocalist Joel Holmqvist as a consequence
of past members leaving the band,
Holmqvist has exceeded all expectations
and taken the band further down the path to greatness,
surely considered among the best in their scene.

Aviana now released their brand new single called 'Paradox'
featuring the band's former vocalist Marcus Vik,
now on vocal duties for Invent Animate.
The track is taken from their new album »Corporation«
which will be out via Arising Empire on the 30th of September 2022.

"Being in a state where you’re trapped in self-medication is hard to get out of. It feels like there’s nothing else that can help you besides the substances you abuse. Being drawn to like-minded people who keep dragging you down the rabbit hole.
Joel Holmqvist says:
"I wrote this song to lift that subject and help others that have experienced the same thing. Once you are in that spiral that keeps going down and feels like a bad dream. It feels like a paradox."

01. Curriculum
02. Obsession
03. Rage
04. Paradox
05. Oblivion
06. Retaliation
07. Anomaly
08. Transcendent
09. Illuminate
10. Overcome
11. Negligence

Joel Holmqvist vocals
Death guitar
Fear guitar
Dark drums

Finnish modern heavy rock band
is back with single
'Children of Depravity'

A decade of silence comes to an end.
Finnish modern heavy rock band Frail is making an impressive comeback.
Frail surprised their fans in the fall of 2021
by announcing they were making a comeback
and working on their new full-length album.
Now, the first single and music video from this second full-length album, which was worked on during the winter of 2021-22, will be released. Frail's latest single 'Children of Depravity' deals with human evil
in an angry, dark and self-reflective way.
The main questions of the song are:
What causes young people in particular to commit atrocities
against each other, for example, in the school world,
what could society do to avoid tragedies,
and do we see the evil that lurks in ourselves.
"'Children of Depravity' wasn't necessarily planned as the first single, but the bad news from around the world during the summer made us think that this topic is important. That's why we wanted to bring up this theme right away. Many young people feel bad and more should be done about it. On the other hand, the song also highlights the fact that there is potential evil living within each of us, which would be good to recognize."
Musically, 'Children of Depravity' is an interesting combination
of even different genres.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
"The original vision of the song was this: Paramore meets System of A Down meets Muse. In my opinion, we have succeeded quite well in this."
...to continue, please go to the next side...

Composed by
Tarmo Kellomäki
Lyrics by
Tarmo Kellomäki

Tarmo Kellomäki vocals
Joel Hekkala guitars
Otto Kulhomäki bass
Jussi Järvi drums
pic by
Jarno Hämäläinen

Finnish modern heavy rock band
is back with single
'Children of Depravity'
part ii

The music video for the song was made in collaboration
with a Finnish cheerleader group
of Jyväskylä Jaguars Spirit Athletes (JSA),
who do important work for the mental health
and empowerment of young people.

"We wanted to build that kind of American highschool / college atmosphere in the video. The guys at JSA were great and we thought we could put together a good whole."

The song was recorded in Jyväskylä Finland for Electric Fox Studios
under the tender care of producer Tuomas Kokko.

New material is expected from Frail throughout the winter.

German melodic metallers
will take part at the
Full Metal Holiday Festival

OVERSENSE confirmed for Full Metal Holiday:
Destination Mallorca 2022
10th with 17th of october 2022
it's time to pack your swimwear, sun hat and Metal cut-off again,
when the Full Metal Holiday unites Metal fans under the Balearic sun
at the Hotel Iberostar Club Cala Barca in Mallorca.
Besides the already confirmed headliners Blind Guardian, Hämatom, D-A-D and Feuerschwanz, OVERSENSE were announced for the 10/13/2022, presenting the songs of their two albums "Egomania"
and "The Storyteller",
both released via Dr. Music Records, in a one-hour set.

Far away from Ballermann, the festival
of the Wacken Open Air promoters offers live music in abundance
and is rounded off by a great supporting program with jam sessions,
meet & greets, Metal Karaoke and workshops,
where OVERSENSE and YouTube star guitarist Jasmin 'Jassy J.' Pabst
will host a guitar clinic.
OVERSENSE, one of the most emerging bands the European Metal scene
has to offer, holds up its distorted reflection to the world
with last year's release of its sophomore album "Egomania".
Thematically perfectly fitting to the ongoing global political chaos, Fridays for Future and the current social media madness,
it zeroes in on e.g. faceless fashion and beauty influencers
without rhyme or reason with its eleven songs, skillfully packed
in brilliant, majestic and catchy modern Melodic Metal anthems.
Thereby, OVERSENSE have stylistically evolved and captivate
with a more modern, harder sound that fascinates
with musical experiments.
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pics by Stephanie Grass

German melodic metallers
will take part at the
Full Metal Holiday Festival
part ii
part ii

This is shown not least by the three already released singles along with their accompanying music videos.
The social media critical "Be" feat. Herma Sick as well as the brutally churning serial killer epic "Love",
about the youth of the murderous Mr. Mackie, were both imposingly staged by director Mirko Witzki
(Caliban, Any Given Day, Emil Bulls) and Andy Pilkington of 'Very Metal Art'
(Orden Ogan, Judas Priest, Powerwolf) produced the fantastic,
King Midas-inspired lyric video for the single "The Longing", which deals with the never-ending greed
of humanity and its omnipotent dissatisfaction.
The band around the charismatic frontman Danny Meyer, YouTube star guitarist Jasmin 'Jassy J.' Pabst,
bass player Marco Volpert and drummer Patrick Lippert belongs to the hottest Modern Melodic Metal acts
of the last years, not only since the several weeks' tour with Metal Queen Doro Pesch in 2018
and most recently their European tour with Manticora!
OVERSENSE create a unique sound in the form of fat headbanger riffs, filigree solos and melodic anthems with the potential to make a huge impact on the international Metal scene.
With "Egomania", they deliver more than an impressive album, which has been released as a noble Digipak,
as a deluxe edition and of course digitally via Dr. Music Records.
The masterpiece has been produced and mixed by bandleader Danny Meyer in his Sunway Studios
and refined in the mastering by Miro Rodenberg and Olaf Reitmeier of the Gate Studio
(Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica), who were also twisting the knobs on the debut album "The Storyteller".
The concise as well as great artwork of "Egomania" was masterfully designed by Björn Gooßes (Killustrations), garnished with brilliant band photos by Stephanie Grass (BlackSally).
On "Egomania" OVERSENSE manage to refine the strengths of the debut significantly
and to reach the next level sound-wise.
The album is a perfect Modern Melodic Metal masterpiece, with which the four musicians will win over both
the young metalheads and the veterans of the scene.
OVERSENSE have everything a young band needs.
Besides great songs with catchy tunes, especially exceptional talent Jassy J. on guitar,
whose YouTube channel JJ's One Girl Band now has almost 324.000 fans around the world,
and singer as well as songwriter Danny Meyer with his unique voice stand out.

Finnish Neoclassical Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band CLAMORIS released 'The Bite of the Cosmic Snake' single

Finnish neoclassical symphonic melodic death metal band Clamoris is set
to release their debut album 'Opus Limbonica' on October 28th 2022
via Inverse Records.
third and final single 'The Bite of the Cosmic Snake' has been released.
Composer & lyricist Sami Selkäinaho comments:
"The third and final single of Opus Limbonica, 'The Bite of the Cosmic Snake', is the primary single of the album.

It's got a tight structure and a catchy chorus. It's a somewhat "rocky" song with tight solos and is likely the most accessible song of the album. It focuses by and large to heavy and catchy riffs over melody, and has a very dark atmosphere to it. The neoclassical element of our approach still pops up here and there, especially in the keyboard solo."

Composed and lyrics by
Sami Selkäinaho

Single cover by
Heidi Laitalainen

pic by Hannu Vättö

Finnish Folk Metal band
released single/video
'Midsummer Mead'

Finnish folk metal band Folkrim is set to release their second studio album 'On Foaming Waves' on October 21st 2022 via Inverse Records.
The third and last single 'Midsummer Mead' has been released.
The band comments:
"Juhannus is the most important celebration for a Finn, where the immortal midsummer sun shines throughout the entire birch, beer and lake -filled night. The finnish summer is beautiful but short, so it's best to enjoy as much as you can while it lasts. Midsummer Mead is built upon these themes as an ode for living in the moment, while representing the heavier musical side of the album. To go with the song, we gathered old clips from behind the scenes of the band and crammed them together for a drunken party of a music video. The summer might be already over and the cold winter is knocking on the door, but midsummer will live eternal in the heart of a Finn. So let our horns of gold overflow!"

Composed & lyrics by
Erno Helander

Single cover by
Erno Helander

pic by Jani Kaija

German glam rockers
have released single/video
'God Made Radio'
German glam rockers
have released single/video
'God Made Radio'

The glam rockers of JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE
have released their first single from the new studio album,
coming in March 2023, "God Made Radio".
In it, they pay homage to all rock radio stations
that have successfully gotten fans and bands through the pandemic.
guitarist Snake Rocket explains:
"The track is a thank you to all the stations that are always on the lookout for hot new shit and are giving their all to beat monotony. It’s for all of those who aren't satisfied with only ever playing the well-loved tracks, but who constantly bring attention to new music."
"God Made Radio“ is also a taste of the vibe
John Diva & The Rockets Of Love are setting on their third album: straightforward, refreshing rock with distinctive riffs, hard beats, maniacal guitar solos, and a frontman in top form.
No frills, no bullshit, but stadium rock for the big stage.

pic by bernd manthey

Finnish prog-metal band
released their third album
'Scales And Details'

Finnish progressive metal act SOMEHOW JO
released their third studio album 'SCALES AND DETAILS'
via Inverse Records.
Christian Saurén - Guitar & vocals:
"We sound more clear and unified on this record than ever before. The record is easy to approach but you'll find something new with every listen."
With their new approach on progressive metal music
SOMEHOW JO brings out their rule-bending songwriting
and catchy grooves with eclectic brutality.
Interesting rhythms combined with a clean and harsh vocals
brings out all the emotion of this talented newcomer.
Dozens of medias across the globe have compared
and praised SOMEHOW JO's experimental sound with their ancestors; System Of A to Down, Mastodon and Alter Bridge.

The upcoming 'SCALES AND DETAILS' album deals with e.g. depression,
not getting forward in life, failing, and overcoming these.
The album is intertwined with experimental effects
and soundscape between and in the songs.

pic by patrik nuorteva

1. Fata Morgana
2. Friend (Explicit)
3. Cycle
4. Spin
6. When It Falls
7. Getaway
8. Rising Sun
9. Mirror

a Greek power metal group
from athens

Sands Of Eternity are an evolution of Hourglass Sands Of Eternity
or most commonly known as Hourglass SOE.
Initially the band was formed back in 1996 in Athens and after two demos they released their debut
and only album in 2002 entitled 'Journey To Infinity'.

Soon after, the band split up and each member continued its own path, up until 2021
when the guitarist and main composer Ioannis Ioakimides joined forces
with the singer Michael "Dice" Papadakis in order to record the album "Beyond The Realms Of Time",
changing also the name of the band by dropping Hourglass and keeping Sands Of Eternity.
The band also features Thanassis Skoutelis (bass), Vangelis Kalentzis (keyboards), Michalis Skoutelis (drums)
and Kostas Nanos (guitars).

"Beyond The Realms Of Time" consists of ten new songs written by Ioannis Ioakimides
and produced by Bob Katsionis, always in the spirit of heavy / power metal
keeping the lyrical characters of the band's roots but also evolving in terms of sound and aesthetics.

Produced & Mixed by Bob Katsionis

Recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, GR

Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, GR

Artwork by Uwe Jarling

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