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British hard rock band
will release single
'Burning All Night'

Bournemouth based hard rock band ‘Mikey Ball & The Company’
will release on the 9th of september the second single
from their much anticipated new album.
'Burning All Night' is another hard rocking riff laden track.
mikey ball:
‘This song is about finding your place with those who share your passions and your values, after misplacing faith or trust in the past.
This song is intended as a unifier of that moment, when you find yourself again, find your direction, the questions you want answered and find people you can connect with on a true level.’
The band had a lot of support for the last single with radio play from ERB Radio, Total Rock, EGH and Amazing Radio in both the UK and USA,
as well as being featured in Loud Enough Magazine
and Breathing The Core.

pics by Clash Creates

Burning All Night Cover
gothic metal band
has released album
'Spirit & Liberation'
gothic metal band
has released album
'Spirit & Liberation'

Shortly after the release of their melancholic-doomy
Gothic Metal version of Scott Mackenzie's hippie cult song
"San Francisco", which makes clear in the disillusioning lyric video
that the spirit of the hippie era with dreams of peace, non-violence, honorableness and endless fun has poorly withered in the meantime,
the second CHILD OF CAESAR album "Spirit & Liberation"
has been released, on August 26, 2022, via Dr. Music Records.
Mastermind and guitarist André Marcussen has stepped out of the shadows of the past with his project and recorded the sinister follow-up
to 2015's album "Love In Black" with the current line-up.
As a harbinger, the unfortunately prophetic anti-war lyric video
for "Your Eyes On Me", was released last year,
shocking with martial image sequences.
In spring the first official single "Seven" followed
with which the band gave further insights into the new
multi-faceted album and at the same time they released
a visually stunning animated music video,
illustrating the lyrics in a doleful technocratic juggernaut
that suppresses freedom and humanity.
Afterward, CHILD OF CAESAR put the pedal to the metal
in terms of hardness and wild aggressiveness,
celebrating the last seconds before the "Exitus" in morbid rage
with a sweaty live performance in the music video.
The recording and mixing of the album were done at
guitarist Christopher F. Kassad's Tones & Tunes Studio, and for the mastering, the musicians once again entrusted Mika Jussila of Finnvox Studio (Amorphis, Solstafir, Nightwish). The songs are an equally sinister feast for the ears of Goth fans and metalheads who miss the ferocity of Tiamat's early records while appreciating Satyricon and not denying themselves the punky Bad Religion vibes.

1. Scorpion
2. Your Eyes On Me
3. Lisa
4. Ritual Summer
5. Moon 24
6. Godchildren
7. Seven
8. Native Tongue
9. B.M.T.C.
10. Exitus
11. San Francisco

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Portugese metal band
has released single/video
'Among the Brave Ones'

Portuguese first all-female metal band Black Widows released
a new single and music video 'Among the Brave Ones'
from their upcoming second studio album 'Among the Brave Ones'
which is set to be released on October 21st 2022
via Finnish Inverse Records.
Vocalist/guitarist Rute Fevereiro comments:
"More than ten years ago, during a break with Black Widows and when I decided to think about my musical life, I made several songs. Among the Brave Ones theme comes from that period of creativity. At the time, it didn't have that name but it awakened in me a sense of resilience and freedom. When I proposed this theme for us to work on as a band, Black Widows liked it and improved it substantially, giving their input as musicians. Among the Brave Ones was the name given to this theme and the album. This song is about our band returning stronger and more powerful than ever . It honours the brave artists and has many musicians guests promoving our video, as you will see. Are you ready for what's to come?"

pic by
by João Dourado

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Finnish metal act
has released single
'The Collider'

Metal band Vanguardian hailing from Jyväskylä Finland released their second single "The Collider" from their upcoming EP
on Wednesday 31th of August.

Vanguardian took a leap to the unknown, threw away their prejudices,
and recorded their second EP in a full analog session
at Astia studio in Lappeenranta.

The Collider continues the story that was written for the upcoming EP. The main theme in 'The Collider' revolves around mankind's reckless drive to bend technology to mankind's will without a thought
to its possible consequences.

The band says:
"What is interesting about this song is that a lot of adjustments were made to this song once lyrics were finished. For example, outro was completely different until we got the lyrics from our vocalist. This song became a true collaboration between the band members."

The Collider was recorded and produced by Anssi Kippo
(known especially for his work with Children of Bodom)
with Sakari Soisalo.

pic by Esa Ylijääsko

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Finnish Avant-garde metal act
has released new single
'Year of Dearth'

Finnish Avant-garde metal band Wyrmwoods
released a new single 'Year of Dearth'.
The track is taken from the band's upcoming fourth album
'No Sun Nor Moon' which is set to be released
on November 4th 2022 by Inverse Records.

The band's sole member Nuurag-Vaarn comments:
"Wyrmwoods' fourth album No Sun Nor Moon is a continuation of the last album's progressive avant-garde metal in a more focused and polished package of nine tracks.There are plenty of the familiar ambient and progressive rock influences heard on the album, which can be heard for example with some mixed meter time signatures and more use of the saxophone in the tracks. There's still plenty of room for more straight-forward and intense Black Metal parts on the album as well. The production is cleaner and less chaotic when comparing to the previous releases. There are also more Death Metal influences heard this time, most so on the single release Year of Dearth, for example the vocals are now primarily low growls."
Wyrmwoods is a single man project from Oulu, northern Finland.
Started in 2014 by a mysterious figure known as Nuurag-Vaarn.
Since the first album released in 2017 Wyrmwoods has experimented
with Black Metal mixed with various uncommon influences,
like Ambient, Progressive Rock and Jazz,
the last of which is highlighted by saxophone featured in many songs.
The result is an atmospheric and still intense avant-garde metal
with a lot of variation of styles and sounds.

Composed & lyrics
by Nuurag-Vaarn

Original single art
by David Roberts,
(public domain)


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Finnish Folk Metal band
will release new album
'On Foaming Waves'

Finnish Folk Metal band Folkrim is set to release
their second aalbum "On Foaming Waves"
on october 21st 2022 via Inverse Records.

Track list:
01. Blackout
02. Unhinged Alchemist
03. On Foaming Waves
04. Crack a Cold One
05. Towards the Sun
06. Entwined!
07. One More For the Road
08. Midsummer Mead
09. Brace Yourselves
10. Rövarehumppa
11. Under the Black
12. Winterstorm
13. Drunken Song
14. A Falling Tide

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Finnish thrash Metal band
has released single
'The Night Will Come'

After all hope is lost,
the only thing that remains is the road to eternal darkness.
This is how My Funeral describes their new single "The Night Will Come". This is the third single from the upcoming album,
which is released through Inverse Records on 7.10.2022.
vocalist-bassist Ilkka Sepponen explains:
"The Night Will Come is a song about the acceptance of one's own mortality, about accepting death. It is the last communion before leaving, the courage to walk through the coming night.
Let the eternal night come."
The upcoming album is named "Funeral Manifesto"
and it is the fourth full length record by My Funeral.
The album features more mature, more ambitious, and heavier sounds
than ever before.
"Funeral Manifesto" is the worldview
of a mortal life, of death and darkness.

Composed by
Ilkka Sepponen &
Joonas Kiviniemi
Ilkka Sepponen

pic by petri sara

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Dublin-based rock band
return with a new single

Dublin-based rock band JaVill return with their new single, 'Water' - which sees the group continue to showcase their versatility
while retaining the soaring guitar sound and driving rhythms
of their previous releases Monsoon and Lifted.
The track opens with a delicate piano melody
that builds and gathers momentum as the splashy, rolling drums, thrumming baseline and waves of effervescent guitar and backing vocals bring it to a cathartic crescendo.
Recorded late last year at Hellfire Studios in Rathfarnham, Dublin,
'Water' was engineered by Joe McGrath and produced by Kevin Brennan.
The high-level production does not hold back as the song builds
layer upon layer on the way to its emotional climax.
The song is partly inspired by lead singer Baz's own battle
with addiction and times spent in rehab,
when he felt like he had reached a breaking point.
'Water' is a record of the kind of spiritual experience
that led him out of that dark place.
The lyrics sound like the kind of promise you might make to yourself
when facing an abyss, the voice we all hope would be there
if we ever felt there was no way out.
Baz says about 'Water':

"The hope is that it will be of some help to people in similar situations. It's like a prayer, a kind of call to action".
Listeners will no doubt detect a strong Radiohead influence on 'Water', with hints of Interpol and The National
but JaVill have already marked themselves out as a band
with a unique style and range.

'Water' releases on the 12th of September
and will be available to stream on all DSPs.
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vocals, guitar
James Quinlan
Kevin Johnston
keys, guitar
Sean Donohoe
Jonathan Cooke Allen

Burning All Night Cover
Dublin-based rock band
return with a new single
part ii

JaVill are brothers Baz (vocals, guitar) and James Quinlan (keys),
Kevin Johnston (keys, guitar), Sean Donohoe (drums)
and Jonathan Cooke Allen (bass).
All five members come from Dublin, Ireland
and have been friends for many years.
JaVill played to a sold out workman's on their debut
and played mainstage at Whelans last paddy's day to a full house .

The band will be playing a headline show
for the launch party of their upcoming EP In November.
The group will have an exclusive piece on the track
on Ireland's national TV station RTE 1 shortly before the release.

vocals, guitar
James Quinlan
Kevin Johnston
keys, guitar
Sean Donohoe
Jonathan Cooke Allen

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American pop/rock band
will release a new single

19 miles per hour will release on the 1oth of september
their new single 'Contradictions'.

From an assortment of locations across the US,
indie-pop enthused 19 Miles Per Hour are set to release their new single, 'CONTRADICTIONS' this month.
With the goal to unite using music,
the quartet centralizes upon the notion that melodies have the power
to make us feel like we are not alone in this world.
Culturally relevant lyricism coupled with catchy yet passionate rhetoric,
19 Miles Per Hour hope to bring further awareness
to conversations surrounding mental health.
one day after he was inspired by the lead piano riff.
He felt like he needed to write this song about the crazy world
we live in and how we all say we want the world to change,
but yet we don't prove it with actions.
the singer comments:
"'CONTRADICTIONS' is our cry for help. It's our cry for love and togetherness. We want this song to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to show love and acceptance towards everyone and anyone they come into contact with."
Following their previous release 'Ruined Reputations',
the group captured Utah
when they won Provo's 2019 Battle of the Bands, BYU -
after only a week of practice with their entirely fresh lineup.
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lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ethan Jenkins
lead guitar
Thomas Wintch
lead guitar
lead vocals, drums
Ben Iba

Burning All Night Cover
American pop/rock band
will release a new single
part ii

19 Miles Per Hour succeeded themselves
when they were voted "Favorite Overall Artist'' 2021
at the Local Utah Music Awards,
and named "Best Band" in the Daily Herald's "Best Of 2021" magazine.
Taking up instruments at a young age,
the members developed their tastes early on,
helping them channel this when coping with hard times.
Namely, Mikey suffered from Depression and Anxiety,
using jam sessions with brother Danny (who is also in the band)
to help treat them.
Founding the band, the duo continued to echo their passion
with new members and line-ups;
friends Brady Ellsworth (original lead guitarist)
and Noah Lefgren (original bass).
After highschool, Mickey went on to serve a mission with his church -
this experience proved challenging on one's physical and mental health.
The struggles resulted in his return
and this experience proved a fundamental contribution
to the passionate integrity you can hear in 19 Miles Per Hour's music.
They began circulating in local grassroots scenes across Utah,
performing at a plethora of venues and events like Battle of the Bands.
Accumulating a sizable following, the band won runner-up
in All-Star Battle of the Bands 2020, Provo.
Similar artists include
The Killers, The Backseat Lovers, Ben Rector, and Mayday Parade.

lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ethan Jenkins
lead guitar
Thomas Wintch
lead guitar
lead vocals, drums
Ben Iba

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Scandinavian hard rock project
has released single/video
'Hellbound Train'

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are glad
to announce their support to a laudable initiative,
born with the purpose of supporting the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis.

The Nordic Hard Rock For Peace initiative was instigated
by Peter Hermansson and Martin Jepsen Andersen,
during writing sessions for the follow-up
to Hermansson’s acclaimed solo album,
"Second Glance", which was co-produced by Andersen himself.
Exactly in the middle of the songwriting process,
the two Scandinavian musicians
(Hermansson from Sweden, Andersen from Denmark)
happened upon the foundations of what was to become
the song "Hellbound Train".
While the duo was working on the song,
Russia began its aggressive invasion of Ukraine,
and, impressed with the song's potential, Hermansson came up
with the idea of turning it into an all-star, ensemble-cast song commenting on the present, horrible situation in Ukraine.
Later, with the gracious help and participation from friends and colleagues in mainly the Swedish hard rock scene,
"Hellbound Train" has seen the light of day.
The song will be released worldwide as a digital download,
through Italian label Burning Minds Music Group,
with the two Scandinavian musicians having been introduced to it by their mutual friend, renowned producer and musician, Alessandro Del Vecchio.
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Burning All Night Cover
Scandinavian hard rock project
has released single/video
'Hellbound Train'
part ii

Andersen comments:
"We are really excited about teaming up with Burning Minds Music Group for this very special release! Thanks to Alessandro, we were put in touch with the label, who immediately saw what we are trying to do with this project, and we strongly believe this is the ideal release-setting for the song." All proceeds from the release will be donated to the Red Cross and their relief efforts for the people of Ukraine".

Peter Hermansson (220 Volt, John Norum, Talisman): Vocals
Göran Edman (John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Headless): Vocals
Matti Alfonzetti (Skintrade, Jagged Edge, Alfonzetti): Vocals
Pontus Snibb (Bonafide): Vocals
Annie Kratz-Gutå (Annie For President, E-type, Dr. Alban): Vocals
Göran Nyström (220 Volt): Vocals
Martin Jepsen Andersen (Blindstone, Meridian, Chalice Of Sin, George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars, Walter Trout): Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Micke Hujanen (Alfonzetti): Lead Guitar
Marco Angioni (Meridian, Streetfighter): Lead Guitar
Janne Stark (Overdrive, Merryweather/Stark): Lead Guitar
Mats Karlsson (220 Volt): Lead Guitar
Christopher Ståhl (Talisman): Lead Guitar
Johan Niemann (Evergrey): Bass
Hasse Sjölander (Skintrade): Drums

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