Swedish metalband
releases two more singles

the Swedish metalband HÖST has released two more singles
from the upcoming album "Nightmares and goals".

this release includes the songs:

'Ashes from a plague'
'This is the end'
The entire album "Nightmares and goals" will be released
on november 4th 2022 through their own label.
Drums by Nir Nakav,
vocals by Filip Leo and Pehr Severin.
Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, Unisound.

will release on
september the 30th
their new album 'Radiance'
will release on
september the 30th
their new album 'Radiance'

Rock’n’Roll is a trip, not a destination…we all know how the saying goes! The Dead Daisies continue their journey towards 2023 with new music, virtual performances and adventures.
The Dead Daisies have gone from strength to strength since the release
of their self-titled album in 2013.
They have released five studio, one live and one covers album
to a growing army of fans worldwide and are praised by the global media in an era where Rock has been declared dead time and time again.
The band’s DNA includes an amazing collective of players that includes John Corabi, Marco Mendoza, Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, Tommy Clufetos, Frank Ferrer, Darryl Jones, Charley Drayton, Deen Castronovo
and Jon Stevens amongst others.
They’ve also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Rock including Kiss, Guns N‘ Roses, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Whitesnake, ZZ Top and the Hollywood Vampires.
The Daisies started their next chapter in 2019 welcoming Glenn Hughes, also known as “The Voice Of Rock“.
Glenn took over lead vocals and bass guitar,
joining guitarists Doug Aldrich and David Lowy.
The monstrous, hard-hitting,
powerhouse drummer, Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/ Whitesnake)
has returned to the line-up for 2022.
With the addition of Glenn Hughes, The Daisies supercharge
their front line through his rock solid bass grooves
and unmatched vocal intensity.
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01. Face Your Fear 4:09
02. Hypnotize Yourself 3:50
03. Shine On 2:59
04. Radiance 4:03
05. Born to Fly 3:19
06. Kiss The Sun 3:23
07. Courageous 3:31
08. Cascade 4:07
09. Not Human 4:14
10. Roll On 3:10

will release on
september the 30th
their new album 'Radiance'
part ii
part ii

As all fans know, the man is a true original,
inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, with a rich history of music that features heavy weights like Deep Purple
and Black Country Communion as well as a successful solo career.
One might say: “They don’t build rockers like him anymore”.
Followers can expect more High-Voltage Rock songs, indomitable grooves and spellbinding lyrics, all the ingredients
that have made this music so timeless, out-living trends of the modern day.
The sound of The Dead Daisies is entrenched in the Hard Rock way of life we all love but as a living, breathing rock band,
they are constantly evolving & bringing new dynamics to a classic style.
They’ve conducted multiple headline tours throughout Europe, Japan,
South & North America
and conquered some of the worlds’ most prestigious festivals such as Download, Wacken, Graspop, Sweden Rock as well as Woodstock Poland, where they played the notable Concert for Peace with a 60-piece orchestra in front of over 300,000 people in 2017.
Significantly, they were the first American Rock band
welcomed back to Cuba after the embargo was lifted in 2015.
It’s the uplifting experience of a live show that makes Rock music
so encompassing and where The Dead Daisies always deliver.
Their concerts are known for creating a special connection
between the players and their audience, giving life to each other,
singing, screaming and relishing in the moment!!!
‘Unspoken’ was the first single from the new album ‘Holy Ground’.
Released in April 2020, the song received global media praise
and accolades with a record number of streams on Spotify
and plays on YouTube in its first two weeks of release.
It definitely broke the silence!
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New Line-Up:
Glenn Hughes
(Deep Purple)
bass, vocals
Doug Aldrich
(Whitesnake, Dio)
Brian Tichy
(Whitesnake, Foreigner)
David Lowy
(Red Phoenix, Mink)

will release on
september the 30th
their new album 'Radiance'
part iii
part iii

This was followed by ‘Bustle and Flow’ in September breaking
new ground on the US Classic Rock Chart,
the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and the Foundations Chart. The third single ‘Holy Ground’ was released on December 4th
to immediate airplay on ‘A’ playlists on commercial and digital radio across the globe.
‘Chosen and Justified’, the fourth single from Holy Ground
was released on March 5th to immediate airplay around the planet!
In July 2020, The Lockdown Sessions EP was released
with four stripped back semi-acoustic tracks, ‘Unspoken’, ‘Fortunate Son’, ‘Righteous Days’ and an amazing version
of the Humble Pie classic, ’30 Days In The Hole’ with Glenn and Doug.
The new album 'Holy Ground', released on 22nd January 2021,
was recorded by Producer Ben Grosse at La Fabrique Studio
in the South of France.
It features eleven hard hitting songs
that through time will stand up as the finest body of work
the band has completed to date.
Featuring infectious grooves from ‘Like No Other’
to sending chills down your spine in the atmospheric ‘Far Away’,
it’s easy to see why both fans and critics are blown away by this album.
Returning to the lineup, powerhouse drummer Tommy Clufetos
who played on the fifth single ‘Like No Other’ 2021 released on May 7th
hit Top 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart
and Top 10 on the Foundations Secondary Market Rock Chart.
He joined the band on their Get Out Of The House US dates
in June/July 2021.
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will release on
september the 30th
their new album 'Radiance'
part iv
part iv

A free to play mobile game ‘Daisys Revenge’ was launched in May
taking the graphics and narrative from the bands chart topping music video ‘Bustle And Flow’ and set to a soundtrack of rock music
from the Daisies new album ‘Holy Ground’.
A crowd favourite on the US dates, 'My Fate' (Radio Edit) launched on August 6th and a very short film for 'Like No Other' aired on August 13th.
On September 17th the latest single ‘Saving Grace’ (Radio Edit)
was released, a band favourite from the album ‘Holy Ground’.
In September the band headed out on the ‘Like No Other’ tour,
playing theatres from the east coast to the west coast,
before their October and November UK tour,
the first in nearly three years.
The first half of 2022 has seen drummer extraordinaire Brian Tichy
return to the fold, writing and recording a new album
with Producer Ben Grosse in LA and releasing four live singles
from their Like No Other US, England/Wales Tour.
‘Rise Up’ released on February 4th, ‘Bustle And Flow‘, in March,
'Long Way To Go’ in April and the crown on the ‘Live From Daisyland’ EP - ‘Burn’ in April.
The first single ‘Radiance’ from the upcoming album of the same name, radiated some heat on May 27th just prior to the EU Summer Tour
with a meta cinematic and a glimpse into the metaverse.
The 2nd single ‘Shine On’ came out on July 8th during the European Tour along with an announcement of their US Fall Tour in September.
The Dead Daisies are pushing forward, giving energy and taking chances
to ensure that every person who experiences them has no doubt
that Rock is Indeed Alive & Well.
So, turn it up, come to a show, enjoy the ride & ROCK with us.
pics by Oliver Halfin, except single shot of Dawid Lowy: Cedric Pechie

German power metal band
will release EP
'Spreading The Plague'

German power metal band Rage has come up with a special surprise
for its followers to thank them for their loyalty and patience
during the long wait enforced by the pandemic:
In time for their major co-headlining tour alongside Brainstorm in October and November 2022 and as an appetiser for the things
that await their fans, singer/bassist Peavy Wagner and his bandmates
Jean Borman, Stefan Weber (both guitars)
and Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos (drums) are set to launch
their ‘Spreading The Plague’ EP on Steamhammer/SPV
on 30 September 2022,
featuring three previously unreleased new songs
as well as three exciting bonus tracks.
Says Peavy:
“This is a thank-you to our fans who have stood by Rage for so many years.
We really look forward to seeing everybody again at our upcoming shows.”
‘Spreading The Plague’ consists of the songs ‘To Live And To Die’,
‘Spreading The Plague’ and ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’,
all three from the production phase of Rage’s 2021 album
‘Resurrection Day’ and previously unreleased.
Peavy explains:
“These are numbers that we recorded at the same studio quality level as our ‘Resurrection Day’ material but have deliberately held back until now to have something special up our sleeve for our fans when we’ll be able to tour again at last.”
‘Resurrection Day’ was a major success for Rage:
The album scored high chart positions in a number of countries in September 2021, such as number 14 in Germany, number 12 in Japan,
number 38 in Switzerland, and a more than impressive numbers 46 and 81
in the US and Canada, respectively.
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01. To Live And To Die – 4:07
02. Spreading The Plague - 4:27
03. The King Has Lost His Crown - 4:29
04. A New Land (acoustic version) - 3:29
05. The Price Of War 2.0 - 4:07
06. Straight To Hell (live from the Cave) – 5:08

German power metal band
will release EP
'Spreading The Plague'
part ii

The first single lifted from ‘Spreading The Plague’ is called
‘To Live And To Die’ and turns out to be a fast-paced up-tempo number
with catchy guitar parts and a “cool chorus”, as Peavy puts it, adding:
“This song really pushes forward in a breathtaking way.”
The video to support ‘To Live And To Die’ can be seen on all major channels
as of 19 August 2022.
The second track on ‘Spreading The Plague’ is the eponymous title song, featuring a triplet arrangement
with Rage’s typically outstanding guitar work.
The third brand-new song is called ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’, a fast, aggressive piece featuring that expansiveness that’s characteristic of Rage. Peavy:
“It was written and composed during a songwriting session with all four band members. The result is pure Rage!”
Lyrically, all three numbers are connected by the history
of the evolution of mankind, as already featured on ‘Resurrection Day’,
and how it has led to the excesses and problems we’re faced with today.
The new EP is complemented by three bonus tracks:
‘A New Land’ is a new unplugged version;
‘The Price Of War 2.0.’ was first released a few months ago
as a digital single including video clip to introduce new band members Jean Borman and Stefan Weber, but has not yet been available
on any physical record, same as the Rage classic ‘Straight To Hell’,
a live stream from the Balve Cave venue in July 2020.
So there are plenty of exciting things in the offing:
a new EP (complete with exciting cover artwork courtesy of Karim König, who has also designed ‘The Devil Strikes Back’ and ‘Seasons Of The Black’, among others)
as well as a big European tour in October/November 2022.
It’s safe to say that Rage fans have plenty to look forward to ...

Peavy Wagner
vocals, bass
Vassilios Maniatopoulos
Stefan Weber
Jean Borman
pics by Julez Weber

from newcastle's finest
'Leave ‘Em Bleeding'

Experts agree:
Without Raven, neither thrash nor speed metal would exist
in their current form.
The British trio around the Gallagher brothers John (bass, vocals)
and Mark (guitar) not only released some of the most important albums
of the NWOBHM era, but they also had a lasting influence
on an entire generation of musicians in the early 1980s.
Much has changed since then, often either becoming vestigial
or vanishing completely.
Raven, however, have persevered, immortalizing themselves in the annals
of music history with an imposing presence that continues up to this day.
Not least through two studio albums
that perfectly represent the recent works of the group:
‘ExtermiNation’ (2015) and ‘Metal City’ (2020).
To the great delight of their fans, Raven will be touring again
in the foreseeable future – performing their new album
‘Leave ´Em Bleeding’, featuring the best of the past seven years
plus some red-hot bonus tracks.
'Leave ´Em Bleeding’ will be released on September 30th, 2022,
via Steamhammer/SPV as CD, LP record and digital download.

“In a way, this record is a retrospective on the past seven years, which were hugely important to us, even if they haven’t always been easy”, is how John Gallagher describes their songs ‘Top Of The Mountain’, ‘Metal City’, ‘The Power’, ‘Destroy All Monsters’ and ‘Battle March/Tank Treads’.
The first three tracks mentioned are from ‘Metal City’, the following two from ‘ExtermiNation’.
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01. Top Of The Mountain 3:38
02. Metal City 3:30
03. The Power 3.56
04. Destroy All Monsters 6:05
05. Battle March / Tank Treads 5:27
06. Crash Bang Wallop (live) 4:12
07. Necessary Evil 3.56
08. Space Station #5 4:03
09. Malice In Geordieland 3:04
10. Bad Reputation 3:09
11. Rock This Town 3:51
12. Stay Hard (live) 3:05

from newcastle's finest
'Leave ‘Em Bleeding'
part ii

This glimpse into the past is rounded off by a live version of
‘Crash Bang Wallop’, found in its original version
on the 2019 concert album ‘Screaming Murder Death From Above: Live...’,
a special testimony to the boundless power of this band,
which – in addition to the Gallagher brothers –
is completed by drummer Mike Heller.

As a special gift to their large crowd of followers,
Raven treats us to six bonus tracks one shouldn’t miss out on.
It starts with ‘Necessary Evil’, one of the first three Raven songs
after Mark Gallagher's serious accident in November 2001,
when the guitarist was half-buried by a six-meter wall
and had to undergo several surgeries to treat his severe injuries.
Although the band was back on stage mere two years later,
it wasn’t until 2009 that they could start working
on their comeback album ‘Walk Through Fire’,
with ‘Necessary Evil’ as its spectacular finale.
Second bonus track is their Montrose number ‘Space Station #5’.
Mark Gallagher:
“During the early years, we often ended our shows with this song.”
followed by ‘Malice In Geordieland’,
a superb outtake from the session for ‘ExtermiNation’.
Second cover song on ‘Leave ´Em Bleeding’ is their Thin Lizzy number
‘Bad Reputation’.
Gallagher comments:
“We`ve always been total Lizzy fans. I`ve never seen them live, unfortunately, but their influence on us and many others is huge.”
Rounding off the list of bonus tracks are ‘Rock This Town’
and ‘Stay Hard (Live)’; both come with exciting back stories.
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John Gallagher
bass, vocals
Mark Gallagher
Mike Heller
all pics by Yuki Kuroyanagi
except pic taken in 1991

from newcastle's finest
'Leave ‘Em Bleeding'
part iii

“’Rock This Town’ was produced by Michael Wagner in Nashville in March 2018 and features us as a trio live in the studio. The recording is just too powerful to have it sit in a drawer and collect dust. The live version of ‘Stay Hard’ is a 2017 recording from ‘The Vanguard’ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An employee of the club recorded the show and gave it to us on a flash drive. We haven´t played ‘Stay Hard’ too often, so in that sense the release is a little special.”

Six bonus tracks in perfect balance to the six “regular” songs,
meaning twelve Raven highlights in total that leave you wanting more, especially regarding the concerts
that will hopefully be taking place very soon!

rodon live (athens, greece)
after show party
fok 'bs' with the
gallagher brothers

Finnish horror punk project
will release their album
'Murder Ballads'
Finnish horror punk project
will release their album
'Murder Ballads'

Finnish horror punk project JACK 13'S PANZERCROW
will release their album 'Murder Ballads'
on the 9th of september, 2022 via 82 records.
After latest SCARECROW full album "Splatterpunk" (2022)
LP/Digital Sick Taste Records (Germany).
Jack Started to write new material for SCARECROW
and PANZERCROW on the year 2021.
Band picked up demo songs first for the SCARECROW
and leftover tracks layed down for the Jack 13's Panzercrow.

Jack 13 working in studio with SCARECROW and AZAGHAL
and both band's album is out on next year.

Feat. on "Howling Part I"
Timo Ohramaa Mandolin/Buzuki and Ac.guitar
Backing vocals:
Henri Nieminen

Album cover is painted
by Marko Lammervo.

"Haunted Ghost girl"
Already released on Cranial Nerve Records (USA)
"Horror punk compilation vol.1" CD/Digital 2022

- The Sound Of Horror (2008) CD/Digital
- Unplugged Of The Dead (2018) 10"/Digital
- Nightmare Return (2018) CD/Digital
- Murder Ballads (2022) LP/CD/Digital

1. Wanna See My Head Come Off?
2. Howling - Part I
3. Howling - part II
4. Forever Is This Night
5. Live Love Stab
6. Still Dead To Me
7. Haunted Ghost Girl
8. Darkland
9. Left Alone To Die In The Pumpkin Field
10. Dying In The Night

Jack 13


'Finnish' heavy metal act
will released new ep
'Dawn of Justice'
'Finnish' heavy metal act
will released new ep
'Dawn of Justice'

Renegade Angel released their new 'Dawn of Justice' EP
with guests e.g. Marius Danielsen and Fabio Alessandrini.
Bigger, better, and more bombastic than ever
Renegade Angel is back a year after they collaborated
with Tim 'Ripper' Owens on their previous well-acclaimed EP 'Damnation'. 'Dawn of Justice' is yet another catchy melodic heavy/power metal rocker, but this time with some symphonic elements
and even bigger vocal harmonies.
This release has five top-tier metal vocalists sharing the vocal duties. Marius Danielsen (Legend of Valley Doom),
Craig Cairns (Induction, Tailgunner), and Oscar Klassen (Séptimo Ángel) are doing their vocal debut here as well
as Fabio Alessandrini (Annihilator) behind the drums.
The mastermind behind this band, Jani Pöysä, says:
"it might seem like it has taken longer to finish this release. It is very time-consuming to have so many busy, high-profile musicians involved and get it just right. It has been countless hours of hard work for all, but the band is delighted with how it turned out. We hope you appreciate it and show your support, and we will be more than happy to push ourselves to work hard to bring you the best music!"
Renegade Angel is a melodic heavy metal band
with some of the most outstanding musicians around the globe.
The songs are straight in your face
and put the limelight on creating the catchiest riffs,
choruses, and harmonies.
However, yet performed by some of the most amazing musicians
making the songs sound huge and majestic.
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Track list:
1. Dawn of Justice
2. The Whistleblower
3. The Whistleblower (German version)
4. Forevermore (Spanish version)

Composed and lyrics
by Jani Pöysä
Cover art by Keith Tarrier

Promo pic by ​Keith Tarrier

'Finnish' heavy metal act
will released new ep
'Dawn of Justice'
part ii

The band draws influences from power metal bands like Helloween and Avantasia
while still paying tribute to traditional metal acts such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.
This band combines the best of the two worlds to bring you the ultimate heavy metal experience.
Line-up on every song:

Dawn of Justice:
Vox: Alejandro Fernandez, Craig Claims, Romina Barba
Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
Bass: Amadei Sarsanski
Drums: Fabio Alessandrini

The Whistleblower:
Vox English version: Alejandro Fernandez, Lukky Sparxx, Marius

Vox German version : Oscar Klassen, Lukky Sparxx, Marius Danielsen
Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
Bass: Charles Berthoud
Drums: Vangelis Moraitis

Forevermore (Spanish):
Vox: Romina Barba
Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
Piano: Jani Pöysä
Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
Bass: Amadei Sarsanski
Drums: Nacho Bessi

Finnish gothic metal act
have released their single/video

Rioghan releases a new Bruises music video and single
composed by Leprous frontman Einar Solberg
Finnish Rioghan is set to release her debut album
'Different Kinds Of Losses' on December 9th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The album has been made in collaboration with
Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Einar Solberg (Leprous),
Teemu Liekkala (ex-Manufacturer's Pride, Red Eleven)
and Teemu Koskela (ex-Celesty).

The fourth single 'Bruises' from the upcoming album has been released. The track is composed by Leprous frontman Einar Solberg
and the lyrics are made by Rioghan.
Rioghan comments:
"Bruises will bring together the most lightweight and then again the heaviest Rioghan you've heard so far. Lyrical themes word out a concrete story of overcoming and understanding letting go of things that no longer serve you, with the tearing internal struggle it often brings with. Getting the vocals together for this song was a new kind of personal journey to experiment all the different layers I can come up with, and the lengths it goes serves the polarity of the lyric well."

Single cover
by Sakari Tuokkola

by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers Oy.
Vocal recordings:
Ville Hautaluoma
Produced, recorded & mixed
by Teemu Liekkala

Line-up on Bruises single:
Jenni Perämäki
Einar Solberg
Teemu Liekkala
Guitar, bass, keyboards
Valtteri Revonkorpi
Drums, percussions

Promo picture:
Aarni Visuals
Mikko Parkkonen.
Hair & makeup
by Laura Salo Creative

British metalcore band
releases single/video
'Battle X City'

Southampton-based metalcore devotees Our Hollow, Our Home
signed contract with the Arising Empire.
To celebrate the cooperation Our Hollow, Our Home presents
their brand new single 'Battle X City' feat. Samantha Bower (Lightwave).
Our Hollow, Our Home:
"We’re super stoked to join the AE family, we always said that we would love to sign with a label, so long as it was one that understood the ethos of this band, and loved it as much as we and our fans do! It’s safe to say that we felt that was met with ample amounts with Arising Empire!"
After years of relentless hard work, dedication,
and refining their craft, Our Hollow Our Home returned
with their 3rd album, and finest to date, »Burn In The Flood«.
Released on the 28th of May, the record represents another step up
in quality and momentum for a band who have become
one of the most deserving and hardworking success stories
in the UK metal scene in the last five years.
Connor (Vocals):
"To put it plain and simply, ‘Battle X City’ is a track that is truly unlike any other Our Hollow, Our Home release to date. It is a testament to how far the band are willing to push the key elements of their signature blend of pop-infused metalcore, and how far they can experiment with the contrasting extremes of heavy and light that they have become known for.
Lyrically the song traverses a constant struggle of trying to make something you believe in succeed, whilst the rest of the world tries to convince you that it’s doomed to fail.
...to continue, please go to the next side...

Connor Hallisey
Tobias Young
Josh White
Lawrence Welling
Alex Rayner

pic by
Oli Duncanson

British metalcore band
releases single/video
'Battle X City'
part ii

It features guest vocals from Samantha Bower, the lead singer of rising pop-metal group Lightwave, which sees Our Hollow, Our Home adding guest clean vocals for the first time ever to a release, which is a refreshing and innovative touch to this riff-heavy, feel good thrill ride of a track."
The level of relatability, coupled with their relentless touring
with the likes of Asking Alexandria and Blessthefall
and high profile slots at festivals like Graspop, Nova Rock, Summerblast, and Jera On Air, has seen the band command an ever-growing army
of highly dedicated followers;
they have over 60,000 on Spotify, have been viewed over 7 million times on Youtube and have over 25,000 Instagram followers
and 111,000 on Facebook and 2017’s debut album »Hartsick« reached
the top spot of the Itunes chart for rock and metal in the UK,
as well as placing in the top ten in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.
They were also boosted by their hugely popular cover
of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ in 2017,
which was picked up by BBC Radio One’s Greg James
and subsequently topped the iTunes UK rock and metal chart,
and racked up over 300,000 plays on YouTube on its first week of release.
For a band who has handled their own operations internally without
the help of major label or industry backing till today,
that is a mightily impressive number, and testament to the devotion
Our Hollow Our Home have to their craft.
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»Our Hollow, Our Home European // 2022«
04.10.22 France Paris @ Le Klub
05.10.22 Switzerland Aarau @ KiFF
06.10.22 France Lyon @ Rock N Eat
07.10.22 Germany Karlsruhe @ Die Stadtmitte
08.10.22 Austria Vorchdorf @ Metalnight Outbreak Fest
09.10.22 Austria Vienna @ Viper Room

British metalcore band
releases single/video
'Battle X City'
part iii

But it’s more than just the numbers that are impressive, it’s the way in which those people
have connected with the band.
Be it their lyrical content, their staunchly DIY approach, their high-energy live shows
or their down-to-earth attitude, Our Hollow Our Home have connected with their audience
in a way that cannot be forced or faked.
"But life’s too short to let the little things bring you down
Take the fight to the fault lines, and make it what defines you"

10.10.22 Germany Munich @ Backstage
11.10.22 Germany Nuremberg @ Z-Bau
13.10.22 Czech Republic Prague @ Rock Cafe
14.10.22 Germany Essen @ Crowdsalat Festival
15.10.22 Germany Hamburg @ Indra
16.10.22 Germany Leipzig @ Naumanns

17.10.22 Germany Berlin @ Badehaus
18.10.22 Germany Frankfurt @ Das Bett
20.10.22 Germany Trier @ Mergener Hof
21.10.22 Belgium Antwerp @ JH Kaddish
22.10.22 Germany Cologne @ Club Volta

23.10.22 The Netherlands Den Bosch @ Willem Twee
25.10.22 UK Birmingham @ Space54
26.10.22 UK Bristol @ The Exchange
27.10.22 UK Manchester @ Rebellion
28.10.22 UK Nottingham @ Rock City Beta
29.10.22 UK London @ The Underworld

Ohio's metalcore band
have released their Single

Ohio's powerhouse SINK THE SHIP are back
and released their special take on 'Ghost' by Justin Bieber.
SINK THE SHIP erupted into the underground heavy music scene
with their energetic, bold and bright post-hardcore
and pop-punk infused blend of metalcore in 2012.
and since then, they've been sailing stronger and stronger
with each passing year.
Within two years' time, the band would release
their debut effort »Reflections« a riveting
- albeit rough around the edges -
EP that spoke volumes to the band's dedication to creating music
true to themselves and worth its weight in powerful, emotive passion.
In the years since, SINK THE SHIP have played alongside bands
from every nook and cranny of the heavy music spectrum,
and the United Kingdom's ARCHITECTS.
2018 sees the band unveiling a masterful blend of melody,
metallic aggression and brazen, bold honesty
in the form of their debut full-length record titled »Persevere«.
With tales of adversity, animosity and inspiration aplenty,
SINK THE SHIP are a prominent, powerhouse of a band
making monstrous waves.

Brandon Knerem
Colton Ulery

Zakk Godare

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