Swiss punk metal act
will release on 2nd of december
ep 'Kingdom Fall'

THE THREE SUM step on the gas pedal
with their explosive Punk ’n’ Roll EP “Kingdom Fall”.
THE THREE SUM have already been stirring up the domestic Swiss Rock scene for a few years and are now releasing their new EP “Kingdom Fall” on 12/02/2022 via Dr. Music Records.
With wacky little horror stories and a dystopian mix
of Punk Rock and Metal, they continue their foray in a scary road cruiser on the dusty asphalt of the international Rock ’n’ Roll highway.
The sinister mood with just the right pinch of hot rod flair
was musically perfected in the studio
by producer Mack Schildknecht (China, Second Reign, All To Get Her).
Then Grammy-nominated New York mastering specialist
Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering
(The Devil Wears Prada, New Found Glory, A Day To Remember)
put the finishing touches on the record.
Inspired by the never-ending trouble in the world,
the music and lyrics of some songs take on almost political overtones,
something that hasn’t been seen before
in THE THREE SUM Rock ’n’ Roll universe.
THE THREE SUM can already look back on twelve eventful years
of band history, in which the musicians Flavio Lamberti (vocals and bass), Pascal Artho (guitar) and Harry Müller (drums) initially
thrilled their fans with classic 90s Pop Punk.
With their debut album “With You”, brilliantly produced by Tarmo Simola,
the trio based near Zurich made it 2016
into the official German college radio charts and then
into the MTV.de Top100 video charts with their second single “Friends”.
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1. Long Live The King
2. Fade To Black
3. Coming After You
4. Your Worst Lullaby
5. Kingdom Fall

Swiss punk metal act
will release on 2nd of december
ep 'Kingdom Fall'
part ii

The band opened the great Swiss Rock The Ring Festival a year earlier, sharing the stage with such acts as
Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Alice Cooper and Billy Idol.
With their 2019 EP “Nice Night For A Walk”,
THE THREE SUM opened new horizons and changed
from their debut album’s good mood sound á la Blink-182
to an explosive cocktail of Punk, Heavy Metal and Rock ’n’ Roll.
Thanks to the ominous lyrics and ingenious cover artwork,
the EP gave off the vibe of an archetypal B-horror movie
and immediately landed on some of the major Rock playlists.
Due to the pandemic, the Punk Rock musicians could not
celebrate the success of this EP extensively on tour as planned
and so they used the unwanted free time to produce “Kingdom Fall”.
Inspired by all the events of the last years, the hard-hitting opener
“Long Live The King” is about mighty people in many realms,
from entertainment to politics, not always using their power to benefit the weaker ones but gaining even more control and influence.
This song sticks with its damn catchy melodicore sound in the head
and is not without reason the second single.
In “Fade To Black”, the Swiss ask themselves why certain people
and institutions constantly assume the right to determine
what others have to believe and think and try to enforce it with all means.
They threaten, they murder, they feed people misinformation
and woe betide anyone who does not accept their lies and resists.
THE THREE SUM have expressed their lack of understanding of this
in “Fade To Black”.
The first single, “Coming After You”, is the musical link
between the EP and the evolution of their Punk ’n’ Roll sound
on “Kingdom Fall”.
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Swiss punk metal act
will release on 2nd of december
ep 'Kingdom Fall'
part iii

As a horror movie fan, singer Flavio Lamberti likes to write songs
on this subject because there are always great metaphors.
The title song and, simultaneously, the third single “Kingdom Fall”,
in turn, unites the stories of the previous songs for the finale.
Imagine if there could be a world not dominated by lies,
abuse of power, and a false messiah.
That’s the kind of world everyone would secretly like to see.
A little bit of anarchy?
Or maybe just the wish for some peace to finally return.
But for that to happen, the old kingdom must fall
so that this world can be reborn.
On stage, THE THREE SUM don’t take any prisoners
and make sure with sweaty shows
that every fan shares for that moment
what feels like the best time of his life with the band.
The five new songs manifest themselves on “Kingdom Fall”
into a power-packed musical muscle car
with which the Swiss trio provides additional speed
on the Rock ’n’ Roll Highway.
Not only fans of bands such as
Papa Roach, Asking Alexandra or A Day To Remember
should get in and step on the gas with THE THREE SUM!

Flavio Lamberti
Vocals, Bass
Pascal Artho
Harry Müller

Greek/German rock act
have released single
'City Of My Heart'

Cosmotheory is a Greek/German rock band formed back at the end of 2021 from the current two members, Billy Adams (Vasilis Papadam)
and Conni ''Comet'' Steinke.
It's a musical project that belongs to Billy Adams
who writes the music, lyrics, he is the main vocalist, guitarist
and also the main producer of the band.
Conni serves as assistant producer, choir/backing vocals arranger
but also as a singer (lead/backing female vocals).

On May 8th Cosmotheory released the debut single ''City Of My Heart'',
a rock ballad that has been written back in 2019 from Billy Adams.
It's a song about the experience of migration, leaving back your people and your hometown for a better life in a foreign country.
Describes the feelings and thoughts before and after migration happens.
It's about the struggle and the difficulties accepting the fact
and try to move forward, thinking that someday you gonna get back home but at the same time you know that this maybe never gonna happen.
The project contains at the moment only studio recordings,
songwriting and production, with future plans
to turn into a complete band.
The duo works now on their second single ''Unfinished Business''
which will soon be ready for release.

Finnish hard rock act
has released their single
'Gone Gone Gone'
Finnish hard rock act
has released their single
'Gone Gone Gone'

The Finnish Oulu-based rocking power trio Rat Boogie
released a new single Gone Gone Gone
via Finnish record label secret entertainment.
The band comments:
"Where did the day go again? Where did you lose it? A 'short story' of a single day in the style of Rat Boogie. A basic day is revived with a hard-hitting pop boost; just hang on, things get mellow in the end. Check our latest single now!"

Composed by Mika Säkkinen
Lyrics by Mika Palosaari

Cover art by Pasi Aikio

Finnish neoclassically inspired Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band CLAMORIS
has released single
'A Window to My Dreams'

Finnish neoclassical symphonic melodic death metal band Clamoris is set
to release their debut album 'Opus Limbonica'
on October 28th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The second single "A Window to My Dreams" has been released.
Composer & lyricist Sami Selkäinaho comments:
"The second single from Opus Limbonica, "A Window to My Dreams", is the mid-point of the album. The song is dark and hateful, yet driven by melody. It contains some of the trickiest leadworks in all of Opus Limbonica.

Containing a lot of different passages, the song is glued together by firey guitar and synth leadwork and the chorus sections. Tempowise, the song represents the more mid-tempo material of the album but still has the characteristic neoclassical elements of the album.

"A Window to My Dreams" is inspired by the earlier works of Symphony X, Children of Bodom and The Kovenant and puts the emphasis on melodic riffs and especially neoclassical leads."

Composed and lyrics
by Sami Selkäinaho

Single cover
by Heidi Laitalainen

pic by Hannu Vättö

Finnish progressive metal band
will release on September 16th
album 'Scales And Details'

Finnish progressive metal band Somehow Jo is set to release
their third studio album 'Scales And Details'
on September 16th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The base material of the album is largely the best ideas
selected from the jamming sessions and then worked in to ready songs.
The lyrical ideas have been written on the basis
of images from the song demos.
New angle brought to the vocals
with more two-tone melodies and dialogue.
The texts deal with e.g. Depression,
blaming others for their own problems, not getting forward in life, failing, and overcoming these.
The whole package is intertwined
with experimental effects and soundscape between and in the songs.
'Fata Morgana'
The song experiences a dry season before an uncontrollable storm
that will change everything.
One of the fastest songs on the album,
exploring human life on a larger scale.
Time is limited for everyone.

What happens when the burning pain in the soul istaking over?
You know you can’t escape it by running,but you’re still trying.
How far can you go alone?
An example of a youngsters thoughts on the power that rules the world. Is the truth found by drawing a straight line between A and B?
Is everything so black and white?
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Track list:

1. Fata Morgana
2. Friend (Explicit)
3. Cycle
4. Spin
6. When It Falls
7. Getaway
8. Rising Sun
9. Mirror

pic by

Finnish progressive metal band
will release on September 16th
album 'Scales And Details'
part ii

A small voice inside your head that tells you you can't do it.
A small sound gets bigger when you give it power and eventually
it can close the door you want to walk through.

A thesis about when you stop for the first time and realize
how beautiful a moment can be right now.

'When It Falls'
Like ants, we build our lives until some higher power takes away
what we have worked so hard on.
All that remains is the doctrine that has been acquired.
Using it, you can start building again.
When it feels like there are too many opinions, too many words,
too many people in the world.
You want to disappear for a moment, take a break and go on an getaway.

'Rising Sun'
When you meet a someone whose presence you feel
even if you don’t see them.
Even if the whole globe is between you and it is uncertain
when you will meet again, if you meet.
However, the feeling remains strong.
The feeling sometimes resembles the power of the sun
and sometimes a mist like sleep.

The solution for so many problems can be found way closer
than we realize to look from.
The closing track of the album, which gives a clear promise of the future.
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Christian Sauren -
Vocals & guitars
Eero Aaltonen
Bass & backing vocals
Sakari Karjalainen
Guitars & keyboards
Lassi Peiponen

pic by

Finnish progressive metal band
will release on September 16th
album 'Scales And Details'
part iii

The rule-bending songwriting and the caressing grooves emerge from casual jamming
and a strong friendship.
Somehow Jo from Tampere, Finland brings a new perspective to two guitar riffing
combined with interesting rhythms and catchy melodies.
Dozens of medias across the globe have compared the band to their mighty ancestors System Of A to Down,
Mastodon and Alter Bridge.
Somehow Jo shows the joy of playing live with a smile that can be seen to the back row
and the whole band rises to a new level every time they step on stage.

Sakari Karjalainen (Guitar) and Christian Saurén (Guitar, Vocals) formed Somehow Jo in 2009
and the band got its final shape in 2013, when Lassi Peiponen (Drums) and Eero Aaltonen (Bass, Vocals)
joined the band.
The debut album sought style and the promise of musical chemistry was already in the air.
The album was recorded with Ari Pietilä at Headline Studio and released in 2015 through Inverse Records.
The final track of the album featured Noora Louhimo from Battle Beast.

The musical chemistry began to work even tighter on the Tusk -album and the recording took place
at Deep Noise Studio with Saku Moilanen.
Several new elements were introduced to the album such as keyboards, slap riffs
and a touch of musical humor.
The album was released in 2019 and received magnificent reviews across the globe.

After the release of the album, Somehow Jo started touring
with their swedish comrades Machinae Supremacy.
Following successful gigs, 'The Grey' was released as a single after the record in the spring of 2020
and the song made it to several playlists on Spotify and is still on peoples ears worldwide.

The base material for the upcoming Scales and Details -album was already sounding exciting as a result
of jamming sessions and the collaboration with Saku Moilanen of Deep Noise Studios continued.
The album experimented with effects, especially on guitars and vocals.
Lyrically, the album challenges the listener to think, explores dark themes,
but tries to find and bring positive things to the forefront.

German gothic metal act
have released new single/video
'San Francisco'

CHILD OF CAESAR release disillusioning Gothic Metal adaptation
of the hippie anthem "San Francisco" along with illustrative lyric video.
A few weeks before the release of "Spirit & Liberation",
CHILD OF CAESAR grant today, on August 11, 2022, another insight
into the new multi-faceted album with the new single "San Francisco",
a melancholic-doomy Gothic Metal version
of Scott Mackenzie's cult song from the hippie era.
For this, the English video artist Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Rotting Christ, Skindred, Visionatica) has produced an atmospheric, oppressive lyric video, which provides the song
with the ideal visual dimension to get the album,
to be released on 08/26/2022, some more attention.
CHILD OF CAESAR's today's third single, "San Francisco",
dates back to 1967, when the legendary song
glorifying California's Pacific city
and its burgeoning hippie culture first hit the airwaves.
The gloomy version, with its disillusioning lyric video, makes clear
that the spirit of the hippie era with dreams of peace, non-violence, honorableness and endless fun has poorly withered in the meantime.

pic by
Mathias Blom

american midwestern metal act
have released new ep

american midwestern metal act OF VIRTUE have released their new ep
'Sinner' via Arising Empire.
"For us the creative process was one of vulnerability, reflection, and intensity. We were able to dig deeper and go to darker places than ever before. The next chapter for Of Virtue starts now with the Sinner EP" - Damon

1. Sinner
2. Hypocrite
3. Cold Blooded
4. Echoes

Greek heavy metal band
album 'Empire Of Sins'

SILENT WINTER was initially formed in the middle of 90's
in the city of Volos in central Greece.
Back then, the band recorded and released two demo tapes entitled
"Silent Winter" and "War of an Angel", also played some gigs
and appeared on local festivals.

In 2018 the group was reformed with new members
and released an EP with 5 songs.
One of the featured tracks is a new version of the old demo song
"Far Away" which also was released as their first video clip
under the production of Progressive Vision Group (Bob Katsionis).
This EP received positive feedback and reviews throughout the world.
Kiriakos Balanos (guitars) and Giorgos Loukakis (bass)
are the original members from 1995's line-up.
For the EP, they were joined by Giannis Antonopoulos (drums),
the well-known Mike Livas on vocals (Maidenance, Keepers Of Jericho, Timo Tolkki tour singer), Vaggelis Papadimitriou on guitar
and Yiannis Manopoulos (Thelemite) on keyboards.

In May 2019 SILENT WINTER released their first album
'The Circles of Hell' via Greek label Sonic Age Records.
The reviews coming in from all over the world again were excellent
and "The Circles of Hell" appeared in many 'best of listings' of that year.
Several 3d lyric videos were released in collaboration
with Harry Kountouris who is also now responsible
for all the live visuals of Sabaton,
as well as for some 3D lyric videos for Rotting Christ.
SILENT WINTER played live with Skyclad in Larissa,
and with Acid Death and Nightrage at the Golden R festival in Volos,
and a release show together with Floating Worlds in Athens' Remedy club.
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Mike Livas
lead and backing vocals
Kiriakos Balanos
guitars, keyboard
Vangelis Papadimitriou
Vangelis Tsekouras
John Antonopoulos

pic by Petri Sara

Greek heavy metal band
album 'Empire Of Sins'
part ii

"Empire Of Sins", the group's second full-length release,
has been released via Pride & Joy Music on March 26th, 2021.
The album was recorded at Kalovidouris Sound Studios, in Volos, Greece between July and October 2020,
and mixed and mastered by Dionysis Christodoulatos
at CFN recording studio Athens, Greece.
Kiriakos Balanos designed the front cover.
One of the highlights featured here is the Metal cover
of Belinda Carlisle's smash hit "Leave A Light On".

Mike Livas
lead and backing vocals
Kiriakos Balanos
guitars, keyboard
Vangelis Papadimitriou
Vangelis Tsekouras
John Antonopoulos

pic by Petri Sara

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