USA based dark-electro act
has released new single/video
'Shadow Call'

The Awakening shared a music video for the new single “Shadow Call”
- taken off the current album “This Alchemy”
“Shadow Call” is the third single taken off the album "This Alchemy"
and features a dramatic and cinematic black and white video
created by The Awakening frontman Ashton Nyte.

“The song and video are essentially about dealing with depression and other forms of mental illness. I believe that if we feel safe enough to speak about these challenges, we have a better chance to cope with them and hopefully overcome them. At the very least, I would like to stand in solidarity with all who suffer from these illnesses. There should be no shame in suffering or seeking help,” says Ashton Nyte.
Now based in the USA, The Awakening is a dark musical project
originally from South Africa, founded by singer, songwriter,
and producer Ashton Nyte.
The band has released ten albums to date.
Ashton Nyte has also collaborated with members of The Mission,
Peter Murphy, The Cure, Beauty In Chaos, and many more.
Nyte released his first book of poetry and short stories
and his 7th solo album, 'Waiting For A Voice', in 2020.

German dark-metal band
will release on august 26th album
'How To Shroud Yourself With Night'

It’s often the most difficult challenges
that force a musician to grow artistically.
For Lacrimas Profundere, one of the most innovative
and successful German dark metal bands of our time,
their latest studio album ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’
(scheduled for release on Steamhammer/SPV on 26 August 2022)
was primarily about the implicit burden imposed
by their 2019 hit record ‘Bleeding The Stars’,
whose success had indirectly raised huge expectations:
“Album of the Month” in magazines such as Metal Hammer, Orkus
and Dead Rhetoric, top 10 positions in other important publications,
plus a chart entry and the group’s most successful headlining tour to date. Who wouldn’t be tempted to flirt with a sequel of that success story?
“For me, it was about liberating myself from the pressure to succeed and about trying to raise the bar, staying ahead of the game, challenging myself and staying true to ourselves, instead of playing it safe and writing some kind of ‘Bleeding Part II’,”
explains guitarist, band founder and main composer Oliver Nikolas Schmid, who once again found invaluable support
in his brother and lyricist Christopher Schmid.
“The new material sounds fresh, wicked, surprising and more passionate than ever before. It’s also the second chapter with our singer Julian, who has inspired us and played a major part in the creation of the album,” Schmid continues.
“We understand what he likes and have broken away from old thought patterns and ways of doing things. Never before have we been such a tight unit, always ready to expand our own sound. That’s precisely why ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’ has turned
into our most spirited work by far.”
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01. Wall Of Gloom
02. A Cloak Woven Of Stars
03. Nebula
04. In A Lengthening Shadow
05. The Curtain Of White Silence
06. Unseen
07. The Vastness Of Infinity
08. To Disappear In You
09. An Invisible Beginning
10. Shroud Of Night

pictures by
Ntoy Photography

German dark-metal band
will release on august 26th album
'How To Shroud Yourself With Night'
part ii

An assessment that is immediately confirmed,
seeing that we’ve probably never before heard tracks anything like
the groove monster ‘Unseen’ or the exceptional
‘The Curtain Of White Silence’ with its unique mixture of dark metal, melodic hardcore and post rock from Lacrimas Profundere.
By contrast, there are typical goth rock songs such as
‘In A Lengthening Shadow’ and ‘An Invisible Beginning’,
whereas the title track ‘Shroud Of Night’ and the album opener
‘Wall Of Gloom’ have evolved into flawless doom numbers that,
according to Schmid, allow his love of bands like Paradise Lost
to shine through.
And, last but not least, let’s not forget the excellent first single
‘A Cloak Woven Of Stars’,
which has the band continue the stylistic directives
of their 2019 hit ‘Father Of Fate’.
The second single ‘Wall Of Gloom’ is set to be out in June 2022,
the third single ‘The Curtain Of White Silence’ will following July,
and the fourth ‘To Disappear In You' is scheduled to be released
on 12 August 2022, two weeks before
the album arrives at the physical and digital stores.
“There’s an elaborately produced video clip to support each single, for which we have once again created ingenious, occasionally disturbing images in collaboration with Michael Winkler from Der Pakt.”
Like ‘Bleeding The Stars’, ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’
was produced by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner
at his Kohlekeller Studios in Seeheim
and mastered by Tom Porcell at the Limetree Studios.
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Julian Larre
Oliver Nikolas Schmid
Ilker Ersin
Dominik Scholz

German dark-metal band
will release on august 26th album
'How To Shroud Yourself With Night'
part iii

The atmospheric, deep black cover artwork
was designed by Indonesian artist Bahrull Marta
and underlines the songs’ dense atmosphere
and great depth of focus that supports the actual theme of the album:
the desire to simply disappear, to be invisible
and not have to deal with yourself and the outside world any more.
“Each song on this album deals with that theme. It’s about shadows, about darkness and mystical objects which combine the unique power of 'nothingness'”.
” In order to appreciate all the details of the production, you absolutely have to listen to the album on headphones and you’ll discover new hidden details every time you listen to it. ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’ sees us throw our oppressive veil of melancholy into the dark night and reveal the beauty that’s inherent in bleak despondency. We accompany the listener into the gloom with doomy riffs and mournful melodic guitar and keyboard passages rich in atmosphere!”
Well, there’s not much to add to this precise assessment.

American heavy metal band
'Angel Born'
American heavy metal band
'Angel Born'

Veteran metal band Images of Eden had released 2021 its fifth studio album, entitled 'Angel Born', via Pavement Entertainment.
The album is the follow-up to the band's 2018 album, 'Soulrise',
which was produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer.
'Angel Born' features 11 tracks of innovative metal, as well as a
modern cover of Triumph's inspirational "Fight The Good Fight."
In conjunction with the release of 'Angel Born',
Images of Eden has also done a music video for 'My Promise'.
Director, producer, and drummer Steve Dorssom says,
"This song is about dealing with sudden loss of an extremely close loved one and the grief that follows, but more specifically about getting much needed confirmation that the loved one is now in a good place."

Because of the personal nature of the material,
Dorssom found the process of writing
the video script emotionally difficult.
Dorssom adds,
"It hit close to home in a lot of ways. I almost had to bail on the story because I became an emotional wreck, but I pulled it together and was able to finish the pre-production which turned into a fantastic music video! The final video captures how a tragedy can be turned into glorious heights by honoring a loved one's dreams then making them come true!
'This is My Promise to you.'"

Images of Eden is a fearless concept band that brings together familiar, well-loved elements of metal and rock
combined with their own unique vision, message and delivery.
The result is a distinct musical hybrid that speaks directly to the struggles and tribulations of the listener.

Gordon Tittsworth
Rhythm Guitar (Studio-only)

Steve Dorssom
Drums & Percussion

Victor Morell
Lead Guitar

L. Dean Harris
Piano & Keyboards

Eric Mulvaine
Bass Guitar

Greek Progressive Doom/Heavy
has released their album
'Stand Up'

Primal Roots are a metal band based in Athens, Greece.

Formed in 2019 they began creating music in a classic heavy metal style with hints of progressive, thrash, doom and nu,
calling their unique style 'metal outside the box'.

Their demo single, ‘Black’ was released in September ’20.

The band’s debut album, ‘Stand Up’ has been released on 15th of July
via Iason Productions.
They met via a mutual passion for music, skulls and unicorns,
started writing songs and the band was born.
Their style reflects different genres of metal
which have merged into their own unique style and sound.
Primal Roots is more than just music, it’s an idea.
It’s the belief that music can change.....
Change moods and minds, break the mould, set wheels in motion;
music can inspire, motivate and teach, travel far and wide,
stop you in your tracks or set you in motion.
It’s not just about cool riffs and catchy lyrics,
(although that’s awesome and they love it too!)
it’s a unification, a party, even an uprising!
Primal Roots in their own words:

"We ourselves have all come from different parts of our world. We had very different beginnings but our musical path, perhaps even fate and a belief in all things mythical brought us together.
We love the Earth, our environment, animals and things that grow. We believe in humanity, the strength of positive energy and unicorns.
We aren’t going to stand on stage and preach, that’s somewhere in our music. We’re out to rock, play awesome music, party
and have a damn good time!"
Primal Roots - music, madness and unicorns.

Rachel Cassar (UK)

Thomas Toivonen (SWE)
lead guitar

Alejandro Lobato (ESP)
2nd guitar

Amira Debaieb (TUN)

Menelaos Laskaridis (GR)

Portuguese first all-female metal band BLACK WIDOWS release a new single
'Black Orchid'

Portuguese first all-female metal band Black Widows release
a new single 'Black Orchid' after 20 years.
New album out in October.

"Black Orchid" marks the return of the band Black Widows,
which made history in Portugal
as the first all-female metal band in their country.
While the Widows' impact was already notable when it hit in the late '90s, this single shows an outstanding comeback with unshakable strength.
Feeling like part of the resilients who fight for Music and Art,
the Black Widows entitled their new album "Among the Brave Ones" ,
and will release it on October 21st 2022.
Inverse Records has embraced this great return of Black Widows,
marked by a sound worthy only of the brave ones.
Vocalist Rute Fevereiro comments:
"I'm so thrilled about "Black Orchid" single. We overcame the storms of the past years, and this song tells it all. The verse "for nobody learns from scaping fears" sums it up. My experience of the past years, returning with this band with new amazing musicians is the given prove of that resilience. I believe that this is the best comeback I could have with Black Widows and am so excited to present you all with this powerful song."
Black Widows is a Portuguese band composed exclusively by women
who play heavy and melodic metal .
It all started in September 1995 when Rute (lead singer and guitar),
Xana (guitar), Chris (drums), Vanessa (bass) and Marta P. (keyboards)
got together to rehearse.
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Composed by Black Widows

Lyrics by Rute Fevereiro

Single cover by
Carolina Duarte

Rute Fevereiro
Vocals and Guitar
Solange Campos
Íris Prado
Mónica Rodrigues
Marta Brissos
pic by João Dourado

Portuguese first all-female metal band BLACK WIDOWS release a new single
'Black Orchid'
part ii

The first demo tape was recorded in December 1996
and had excellent reviews, also causing some controversy
because it was the first record in Portugal of an all-female metal band and because of the fame the band had for practicing a metal influenced
by a Christian message.
In the Summer of 1997 there were line-up changes
when Carla Marques (keyboards) and Eliana Correia (guitar)
joined the band.
A few months later the band was recording their second demo tape, "Miracles of Sadness", with four tracks (including a Napalm Death cover).
In August 1999, on the way home from a concert,
Carla Marques suddenly died.
This was a big shock for the Widows and the Portuguese metal community.
Vanessa and Eliana decided to leave
but Rute and Chris kept the Widows alive.
They started looking for new instrumentalists
and found Marta Machado (keyboard) and Cláudia Moura (bass).
The band's first appearance after Carla Marques' death was
at the Christmas Metal Fest (December 1999) and in a TV show.
In 2000, Black Widows signed a record deal with Recital Records
and recorded their debut EP:
"Dark Side of an Angel" in December of that year
at Luis Barros' Rec'n'Roll studios.
In April 2001, they were the support band of King Diamond in Portugal.
In February 2002, the Widows began recording the album.
After the release of "Sweet... The Hell" in September 2002,
with the participation of a special guest:
Gunther Theys (Ancient Rites, Danse Macabre),
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1. Black Orchid
2. Schizo
3. Among The Brave Ones
4. Philosophy Of Fools
5. Electrify Me
6. I'm A Monster
7. Drowning
8. Dead Heaven's Vibe
9. Forgive To Forget
10. Eden Denied

Album cover by
Carolina Duarte

pic by João Dourado

Portuguese first all-female metal band BLACK WIDOWS release a new single
'Black Orchid'
part iii

Black Widows set off on a tour to present the new album in Portugal.
It was on this tour that they played with Sinergy.
In February 2004, there was a radical change in the band:
Marta, Chris and Cláudia left, and Rute decided to continue with new elements
and also prepare some new songs.
Rehearsals with Ana Costa (drums), Sara Cardoso (bass) and Mónica Rodrigues (keyboards) started in 2005.
The band then concentrated on preparing new songs and starting to give full power concerts again.
The year 2007 was a turning point with several dates of Black Widows Arising Tour.
2008 was marked by the entrance of Lea Cardoso as keyboards player.
In 2009, the band went on a long break,
having returned in 2018 with Rute, and with Mónica Rodrigues back in the band.
The line-up was thus complete with Solange Campos on bass, Lee AN on guitar and Aíla Português on drums.
Feira do Metal , in 2019, was the big return to the stages.
January 2020 was marked by the entry of Marta Brissos as drummer of the band.
Black Widows are since then in preparation for the long-awaited album "Among The Brave Ones"
to be released in 2022.
With the band complete, the songs were recorded at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturer Studios
by the hands of the experienced producer Fernando Matias.
Íris Prado joined Black Widows in June 2022 as a guitarist
to reinforce the weight of the album guitars after the studio recording.
Among The Brave Ones, the album that makes history
as the Black Widows' long-awaited return after 20 years,
will be released in October by Finnish Inverse Records.

German semi-industrial act
has released new single/video
'Born To Suffer'

SCARLET DORN share a new single and music video “Born To Suffer”
It's the third single from their forthcoming third studio album
“Queen Of Broken Dreams” out
on September 30th, 2022 via SPV Recordings.
Scarlet Dorn always combine an incredible elegance of darkness
with a particularly memorable catchiness of the songs.
With her captivating voice, singer Scarlet Dorn exudes a variety
of emotions ranging from gentle and tender to menacing and somber.
Free of boundaries between genres,
Scarlet sings her way straight into your heart.
From industrial sounds, rock ballads, and some catchy electronic beats,
the band takes all listeners on a journey through complex human abysses, the world of hope and sorrow,
but also directly into the arms of life in all its glory.

The album contains 12 new songs and will be released
as Limited LP Edition including red coloured vinyl,
CD Edition in a digipak as well as Stream and Download.

Australian hard rock act
have releazed single

4 piece Wizardry from the psychedelic hills of Bundjalung Country, Northern Rivers, New South Wales.

Couch Wizard's ritual-like live set takes listeners on an eerie,
theatrical journey through time and space.
Slow, melodic, hanging intros followed by hard-hitting, heavy riffs
seep into your soul, painting mystical scenes
of smoky mountains and volcanic fury.
The Wizards will have you believing an hour set
is made up of only three songs,
casting spells that distort your perception of time.

Turning stones and turning the stoned,
healing the land through collective hands from the shadows.

Their entirely unique sound draws inspiration from
Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Sleep, Heavy Trip, and Hobo Magic.

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