Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish melancholic metal band
released their debut EP
'Lauluja Elämässä Eksyneille'

Finnish melancholic metal band MARRASKUUN LAPSET
released their debut EP "Lauluja Elämässä Eksyneille".
To celebrate the EP release,
also a new music video is done for the closing track 'Jos en enää herää'.
The band comments:
"The five songs on the EP mirrors the different backrounds of the bandmembers. Main strenght of the band is in catchy riffs and dark lyrics. Songs are kept simple and sometimes they go in really deep & dark places but try to find hope in there. This first release is just a start and the band is currently making its next release."

Track list:
01. Laatupoikkeama
02. Pahuuden siemen
03. Elämässä eksyneille
04. Viimeiset hyvästit
05. Jos en enää herää

Artwork photo by
Tero Hautamäki

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish neoclassically inspired Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band CLAMORIS
has released single/video
'Rage Rain Down On Them'

Finnish symphonic melodic death metal band Clamoris is set to release their debut album 'Opus Limbonica'
on October 28th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The first single and lyric video "Rage, Rain Down on Them"
has been released today.
Composer & lyricist Sami Selkäinaho comments:
" "Rage, Rain Down on Them" is the first single of our upcoming debut album, Opus Limbonica. The song is the shortest song of the album and represents the fastest side of Opus Limbonica. It's the best song to kick things off as it condenses what the album is about to a tight package. Revolving around melodic delivery, the song utilizes a few symphonic, namely ones characteristic of Baroque music, concepts to aid us deliver this bitter ode to the Apocalypse. A subtle black metal presence lurks along the music, giving the offering a slightly haunted atmosphere.

Right from the beginning, it should be clear that our music is not the easiest type to pull off. Our group consists of highly competent musicians and "Rage, Rain Down on Them" also reflects this. The guitar solo by Joonas Kinnari in particular showcases the demanding side of Clamoris' output and is a taste of what to expect of Opus Limbonica, where the neoclassically inspired bitter and haunted metal concept is expanded on to great lengths."
Founded in 2017, Clamoris set out to bring to life their vision
of neoclassically inspired extreme metal.

Originally planned as a two-man studio project formed by keyboardist/composer Sami Selkäinaho and vocalist/bassist Niko Peräkorpi, but feeling that due to the demanding nature of the songs
a full band effort would be highly beneficial.
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Single cover by
Heidi Laitalainen

Sami Selkäinaho
Niko Peräkorpi
Vocals & Bass
Samuli Kaakinen
Guitars & Backing vocals
Joonas Kinnari
Tom Israels

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish neoclassically inspired Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band CLAMORIS
has released single/video
'Rage Rain Down On Them'
part ii

They introduced drummer Tom Israels and guitarists Joonas Kinnari & Samuli Kaakinen to the music, who, upon hearing the material,
agreed to join the band.

After working out the songs for the album,
rehearsing them for a while and demoing one of them
on the latter half of 2018 the band felt they were ready
to start working on recording the debut album, named "Opus Limbonica", which was finalized and ready for release in 2022.
Clamoris - Opus Limbonica (2022)

1) Regurgitated
2) The Bite of The Cosmic Snake
3) Schemer's Paradox
4) A Window to My Dreams
5) Rage, Rain Down on Them
6) Forma Inversa
7) Opus Limbonica
8) Walking in the Graveyard

Album cover by
Roberto Toderico

pics by
Hannu Vättö

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish thrash Metal band
has released album
'Violence Stays in Fashion'

Finnish thrashpack The Hirvi releases Sophomore album
“Violence stays in fashion”.

Originating from the late 80`s, reborn during late 2010´s,
the Helsinki based speed-/thrash quartet mixed their second album
with legendary Harris Johns.

Hirvi frontman Juha:
“ Yeah we packed our bags and flew to Berlin for this one. This album is certainly more organic than “Old school Killspree” which had loads of machnebased stuff and quantization kinda lurking on the background. Now we just wondered through the jungles of riffs creating structures as we went and threw the click to the dumpster when felt necessary. Since I am kind of controlfreak was not easy for me all the time, but turned up something I am very satisfied with in the end. Certainly more progressive, quirky and complicated, even a bit meditative at times. Considering lyrics are mostly about random acts of violence and Jesus again. Cannot get rid of that framework. After we had the most of the stuff recorded we were sitting in Lauttasaari studio with our producer MG having a beer or possibly like 24 of them. We were like well this certainly sounds modern but there is an old school thrashvibe to the production. So why not go back to the roots. Try to find somebody behind the German thrashmetal-albums that really molded the essence of both The Hirvi and my youth: Kreator´s Pleasure to kill, Sodom´s Agent orange, Voivod`s Killing technology and so on. It turned out there was one guy, Harris, behind literally all of them so we wrote to him just there. Turned out he was interested in doing this even though we could not pay him but UG-kinda money. Really. I thought well world is a strange but sometimes a delightful place.About working with Harris I have to say there is no conveyor belt in him at all. As the cliche goes he is a true artist, yet with a laidback attitude. He simply won´t let the product go unless he is pleased with it. No matter how u tell him.”

01. Intro
02. Burning The Churches
03. Violence Stays In Fashion
04. What Happens Next
05. Let Thrash Save You
06. Kill the Young
07. Welcome to the Wonderland
08. Golgatan Veri

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
English hard rock act
has released single 'The Morning'

Bournemouth based hard rock band 'Mikey Ball & The Company' release the lead single from their much anticipated new album 'Through The Night'.

'The Morning' is inspired by a story of a hidden relationship
and how that pulled at the composure of the characters included.
Written during the last of the lockdowns this song took shape quickly
and embedded itself well into every show since live music returned.

The track itself captures the youthful energy of infatuation
as it drives from restrained verses to the full on chorus.
Mikey, Chris, Dean and Will have been playing together
for the last 4 years.
Taking influence from the legendary Bruce Springsteen
up to the more current wave of rock bands such as Deaf Havana,
the band has a unique sound encompassing everything great
about rock and roll.
The band has received a lot of support from the NWOCR scene
and has already been confirmed for Call of the Wild Festival next year.

'The Morning' is slated for release on 15th July 2022
with the album 'Through The Night' to follow in October.
Formed in 2014 Mikey Ball & The Company first came together
to bring to life the songs of principle writer Mikey Ball,
through the years they have evolved through line up changes until 2018 when they settled on the current lineup.
Each evolution had its influence on the sound and stylings culminating
in the high energy rock sound the band has today.
Boasting passionate and energetic live shows
that are always made unique by the band's chemistry on stage.

2022 saw the band to record their new album in a week.

A collection of songs with themes of escapism, lost love, loss of youth and finding identity at the core of the infectious chorus', thundering drums, rock solid bass and expressive guitars.
Pure heartfelt Rock music.

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
English poprock artist
will release her debut single

Singer/Songwriter Belle treats us to her stunning
debut single 'Run' this month.

A track written for her younger brother to let him know
that she will always be there for him.

"The meaning behind why I wrote "Run" says Belle "is a light hearted story, really. My brother was being teased by his friend group at school, and as an older sister my protective mode kicked in, I just desperately wanted to let him know that I'll forever and always be there for him, no matter the circumstances!'

It's a beautiful, uplifting pop/rock track taking influence
from the likes of Avril Lavigne, Maisie Peters and Holly Humberstone.

Belle finds comfort in words and has already written
a large collection of songs, drawing on her experiences of growing up
and healing after traumatic experiences,
a feminist in training she belives in fairness.
Her overall message with her music is one of Kindness, Love
and Compassion always.

With more releases and live shows to come,
Belle is truly one to watch for 2022.
Belle is a 15-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter from the Midlands,
with a passion for Music, Fashion, Dance and Mayonnaise!

Having grown up in a family with many years of music experience
and success, Belle is already a confident performer, writer and singer, busily marking out her own very individual creative vision.

Belle is home educated so has the freedom to explore her creativity
and pursue her passion for music.
She has loved music from an early age and grew up singing along
to Avril Lavigne and performing whenever she had the opportunity.

Belle's music draws inspiration from her own experiences
and how she overcame some difficult times on her journey.
Her songs are powerful and uplifting, with a strong message of kindness, hope and strength through adversity.

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Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
English poprock artist
will release her debut single
part ii

Over the last two years Belle sought out a way to express empathy through her music and is the new voice of her generation in waiting.

Her lyrics not only reflect the times we are living in
but the emotional highs and lows of her generation.

Belle represents the kids
who have no voice, who can't or don't speak out.

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Estonial Metalcore band
has released single
'Ego Death'

Estonia's most pioneering modern metal band brings a breath of fresh air to this summer heat with their latest release 'Ego Death'.
Known for pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone,
Horror Dance Squad has proven time and again that they can conquer
new territory with ease.
And the opening seconds of 'Ego Death' fulfil the promise
their fans have come to love and expect from the band:
a juicy and unapologetic blend of pop, punk, and metalcore cowritten
with Sander Sadam and wrapped up in a massive mix by Cody Stewart.
Reflecting the musical direction of 'Ego Death',
the lyrics speak about self-surrender and transformation.
Singer Karl Mesipuu explains,
"With this song we are exploring our inner selves and the way we interact with the world around us. We want to reflect on how we are living our lives and how to act with others to make ourselves better."

Singer Ian Karell adds,
"As I get older and take on new responsibilities in life, I recognise the importance of ensuring my actions are not rooted in selfishness. The ego is essentially selfish, so by killing the ego, or at least giving it a backseat, you are able to confidently pursue a more altruistic life."
Horror Dance Squad is one of Estonia's most talked about metal bands.
Blasting stages throughout the Baltics and abroad since 2014, they are not afraid to stir up divisive opinions through their style and influence.
Horror Dance Squad's mission is to deliver a fresh blend of metalcore, punk, and pop with a vibrant and explosive live performance.
Theirs is a mission with a message. Far from the typical doom
and gloom expected from the genre, Horror Dance Squad aims to spread awareness of today's most pressing social and existential questions
with an infectious positivity.
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01. Ego Death
02. Trouble
03. Wear The Crown
feat. Genka

Mikk Peetrimägi, Indrek Ulp, Henri Kuusk, Sander Sadam
Karl Mesipuu, Ian Robert Karell,
(Henri Kõrvits (Genka) only on Wear The Crown)

Single cover by Henri Kuusk

Karl Mesipuu
Ian Karell
Mikk Peetrimägi
Guitar and bass
Indrek Ulp
Henri Kuusk

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Estonial Metalcore band
has released single
'Ego Death'
part ii

Horror Dance Squad has had the enormous pleasure of sharing the stage with international heavy hitters such as Siamese, Comeback Kid,
Dead By April, Adept, Electric Callboy, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Deez Nuts, August Burns Red and One Morning Left.
They also represented Estonia at the 2016 Wacken Open Air Metal Battle.

Promo picture by
Martin Lauri

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish thrash Metal band
has released single
'Nirvana of Negative'

The torchbearer of dark Helsinki thrash My Funeral
has released its second single of 2022.
The single titled "Nirvana of Negative" delves deep
in the realm of mental demons; addictions.
Featured is also a brand new music video, produced fully by the band.

"We decided to challenge ourselves and produce the music video on our own. It reflects our live stage presence as well as the message of the song - addictions and the world they create. That which may feel like heaven, but in the end might drag you down to hell.", the band reflects.

My Funeral reveals that the new single and earlier released
"Primitive Evil" are part of a full length album,
which will be released later this fall through Inverse Records.
The album features new angles,
which haven't been heard of earlier by the band.
More information about the album will be revealed later this year.

Composed by:
Ilkka Sepponen,
Joonas Kiviniemi
Lyrics by:
Ilkka Sepponen

Photographer: Petri Sara

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish industrial metal influeneced electronic music artist ALEKSANDER SUSI has released new song 'SMS'

Finnish industrial metal influeneced electronic music artist
Aleksander Susi has released new song 'SMS'.

Many years ago, when he was waiting in his car, in the cellar parking place of the nearest mall, while texting with his band mate of the time,
he got back a message, which said something like "I'm your friend".
This is how the song was born.
From the inspiration of the situation.
The song fits for the both - the fans of Phil Collins
and the fans of much heavier music.

Aleksander Susi

Marraskuun Lapset - Lauluja elämässä eksyneille
Finnish prog-metal band
released a single
'Fata Morgana'

Finnish progressive metal act SOMEHOW JO releases their 2nd single
with a new visualizer video 'Fata Morgana' -from the upcoming 3rd album. The upcoming album carries the name 'SCALES AND DETAILS'
and is out 16th September via Inverse Records.

With their new approach on progressive metal music SOMEHOW JO
brings out their rule-bending songwriting and catchy grooves
with eclectic brutality.
Interesting rhythms combined with a clean and harsh vocals
brings out all the emotion of this talented newcomer.
Dozens of medias across the globe have compared and praised
SOMEHOW JO's experimental sound with their ancestors;
System Of A Down, Mastodon and Alter Bridge.

The upcoming 'SCALES AND DETAILS' album deals with e.g. depression,
not getting forward in life, failing, and overcoming these.
The album is intertwined with experimental effects
and soundscape between and in the songs.
The band also announces their first European tour supporting
their Finnish brothers of One Morning Left and ukrainian Crosschains.

Composed by Somehow Jo

Lyrics by Christian Sauren

Single cover by Riivata Visuals
Promo picture by
Patrik Nuorteva

Headliner: One Morning Left
Special guests: Crosschains, Somehow Jo

28.09.2022 - DE - Saarbrucken - Garage
29.09.2022 - DE - Hanover - Béi Chéz Heinz
30.09.2022 - DE - Dresden - Pushkin
01.10.2022 - DE - Hamburg - headCrash

02.10.2022 - NL - Utrecht - De Helling
04.10.2022 - DE - Bochum - Rotunde
05.10.2022 - DE - Cologne - Helios37
06.10.2022 - DE - Stuttgart - Wizemann Studio
07.10.2022 - AT - Vienna - Chelsea

08.10.2022 - HU - Budabest - Barba Negra
10.10.2022 - PL - Krakow - Hol
11.10.2022 - CZ - Prague - Rock Cafe

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