Finnish black/death metal band
released the new single/video

Finnish blackened death metal band Progeny of Sun released
the new single and music video 'Anguish'.
The band is currently composing new tracks for their debut album.
The band comments:
"Juha once told us (composers) that for once we could create a song where the tempo is actually humane. Subsequently Jaakko went digging through the archives, found a couple of old unused riffs, and ended up using neither. The approach we took with this song was consciously a bit different from normal, although simultaneously the aim was to stay true to the characteristic sound of the band. Eventually all the rough edges of the original demo were smoothed out by joint efforts of the whole band. Even Juha was given the opportunity to add couple of fills. Then Niko made the vocals, once again crushing it with first try. This was the fastest produced song from start to finish during the band's history so far. As soon as we heard the first demo version, we decided that this song would be prepared to be a single release right away."
Single's drums were recorded
by Vesa Viitanen from Napalm to thy Face Prod.
The track is mixed by Anton Sizikov (Empire Studios).
Mastering is handled by Sebastian Has (Behemoth) from
Sound Division Studio Poland.
Composed by Jaakko Hautamäki

Lyrics by Niko Aromaa

Single cover by: Niko Aromaa
pics by Niko Aromaa

Finnish extreme metal band
will release their debut album 'Reunite The Darkness'
on May 20th 2022

Finnish extreme metal band Dark Archive is set to release their debut album 'Reunite The Darkness' which is released on May 20th 2022 via Inverse Records.

Dark Archive - Reunite The Darkness (2022)
01. The Awakening
02. Godfear Eradication
03. Eternal Disguise
04. Cultivate Our Blood In Aeons
05. Aspect Of Freedom
06. Black Heart
07. Closure Of Empyrean Delirium
08. Morningstar
09. Preternatural Ancestry
10. Firegod, The Bringer Of Flame
11. Son Of Blight

Finnish melodic rock/metal band
released third single
from upcoming second album

Finnish melodic rock/metal band LILLI released the third single from
the upcoming second album on Thursday 12th of May.
The song titled 'Elude' is a heavy sounding but still wistful story
of giving one's all but still to be left with nothing.
'Elude' following the two earlier single releases
('Limits of Life' and 'Manflake') continues the musical development
leaning towards heavier sounds compared to the band's first album
'Awful Hits for Women' (2020).

"The lyrics are about trial and error in a relationship, about giving all you got to someone but still just not being enough. Eventually one is forced to give up and let go, but still the doubt remains: did I try hard enough or could I have given it more effort?"
the vocalist Lily Black sums up.

"Elude differs from other our songs because the basic structure was created almost two years ago but the finishing took time. The chorus especially took a lot of work and we ground it to the point of tiring. We put the song on the shelf for a while and got back to working on it in the beginning of 2022 as we were working on the second album. Suddenly it all just clicked and the released version also includes a synthesizer bringing wideness to the sound. The song is very nice to play and as an upbeat song it works great in live shows as well"
Teemu Harjunen (guitar) and Sami Halinen (bass) comment on the song.
The song has been recorded in the group's bassist Sami Halinen's
home studio in Nakkila

Mixing was done by Sami Niittykoski (SN-Audio Production)
and mastering Alho Audio Mastering.

LILLI is a melodic rock and metal playing band
founded in February 2019 from Pori, Finland.

pic by Markus Koskinen

Finnish melodic death metal band
have released album

'Colours' is a guitar-driven short melodic death metal album
with a long history.
The more synth-based album was originally recorded for the first time under the name 'Machinæ' in the summer of 2018 but the original tracks were lost because of hard drive failure just before the mixing phase.
After that the band took a short break from the studio
and continued their occasional gigs.

During the Covid-19 crisis,
the idea of re-recording the album slowly arose.
The setlist consisted mostly of Colours album material and the
more guitar-driven set was well received over the years by the fans.
While playing these gigs, the idea of recording the whole album
based on the setlist slowly arose.

Between the lost version of the album,
bassist Janne Saikkonen and drummer Severi Häyhä had joined the band.
The new band members brought the spark needed with them
and inspired the other members.
An entirely new pre-production began during the Covid lockdown
and in the spring of 2021 the actual recordings began.

With the change of crew, the keyboards were more background
and the guitars of Jonas Eriksson and Juho Karengo
were more highlighted.
The band also decided to change their name at the end
of the album's production phase,
to underline a new direction and a squiggly path to this point.

1. Primer
2. Never Coming Back
3. Silver Moth
4. Your Room
5. Out of Time
6. Don't Get Used To This
7. The Unquenchable
8. Falling Down
9. Scars of Life

Finnish metal band
released the final track
'Chapter IV: Origin'

Finnish metal band Where's My Bible released the final track
Chapter IV: Origin which completes their new EP Circle
which is released on May 13th 2022 via Inverse Records.
Music videos were done for each track on the EP
and the final video has been released.

Singer Jussi Matilainen comments:
"In a previous release, we didn't want to reveal this one to be the final end where an old one has to die in order to replace a new one. The "Origin" that concludes the story of Ep's four songs tells how to be reborn and to accept things as they are. Like how you are perfect just the way you are. Maybe broken, but that doesn't mean you're weak. When you learn it, you are already on the right path and going far in your life. Because we all are here to learn until we die how to be human and get along with ourselves as well as others.

Everything goes around the circle as our EP title says. Even if you do your best and accept things as they are, the circle can take you back to square one. But don't be discouraged! You did it once so you can do it again, more experienced and stronger than ever.

The whole project was very tough in every way but also extremely awesome and instructive. Not only in the musical sense but also in terms of introspection. Be kind to eachother especially to yourself.
Please, Enjoy the journey of Circle...as we did"

Guitarist Toni Hinkkala continues:
"As in the story of "Circle" we have re-created ourselves and it feels absolutely awesome. The story ends with a song where we brought something old yet sounding like our new self.
Thus, according to the name of Ep, we made the circle complete."

Promo picture by
Teppo Ristola Photography

American rocker
will release on May 27th single
'Could Have Told You That'

Matthew on the song:
'This is an anthem for the dating app era. Or at least it's an anthem for my experience - wanting romantic connection but also feeling like there is so much of me I'm still figuring out.

I think a lot of people feel the same way and so we all get it. But it's also still frustrating and painful trying to connect to someone who is at a different place in working things out for themself'
Matthew Torres writes emotionally moving and intimate music that ranges from folk to
wistful pop to modern indie and captivates audiences into a journey of reflection,
exploring our relationship with others and our relationship with ourselves.
Matthew Torres returns at the end of May with a brand new single 'Could Have Told You That'.
The anthemic indie offering gives an edge to melodic storytelling, channeling a similar energy
to fellow Californian musicians Weezer.
The release of 'Could Have Told You That' follows on from his 2021 release 'Ills Descent',
which has already accumulated over 150,000 streams on Spotify.
Born in Modesto, California, Matthew Torres currently works as a licensed psychotherapist,
a career which he is extremely passionate about.
A creative at heart, Matthew also writes screenplays for horror shorts.

In the future, Matthew hopes to see a world that moves towards more equity, inclusion, acceptance and celebration, a message he also wants to convey through his music.

Finnish stoner rock band
will release on the 20thof may
'Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance'

Womack III 'Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance' is the latest offering from local heroes of small town called Forssa, in Finland.

Lovingly calling their hometown the deep south of gloomy north,
this foursome embrace their smalltown boy roots and let their love
of southern rock shine through their heavy metal influences.

As the album title suggests, this is the third full-lenght album from Womack, who, as a band have gone through a lot considering
they were formed in 2010, and are quite young as an orchestra.
After their first album "Prehab" they went through a line-up change
as their original drummer chose to leave and Womack was left
to reinvent themselves completely.
They did just that, and the result was a fully acoustic rock album "Strays" which was a whole new kind of challenge for the band,
as they wandered far away from their comfort zone in search
of new ways to express themselves.
Out of that period they got behind the wheel
of their distortion-driven side, backed with their new member,
Jani Blomerus who has been instrumental in the development from an acoustic rock band to a heavier, groovier harder hitting riff machine.
The new album has been in the making for several years now:
The groundwork was laid in the later days of 2016,
and the album has been slowly cooking ever since.
The band has truly given the process their all, and found a new level production-wise too, as the album was mixed and mastered by the legendary Hiili Hiilesmaa, who should need no introduction to anyone
who has read their homework on finnish metal.
...to continue, please go to the next side...

Track list:
1. Back On The Hooch (Album Version)
2. Take Out My Eyes
3. Drag Direction
4. Mark It Zero
5. Here Come The Grays
6. Savior Suit
7. Spittin´ Teeth
8. We See Better With The Lights Out
9. Shiny Bones
10. Twenty-One

-Album cover by
Tuomas Valtanen AKA
The Dark Side Of Zen

-Recorded by
Mika Kilpi @ SojuzStudio

-Mixed & Mastered by
Hiili Hiilesmaa

Finnish stoner rock band
will release on the 20thof may
'Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance'
part ii

The band has released two singles, 'Back On The Hooch'
of the forthcoming record, and another track, 'Spittin´ Teeth'
a couple of weeks before the whole album will finally hit
the virtual shelves of the streaming world.

Womack is proud and satisfied with the magnum opus thus far,
but is also keeping tit's collective sights aimed to the future:
The group-members kept themselves busy during the pandemic,
writing new songs and rehearsing,
so they would be among the first ones out the door
when the world opens up again.

Womack is ready now.
Let´s hope the world is ready for them.

Henrik Haarlo - Vocals
Janne Hartikainen - Guitars
Albert Myllykangas - Bass
Jani Blomerus
Drums and percussion

Finnish Progressive Melodic Metal band NUMENTO has released single 'Scarlet Haze'

Helsinki based Progressive Melodic Metal band with
Extreme Metal Influences NUMENTO has released second single from
their upcoming second album to be released later this year.

Band backgrounds the song:
"Scarlet Haze is one of the first songs composed for the upcoming album. Being a bit different Numento song in terms of atmosphere and lyrics, it tells a story about suffocating and draining relationships. The lyrics were originally written for another song we made almost 10 years ago that was never published. Thus, the story got another opportunity to be reincarnated with this passionate, highly melodic and a bit melancholic track with a lot of contrasts, as often in Numento music."

Photographer: ​Kai Lukander

Finnish hard rock band
have released single
'Joker and Clown'

BLADE is a new Finnish hard rock band that differentiates
from mainstream artists by it's uniquely cheery and explosive sound.
"Joker and Clown" is the first single from BLADE's debut album
which is scheduled to come out by the end of 2022.
This powerful song originated from guitarist Pekka Viljanen's idea,
and the entire band helped to get it into its final form.
The theme of the lyrics is written around the endless joy of rock,
feeling good, and carpe diem attitude from the artist's perspective.
"I identify myself as the song's and my own life's 'Joker and Clown'",
says the singer and songwriter Pepe Tamminen.
The debut single was recorded and mixed
at Magnusborg Studios by Marko Kataja.
Mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck, who is a well-recognized
and trusted professional by many hard rock and heavy metal bands
(Velvet, Rammstein, Sonata Arctica, Sunrise Avenue, Michael Monroe, etc.).
The members of the band have been touring together as a cover band since 2016, playing well-known rock classics from Led Zeppelin
to Guns and Roses for the ever-hard-rock-hungry Finnish audience.
The idea of BLADE's own material started to form in 2021,
as all the band members dusted off the material they had collected
in their drawers, cumulating ideas for songs on the new album.
Even the most dedicated hard rock fan's expectations will be met
with this charged rock album.
The members of the band live between Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, and Lahti, where the band also practices together,
drawing raw power from the beautiful and brutal nature
surrounding the city.

Composed by
Pepe Tamminen, Pekka Vijanen
Lyrics by
Pepe Tamminen

Pepe Tamminen
Pekka Viljanen
Jaakko Paljakka
Janne Viljakainen
base and keyboard
Henrik Hyöppönen

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