French post metal band
releases their second album in June
First single out now

Line-Up :
Paquet Audrey - cello
Barat Arnaud - acoustic guitar
Karol Diers - drums
Matthieu Miegeville - lead vocals
Guest: Catherine Févai - alto
pic by Pascal Imbault

French post metal band Cancel The Apocalypse releases their sophomore album "Terminus Stairway" in June 10th 2022.
Now they premiere a single "I should Never Have a Stop"
from the upcoming album.

Cancel the Apocalypse backgrounds the new single:
"I should never have a stop is a surrealistic and dystopia metaphor. Some scary carnivorous animals entered Paris looking for blood. They wrote their laws on the Eiffel tower. They forgot what they were. They forgot wisdom. They're no longer led by nature and justice, they're led by vengeance. They bite, they hurt, they told us to stop being humans, to stop talking, playing and existing. Humans preferred the forest and the sea, to escape from this new urban madness."
Cancel The Apocalypse is a bridge between cultures and ages.
It started simply:
Audrey and Arnaud, graduates of Bordeaux conservatoire and baroque specialists, imagine a new hybrid style, blending today' styles.
They are under the charm of the singer of MY OWN PRIVATE ALASKA who is performing in Nimes arenas as opening act for Metallica.
Matthieu will be the singer of the band.
And Karol of GOROD, another well known artist of
the French metal scene, will join him at the drums.
The press, specialized and main stream, takes immediate notice of this new vibe, with Telerama awarding them fff.
Reviews acclaiming the first opus keep coming, with the tour starting in Frame, then Germany and ending in a blaze of glory
with the Fusion Festival.
The warm welcome they received allows the quartet
to let its ambition and emotions roam free.
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French post metal band
releases their second album in June
First single out now
part ii

Recording: Bud Studio
Matthieu Pascal
à Bud Studio
Globe Audio Mastering
Photos : Eric Imbault

Influences :
La Dispute / Schubert

Discography :
Our Own Democracy (2016)

Amidst the standardized engineered harmonies of the self congratulating music industry, Cancel the Apocalypse emerges
as a sparkling celesMal oasis, soothing yet disturbing.
The result is both avant-garde and unifying.
Even more melodious and deep, "terminus stairway" continues the quest initiated by its predecessor "our own democracy".
Audrey's cello has never been so rich and deep, where Arnaud's melodies (guitar and piano) transcend baroque
and blend into the whole classical repertoire.
The voice becomes intimately true, deep and self assured, sensitive yet raw, until it reaches its saturated climax,
supported by Karol's rich and elegant style.
His international experience boosts the combo thanks to his guts strike and his intent.
This new world, imagined by the quartet, is driven by new human, social
and political codes, in the image of its members.
A memoir on anarchy in the XX's century music, activism with Sea Shepherd, study of the vision of French intellectuals on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, commitment to the preventon of suicide among young people.
Values are not an empty word at CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE.
Their music is the reflect of this positive reflection momentum and humanist action that they have been able to create among themselves,
for their loved ones, their children,
which they now wish to transmit to the world.

"Resilience as the highest gii that a man can have".

prog-rock artists
Indian-American musician
with his new single 'Ascent'

Having established himself as one of the most exciting new prog-rock artists, Indian-American musician Saahil Bhargava returns
with his new single 'Ascent'.
The thrilling alternative offering flaunts Saahil's soaring vocals
and dazzling riffs.
This new single highlights Saahil's prowess
as an outstanding prog-rock authority.

"Ascent is basically a loose adaptation of the Daedalus/Icarus Greek myth (i.e. Daedalus builds wings, Icarus flies too close to the sun, wings melt causing him to die). Written from Daedalus' perspective, it explores the idea of a duo with very different mindsets. One is more of a planner and careful, while the other is very reckless and rash," - Saahil on the inspiration behind the song.

The meaning of the track has a dualistic element, Saahil elaborates:
"It's something that can be very relatable to gamers who play online team games like Fortnite, Valorant, PUBG or even Pokemon Unite. While the first player is being cautious and making sure the team is staying together with a plan, the second player just rushes out and starts attacking, getting himself killed and screwing over his partner in the process. A pretty common scenario, like losing your jungler in a MOBA and then the support players have to start attacking because they have no choice. This song explores that relationship through the lens of a famous Greek myth, and from the perspective of the other character
(usually it is from Icarus' perspective or neutral)."
"Pulsating drums, distorted guitars and Bhargava's soaring vocals" - Rolling Stone

"eerie, fast-paced, and aggressive to the very core" -
Animation Xpress
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prog-rock artists
Indian-American musician
with his new single 'Ascent'
part ii

Having received widespread acclaim for his debut five track EP from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Telegraph India, Indian Express, GQ India and many others, Saahil Bhargava has built a growing fanbase.
This includes the gaming community after being championed by a number of gaming influencers and support he has received from gaming publications such as Animation Xpress.
Saahil's enthusiasm for the gaming community, which inspires the themes for many of his songs, comes from his own profession
as an animation producer.
Alongside his music, Saahil is currently working on a huge
animation project, 'Young Captain Nemo'.

With appearances on the likes of the Mike Wagner Show
(KFYR AM 550, KFYR.COM, 99.7 FM and iHeart Radio) and two award nominations alongside the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Paul McCartney
at the prestigious Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival,
his career has already shown immense promise
as Saahil prepares to release yet more new music.

German rockers HERBST launch a new single and video for "Märchenschloss"

With their new single, "Märchenschloss", HERBST delivers their latest creative outburst and underlines their feeling for catchy rock songs.
Looking ahead across their recent band history,
HERBST consistently contribute distinct messages along with their music.
"In this song, I guess we're making a statement where we're
playing with the emotions of our roots in a frank way,"
singer Olli comments on the brand new release.
"Presenting ourselves in a world of conformists, simply being as non-conformist as that, is owed to our perception or experience when we were young and how we can be at home in a pub around the corner -
simply partying the way we feel like it until escalation."
The video clip tells the story of an eccentric guy looking for a break from everyday life with his homies in the pub or at the gas station -
to unwind, surrounded by his pals.
Just to be free and unassailable.
"Everyone occasionally goes wild occasionally," laughs Olli, "but that's also what brings people together. You meet the badass guys, folks just coming off the sidelines of soccer, long-haired rockers, tattooed girls, the big spender, or just the white-collar guy. Nothing matters here. Anyone is a god in this place. They all just don't want to be lonely and want to celebrate life with each other. This is our fairytale palace."
HERBST will also embark on their extended tour with ENGST
and play several concerts in Germany.
"We are so excited... us, the guys from ENGST and all the fans have been waiting for this tour for so long! So come over, let's sing together and raise our glasses to replenish the joy of life -
particularly during these times!"
"Märchenschloss" gives a first taster of the upcoming HERBST album
and is now available.
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ENGST "Schöne neue Sommer Tour“
Support: HERBST
08.06.22 Zürich, Exil
09.06.22 München, Backstage (neue Venue!)
12.06.22 Frankfurt, Das Bett
16.06.22 Bochum, Zeche
17.06.22 Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
18.06.22 Köln, Essigfabrik (neue Venue!)
19.06.22 Münster, Sputnikhalle (zusätzliche Show!)
23.06.22 Hannover, Faust
24.06.22 Rostock, M.A.U. Club (zusätzliche Show!)
26.06.22 Nürnberg, Z-Bau (zusätzliche Show!)

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German rockers HERBST launch a new single and video for "Märchenschloss"
part ii

The album "Ein letzter Abend" will be released on September 16,
2022, via Träumer & Helden (Edel / Kontor New Media).
In addition to the songs from the current EP "Zwanzigtausend Meilen," you will surely experience many songs
from the upcoming album live on the tour.

29.06.22 Bremen, Tower (zusätzliche Show!)
30.06.22 Berlin, Kesselhaus
01.07.22 Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich (neue Venue!)
07.07.22 Leipzig, Werk 2 (neue Venue!)
08.07.22 Trier, Mergener Hof (zusätzliche Show!)
HERBST - Sommerfestivals 2022
02.-03.09.22 Pell-Mell Festival, Obererbach.

German viking metallers CORVUS CORAX
have released single
'Ragnarök' ft. Sabina Classen

Ragnarök, the end of the world in Norse mythology is probably
the most heavy metal suitable narration in human history.
CORVUS CORAX and KREATOR guitarist SAMI YLI-SIRNIÖ have impressively recreated this doomsday scenario
for their joint "New Medieval Metal" project ERA METALLUM.
Thrashing guitar riffs and blasting double bass thunderstorms
unite with hypnotizing bagpipe melodies.
The perfect voice of the apocalypse is provided by SABINA CLASSEN,
front woman of the German thrash metal legend HOLY MOSES since 1981 and one of the first women ever to lead an extreme metal band.
Her brutal growls and bloodcurdling screams let the listener
witness the "Ragnarök" literally live.
CORVUS CORAX ERA METALLUM - Ragnarök ft. Sabina Classen
has been released on 06.05.2022 as a digital single
on all streaming and download portals.
The accompanying lyric video will premiere on the same day
on the Youtube channel of CORVUS CORAX.
The single is the prelude to a whole series of exciting collaborations with groundbreaking giants of the metal genre.
The album "Corvus Corax Era Metallum" will be released
on 6/24/2022 as Ltd. edition double CD and digital album.
The vinyl version will be available in stores from 09/21/2022

Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band
has released their third album
'Decade of Silence'

Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode has released their long-awaited third album 'Decade of Silence' after almost thirteen years after the previous ..for Death.. (Firedoom Music, 2009).
Four singles have been released also from this album.
Recorded by Teemu Heinola and Otto Salonen
at Ansa Studio Ulvila, Finland.
Mixed by Teemu Heinola Mastered at Finnvox Studios Helsinki
by Mika Jussila.

Track list:
1. Death Walks Among Us
2. Endless November
3. Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind
4. As the Light Dims
5. Parasites of Mind
6. Kaamos (Land of Winter)
7. Serpents
8. Eternal Darkness
9. Aeternus

a czech extreme metal project

"Jötun" is the idea Jan "Sludged" Pospíšil from Czech Republic of doing extreme metal.
Venom, Bathory or Bulldozer had the same starting point and goal, and he is trying to recreate it.
Also the main theme of this album is conceptual and is placed in his own pagan/symbolic fantasy world
of Bar-khün.
All these themes and world building are heavilly inspired by Nordic mythological realities
(for example Jötun as a giant).
pagan and conan pictures are for theatrical/artistic purpose, the real meat is criticism
of destructive power hunger tendencies which are from this crazy world.

Persian traditional music and
melodic death metal combining
released a new single

Finnish-based Amongst the Ashes is releasing a new song called
"Exalted Traitors", featuring cinematic and epic atmosphere,
an array of different vocals styles, and fast-paced riffs.
Persian Setar, a type of lute used in Persian traditional music, highlights the song with its unique sound that's very rarely heard in metal music.

Lyrics are about Metaphorical litigation in the face of challenging social, cultural and economic conditions imposed
by the Iranian government upon the people.
Amongst the Ashes was established in 2018 as the solo project of
Aelian Hallaji who has been a long-time
musician/songwriter in Iranian metal scene.
The band's music is mostly based on combination of fast-paced heavy riffs and eerie middle eastern themes as a background
for Hallaji's metaphorically pleading words.
The first Single "Blood Red Hands" was released in August 2020, followed by "Agonizing Awakening" EP in September as a one-man band, which got superb feedback and was featured
on many radio shows, worldwide.
Since early 2021, Aelian has moved to Finland
and invited very talented musicians from Tampere, to cooperate.
This single and the upcoming EP will introduce the band's new chapter and feature familiar elements from the earlier releases coupled
with all the more aggressive touch and world-class production quality.

Aelian Hallaji,
Mikko Niskanen,
Antti Ohtonen, Heikki Mäki, Matias Rokio,
Aleksanteri Kuosa

Aelian Hallaji

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