american midwestern metal act
have released new single/video

Progression, or more generally, change, is a constant in music; in order to adapt and survive, you must grow and develop - and no band knows that more than midwestern metal act Of Virtue.
What began as a humble, promising metalcore act born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan has erupted into
an internationally recognized
and critically acclaimed alternative powerhouse.
From opening slots on regional metalcore tours to reaching #28 on Billboard’s Current Hard Music chart, performing in over 30 countries across three continents, and accruing a staggering 6 million plus streams on Spotify alone, Of Virtue’s growth, is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

The band combines an eclectic taste for the melodic, catchy, and ethereal with a foundation in heavy music and a penchant for punishing breakdowns and immolating riffs, to define themselves as a multifaceted, diverse and engaging act that draws on influence from metal and alternative music of all types and styles to create something that fans of just about any type of music can find something to fall in love with.
Of Virtue released their debut single via Arising Empire called 'Sinner'!
Produced by Evan McKeever (VRSTY), mixed and mastered by Dan Braunstein, known for his work for Spiritbox, Dayseeker, Volumes, and visualized by Dana Willax & Orie McGinness (Bad Omens, Wage War, Kingdom of Giants) this heavy rock-oriented first piece of brand new Of Virtue will hit you straight and leaves no doubt that this 4-piece
is going to blow up pretty fast.
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Tyler Ennis - vocals
Damon Tate - guitar & vocals
Michael Valadez - guitar
Ryan Trinh - drums

american midwestern metal act
have released new single/video

Of Virtue was formed in 2008 and catapulted themselves into the Michigan metalcore scene in 2009 with their debut EP »To Breathe Again«.
Combining elements of melodic hardcore and metalcore into a mosh-friendly and energetic amalgam, the band almost instantaneously cemented themselves as a staple within their local scene.

In the months that would follow, the band would create and release their debut full length record, »Heartsounds« in 2011, followed after an extensive regional touring cycle.
»Heartsounds« saw the band expand on the sound defined by their breakout effort, with lyrics speaking of positivity and determination, underscored by a blend of metalcore that was both vicious yet passionate and inspiring.
By 2015, the band would release »Salvation«, a sprawling and ambitious example of meticulously done melodic metalcore which would earn them nationwide attention as a promising, prodigally talented metal act.
Shortly thereafter, Of Virtue would release their third full-length record, »What Defines You« in 2019.
The album saw a marked incorporation of alternative rock and hard rock into their backbone of bold, robust metalcore with an overwhelmingly positive message.
The result was a release that would launch them into the stratosphere of heavy music.
Even in the setting of a global pandemic, Of Virtue continued to blossom worldwide, accruing new listeners and fans in countries tens of thousands of miles away and expanding their reach even in a time where live performances were all but impossible.

Tyler Ennis - vocals
Damon Tate - guitar & vocals
Michael Valadez - guitar
Ryan Trinh - drums

german modern metal act
released single/video
'Dye Black To Pink'

THE OKLAHOMA KID release brand new single / video 'Dye Black To Pink' from upcoming album »Tangerine Tragic«.
THE OKLAHOMA KID - a modern metal experience.
Known for their very own blend of genres, the avant-garde 5-piece
never falls shy of pushing the boundaries and breaking old conventions.
They have already released 'Pale Tongue', which takes everyone on a disturbing trip with psychedelic visuals and heavy rhythms and is deeply
influenced by early millennial industrial music and neue deutsche Härte.
Therefore, the band met up with Pavel Trebukhin
(Imminence, Landmvrks, Annisokay) inside a bunker
to create a striking visual experience for their first single
from the upcoming material.
'Pale Tongue' was recorded and produced by Jan Kerscher
(Ghost City Recordings) -
mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Dealer).
“We are always trying to get different influences into our music, that’s why we were looking for a producer outside our genre, to get some new input. When we first met up with Jan, we know he was a perfect match to record and produce our new material.” - Andreas Reinhard (guitar)
THE OKLAHOMA KID stands for breathtaking modern metal that bridges the gap between technical intricacy and energizing rhythms.
Since their formation in 2012 the band has consistently pushed the envelope and have established their foundation in the German metal scene.
The Oklahoma Kid toured the country with renowned acts such as
Stick To Your Guns, Carnifex, Evergreen Terrace
and Hatebreed and electrified crowds
with their passionate, relentless performance.
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Tomm Brümmer - vocals
Fred Stölzel - guitar
Andreas Reinhard - guitar
Robert Elfenbein - bass
David J. Burtscher - drums

german modern metal act
released single/video
'Dye Black To Pink'
part ii

Their debut album »Solarray« doesn't adhere to genre formulas displays The Oklahoma Kid's full sonic scope and capabilities.
The songs vary between huge wall-of-sound arrangements
and fragile melodies.
Vintage aesthetics meet modern perfectionism;
abstract conceptualism meet sophisticated arrangements.
The very essence of this vision is not only encapsulated in sound
but also in the delicate lyrics:
Bleek existentialism, social commentary and a reflection of the self
are the core themes that are explored on »SOLARRAY«.
Every single song on the record reeks of passion and commitment
and makes for a unique listening experience.
The Oklahoma Kid are no longer an insider tip
and a force to be reckoned with.
No matter if live at a festival or on the record player in the living room; The Oklahoma Kid will change your perception
of what metal is capable of.

»Tangerine Tragic«
track listing:
1. To Dance With Fire
2. Pale Tongue
3. A Velvet Feel
4. The Way Things Were
5. Replaced
6. Come Undone
7. Waldsterben
8. Dye Black To Pink
9. Melt Into You
10. Lost Purpose
11. Ohnmacht

Finnish melancholic metal band
have released third album

Finnish 1996 founded melancholic metal band DENIGRATE
has released their third full length album.
Album titled "Blackguard" is doom metal flavored
and maybe the darkest album so far by the band.

Since Denigrate was found the inevitable vibe of the band
was to be dark, melancholy, tormented, observative.

The quantity of albums released is really not the thing in this band.
From the first released album in 2003 to the latest 3rd one in 2022 called "Blackguard", decades has changed and so has the band.

After no more than two albums released,
after big-time local momentum with a finnish cover song,
after mandatory hiatus,
after some line-up changes,
Denigrate 2022 is at it's hardest core.

"Blackguard" takes you deep, slowly, irreparably.
It's the place where all beauty and evil befalls.

pic by Hannu Nieminen

01. Sonata Del Diavlo
02. The Fear And The Fever
03. Rara Avis
04. Aureole
05. Perfida
06. The Dead Saluting

Finnish melodic
black/death metal band
has released their single 'Scum'

Finnish melodic black/death metal band A Lie Nation is set to release their debut album 'Sociopathology' on July 1st 2022 via Inverse Records.
The first single 'Scum' has already been released.
Guitarist Jussi Tuomisto comments:
"Scum represents a more straightforward in-your-face department of the "Sociopathology" album. The song is a hybrid in styles, it clearly has elements of melodic death metal with a sense of black metal. I think it represents well the energy that we are known for. Nothing extra, no painting of pretty pictures or dreamy atmospheres. Scum is a brutally honest, stripped to the core extreme metal song."
Vocalist Miikka Pyykkönen continues:
"Lyrically Scum takes a stand on how politicians of today are more concerned about their public image rather than how their policies impact the very society they are supposed to represent."
A Lie Nation was formed by a fusion of two garage bands when drummer Markus Leinonen and guitarist (currently bassist) Joonas Kokkoniemi got to know each other in the year 2009 in Oulu, Finland.
The group sought its form by playing cover songs and had its first rehearsals with three guitarists while vocalist Miikka Pyykkönen
took care of both singing and bass guitar.
First set lists consisted of several well known metal songs
by various extreme metal bands.
However, it soon turned out
that there was composing skills present in the band
when guitarist Jussi Tuomisto introduced songs of his own for the band.
As a result, covers were slowly dropped from the set list
and original songs were found play worthy.
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Markus Leinonen - drums
Joonas Kokkoniemi - bass
Joni Moisanen - guitar
Miikka Pyykkönen - vocals
Jussi Tuomisto - guitar
pic by Joonas Kokkoniemi
edit by Jussi Tuomisto

Finnish melodic
black/death metal band
has released their single 'Scum'
part ii

At this point an obligatory change of responsibilities was also made
as Joonas switched his instrument to a bass guitar,
leaving the guitars in the hands of Jussi and Joni Moisanen.
The group remained nameless until the year 2010
when a need for a name became relevant as a chance
for the first live performance presented itself.
Miikka thought of a word play for the term “alienation” and the band
was officially named as A Lie Nation.
In the year 2011 the band got its first gig which also served
as a turning point for pushing the band into a more serious base.
After a few digital demos the first real release was published in 2015. Human Waves EP presented the band at its more matured form.
The self-published EP was recorded and produced entirely by the band members and the lessons of promotion and live performing
were learned by the hard way, with no external help.
The EP was received well by the metal media, and was often considered
as fresh and energetic in reviews.
Several gigs also followed the release and the band earned valuable
live experience while pushing towards future releases.
The second EP “Begin Hate” saw the light of day in 2017.
Again a production fully handled by the band,
but this time the release was done by Inverse Records.
The first music video “Shooting the Messenger” was also released
along with the EP.
'Begin Hate' steered more towards a black metal sound, although still retaining an energetic sound typical for the band.
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01. Ihmisen Projektio
02. Underton
03. Scum
04. While Our Wounds Gently Bleed
05. 21st
06. Nothing Has a Meaning
07. God of This Age
08. Conclusion Of A Thought

Album cover by Jussi Tuomisto

Finnish melodic
black/death metal band
has released their single 'Scum'
part iii

After 'Begin Hate' started a long process
to produce the very first album of the band.
With lessons learned from the first two EP’s,
this time around things were planned more thorough.
Production values were higher than ever before, and the goal was
to create the most professional sounding music yet.
After many obstacles the first A Lie Nation album “Sociopathology”
is to be released in 2022.
The album could be considered a hybrid between the first two EP’s
with added tempo and aggression, still having the signature energy within.
Second music video “God of This Age”
will also be released alongside the album.
A Lie Nation is driven by aggressive energy
springing from the dark depths of northern Finland.
Black metal style vocals are accompanied
by heavy, yet melodic, guitars
and straightforward uncompromising rhythms.
Musically A Lie Nation could be described
as a fusion of melodic death and black metal

british punk rock band
will release on the 21st of mai
their song 'TNTina'

TNTina is a riotous punk rock tune inspired by the gaming sensation 'Fortnite'.

It's 2 ½ minutes of pure non stop energy with a chorus
that will be instantly stuck in your head.

Guitarist Add says:
'TNTina is a love song about a character from Fortnite. It uses Fortnite references that have double meanings as standard love song themes. It was written as my song was massively into the game at the time and I gave it a go to try and have a shared interest with him.
TNTina was the result of that'

It's a feel good fun track that perfectly showcases the energy
that Everyone Lies have both on stage and off.
The track was recorded and mixed at The Ranch Production House
in Southampton and produced by Daly George
(Creeper, Boston Manor, Miss Vincent).
Everyone Lies are a punk rock band from Hampshire.

Formed in 2019, the band quickly gained notice from the
UK & US punk scenes featuring on BBC introducing
and Less Than Jake frontman Chris Demakes' very own podcast.

Everyone Lies released their debut EP "SHAKEDOWN" on all streaming platforms in 2020 with positive acclaim and they have continued to release music throughout the pandemic.

Rapid fire power chord riffs and high energy rhythm section tie together a strong punk attack with entertaining stage presence.
Their live shows are something to behold and are a must see
when they pass through your town.

Although still quite early on in their journey the band are already creating a reputation for themselves on the live scene.
They have been handpicked to support the likes of Whitmore, UK Subs, Millie Manders and the Shut Up and Spunge over the last few months .

Upcoming Shows:
May 6th - Ashcroft Arts Centre - Fareham

May 7th - R-Fest - Manchester

May 13th - Railway Inn - Winchester - Supporting The Ramonas

May 20th - Suburbia - Southampton - with Trashed and Royals

May 28th - PhoenixFest - The Phoenix - High Wycombe

June 9th - New Cross Inn - London

June 11th - Winchester Gate - Salisbury

June 24th - The Hobbit - Southampton

September 2nd - Percys - Whitchurch

September 10th - The Duke - Neath

Finnish gothic/progressive metal
have released the new
single/video 'Promises'

Finnish Rioghan is set to release her debut album
'Different Kinds Of Losses' later in 2022 via Inverse Records.
The album has been made in collaboration with
Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Einar Solberg (Leprous),
Teemu Liekkala (ex-Manufacturer's Pride, Red Eleven) and Teemu Koskela (ex-Celesty).

The second single 'Promises' from the upcoming album is released
together with a stunning music video made by Aarni Visuals
Rioghan comments 'Promises' single:
"Promises brings out some new colors and tunes from Rioghan. A bit more aggressive, a bit more djenty, let's see where it leads. The lyric of this song inspired the overall mood and structure a lot, as it tells a story of violence from those who are closest to you.
The song holds some sharp turns and reflects the more progressive metal side of the upcoming album."

Composed by
Jenni Perämäki & Teemu Liekkala.
Lyrics by Jenni Perämäki

Single cover by
Sakari Tuokkola

-Mastered by
Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers Oy.
-Vocal recordings:
Ville Hautaluoma
-Produced, recorded & mixed by Teemu Liekkala

Finnish extreme metal band
has released new EP named "Memoir"

Finnish extreme metal band Kneel Before The Death
has released new EP named "Memoir".

Band comments on the new release:
"EP was created during last couple of years. As a band we explored some new methods to write music and searched for an inspiration from new kind of sources. We want to make our sound bigger and more distinctive but so that we sound like a band. So the orchestrations have became as an essential part of our sound. Combining elements from electronic music to orchestrations we aim to create a kind of theatrical atmosphere. This EP shows the direction that we are going towards musically
also in the future."
KBTD has recorded and produced the EP by themselves and it is mixed and mastered by Jonathan Thorpenberg (The Unguided).
Cover artwork and visuals are created by Konsta Vihavainen.

Guitar player Niko Lappalainen backgrounds:
"In my opinion Memoir EP continues from the point that the previous release 'Miserere Mei' ended. The new EP has three tracks that are each different but all of them include the core elements of Kneel Before The Death's sound: massive orchestrations, strong melodies and heavy riffs."

pic by Lisa Nikula

1. Lust
2. Sunken
3. Depth, Devour Me

CPYIST create with
“Never Neverland”
a Dark Wave soundscape in Steampunk garb

The dark Steampunk with its masks, Venetian-inspired costumes, hats and accessories reflects the attitude towards life of the German band CPYIST.
Fueled by a desire to create something new, with excessive creativity, free spirit and love for the hopeless cause, frontman and producer
Marquee Steven_XL created an exceptional Dark Wave opus full of magic and passion in his very own Never Neverland Studio.
On the album “Never Neverland”, the three musicians used various sounds and styles, such as Pop, Rock, Metal, Electro or Ambient,
and composed a soundscape in which one can literally delve.
For the mastering of the 13 tracks, the internationally renowned Kai Blankenberg from the Skyline Tonfabrik could be gained,
who also refined the sound of albums by such diverse artists as
Paradise Lost, Beatsteaks, Oomph or Lady Gaga.
The debut album, to be released on May 13, 2022, via Dr. Music Records,
features complex storytelling
that does not subject to classic songwriting.
Here, diverse themes are staged with music that lyrics and sound
blend into a melodic, catchy unit.
“Never Neverland” not only allows interpretations and own perceptions
but demands it from the listener.
With the final song “Wake Up People”, the true meaning and message of the album becomes concrete. Awake!
CPYIST were founded in 2020 after Marquee Steven_XL
(guitar, programming, vocals) called his buddies Butch Bloodwood (vocals) and Dogda Beat (drums, programming) to join him
in following a vision.
The band name was derived from the term ‘copyist’ whose task is to create duplicates of pictures, writing or text.
Counterfeiters also use this title.
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pic by Jochen Gumpp

1. One Way Ticket
2. Black White Pink
3. Slave 24_7 (Night Version)
4. Never Neverland
5. My Thoughts To Be
6. Der Movieman
7. She Told Me She Had A Gun
8. My Love To Hate YA
9. Schick mich
10. Pandora’s Box
11. My Thoughts To Be (Single Version)
12. Slave 24_7 (Day Version)
13. Wake Up People (In The Middle)

CPYIST create with
“Never Neverland”
a Dark Wave soundscape in Steampunk garb
part ii

CPYIST take a similar approach.
The band uses samples, loops, and all the nuances of the notes
which the music dictates to us rather than reinventing it
by simply presenting it as a new collage.
Already in the spring of 2021, Butch Bloodwood recorded the vocals and helped, supported by Marquee Steven_XL’s background vocals and effects,
embed the statements and lyrics of CPYIST in the appropriate
sound costume with his clear and powerful voice.
The trio cites music itself, in all its facets, as an influence.
The music depicts feelings in its own unique way, sometimes arbitrarily, sometimes coldly calculating, representing fragments of human emotions.
“One Way Ticket”, also the first single along with music video, opens the illustrious round and circumscribes life
with all its possible twists and turns.
“Black White Pink” is a critique of society and governments
which are becoming more and more incapable of finding a compromise.
With “Slave 24_7”, the band focuses on the interplay of obedience and humility, dominance and leadership, which is prevalent not only
in the S&M scene but also everywhere else in our world.
The title song, which is also the second single, misses dancing as a means of expressing joy and sorrow.
Communication today must be filtered and suitable for the masses.
Long live the collective of supervised thinking!
The third single “My Thoughts To Be” deals with questioning the reason for one’s existence, which not even Google can answer.
The album’s final track “Wake Up People” is a stirring mantra
for current events.
CPYIST call to finally wake up and make compromises to find each other
and not be divided by anything or anyone.
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pics by Jochen Gumpp

Butch Bloodwood
Marquee Steven_XL
Guitar, Programming, Vocals
Dogda Beat
Drums, Programming

CPYIST create with
“Never Neverland”
a Dark Wave soundscape in Steampunk garb
part iii

With their mixture of diverse musical styles such as Industrial paired with Dark Wave and EBM elements, garnished with harsh guitar riffs, all framed by the mysterious and extravagant Steampunk optics along with dark theatricality, CPYIST have managed to take the listener
on a crazy trip that is both challenging and intoxicating.
Not only fans of not ordinary sound experiments should check out
this opus of artistic diversity since the album’s statement is unambiguous. Art is free!

Finnish Blackened Melodic Death Metal band WHERE'S MY BIBLE
is set to release
their new EP 'Circle' on May 13th

Finnish metal band Where's My Bible is set to release their new EP 'Circle' on May 13th 2022 via Inverse Records.
There will be four tracks on EP and music video is done for each song.
Where’s My Bible is a Finnish metal band formed in Heinola in 2014.
Their music blends rock and punk influences with death/black metal.
Band's first EP released in early 2016, “The Beginning” was a major milestone for the band, which is reflected in the title itself.
Where’s My Bible made their live debut in the spring of 2016
in their hometown of Heinola.
The band continued to play assorted shows during the year,
and ended up recording a new song
featuring Leevi Luoto of One Morning Left and Atlas.
“Failure” was accompanied by the band’s first music video directed
by the young and talented Olli Tiainen.
Moving on to 2017, the band entered the inaugural Tuska-Torstai competition hosted by the Tuska Open Air metal festival, winning the contest by storm and securing a spot opening the main stage.
In 2018, the band released their stunning debut album "M'N'R"
(Mosh 'N' Roll).
After the release the band had been touring hard and a new era
was about to begin as these crazy metalrockers released their single "King Of The Hill" in October 2019.
In April 2020 the band continues stronger than ever and releases a new single with a great music video "Werewolves Of Ghost Town".
There are many new elements in the song
but still fully recognizable Where´s My Bible!
During the pandemic, the band has been working hard
and is now set to release their upcoming EP "Circle".

Finnish Blackened Melodic Death Metal band WHERE'S MY BIBLE
is set to release
their new EP 'Circle' on May 13th

In the new material the band has taken a new direction to
a more modern metal but still having their own sound.
The new material will be darker than the earlier production,
serving bigger sound elements including some brutal, melodic
and some fast elements.
It will be bigger and heavier W.M.B than ever before.

There also will be music videos for all the songs on the new EP.
When it comes to the storyline of EP and videos they all are connected to each other and tells a multidimensional story
about mental health problems, mainly focusing on depression.


Vocals: Jussi Matilainen
Guitar: Toni Hinkkala
Guitar: Pasi Löfgrén
Bass: Jarno Laakkonen
Drums: Teppo Ristola

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