returns with powerful
single “Naked Flame”

Single “Naked Flame” is released.

“Naked Flame is a story about love that breaks all of the boundaries. Love that doesn’t yield to man made artificial restrictions, ideologies or prejudices. It connects people, no matter where they come from.”
Singer Max Paananen describes.
“Human being, who ironically tries to control everthing and everybody is finally on his knees in front of this power of nature” he continues.
Naked Flame is produced and recorded by Tuomas Kokko.

2004 founded Finnish rock band Killer Aspect is a group that’s musicians connect to several Finnish well known bands
(Apocalyptica, Sunrise Avenue, Warmen, Disco Ensemble etc.).

Killer Aspect was founded in 2004 by two former members of the band Killer – Timo Huhtala and Teijo Jämsä – and Samuli Relander who used to play the guitar for the bands The Winyls and Personal Aspect.
Singer Max Paananen joined shortly after and the group was completed by keyboard player Jukka Backlund who left the band in 2006 after joining Sunrise Avenue.
The band started writing songs immediately and rehearsed diligently to hone their chops perfect.
In 2007 Killer Aspect released their first single ”TV”, which reached number 1 chart position on national radio station YleX.
It was followed by single ”Bloodshot”, that was also a radio favourite and reached number 5 on radio hit charts.
Debut album ”How Does it Work” (Bonnier Music) was released
in April 2008.
At the same time the band played lots of gigs, some of which were quite high profile (they were the opening act for 30 Seconds to Mars in 2008).
After some line up changes (Jukka Savela on guitar) the band released theirsecond album ”Brand new start” (57 records) in April 2013.
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Photo by Terhi Ylimäinen

Max Paananen, vocals
Jukka Savela, guitar
Jaakko Teittinen, guitar
Jarkko Toivanen, bass
Teijo Jämsä, drums

returns with powerful
single “Naked Flame”
part ii

The album, which included singles ”Box Car Champion” and ”Writings on the Wall”, was well received by fans.
However, the band members had lots of other projects going on and Killer Aspect was put on hiatus after a few gigs following the album release.

In 2015 the band begun to write new songs with fresh line up
(Jaakko Teittinen on guitar and Jarkko Toivanen on bass) and since then they have been recording and rehearsing together to be the next big thing in rock music.
They have released five singles between 2019 and 2020.

Killer Aspect’s mission is to become the next big thing in guitar-driven rock by writing the best songs and playing intensive live gigs to audiences all around the globe.

neo-crust/hardcore band VVORSE releases new album
single out now

Finnish neo-crust/hardcore band VVORSE shall release their second
full length album “Kurjien elegia” on January 28th 2022 via Off Records. The band was founded 2014 in Jyväskylä, Finland and they have released 2 EPs and one album.

Album’s lyrical themes dive into dystopic and existentialistic atmosphere.

Photo: Jussi Torro

Where’s My Bible is set to release music videos of all tracks from upcoming new EP 'Circle' – First single 'Chapter I: Escape' is released

Finnish Heinola-based metal band Where’s My Bible released a new single and music video ‘Chapter I: Escape’.
The track is taken from the upcoming EP Circle which is set to be released on May 13th 2022 via Inverse Records.
There will be four tracks on EP and music video is done for each song.

Singer Jussi Matilainen comments:
“When it comes to the storyline of EP and videos they are all connected to each other and it tells a multidimensional story about mental health problems, mainly focusing on depression. I love to use metaphors in lyrics so Circle is more diverse than you might imagine at the first hear. i believe listening/watching after times it opens up over and over again to the listener. Fun to see what kind of experiences people
will have from Circle. “

Guitarist Pasi Löfgrén continues:
“In new material the band have taken new direction to a more modern metal but still having our own sound. The new material will be definitely darker than earlier stuff, serving bigger sound elements including some brutal, melodic and some fast stuff. It will be bigger and heavier W.M.B than ever than before.”

Guitarist Toni Hinkkala concludes:
“I’m not saying that the journey with this release has been easy but now at the time of the release I can proudly say that everything has been worth it…A step to the dark side can also bring something beautiful with it…”
EP cover by Niko Hiltunen
Mastered by Juho Räihä (Soundspiral Audio)
Recorded & mixed by Pasi Löfgrén (Inka Studio)
Vocals: Jussi Matilainen - Guitar: Toni Hinkkala
Guitar: Pasi Löfgrén - Bass: Jarno Laakkonen
Drums: Teppo Ristola

Single cover by Niko Hiltunen

Where’s My Bible:

01. Chapter I: Escape
02. Chapter II: Void
03. Chapter III: Nest
04. Chapter IV: Origin

picture by Teppo Ristola Photography

New Rylos single
is a story about lust
that blows up consciousness

Finnish heavy rock band Rylos has released a new single “Freak Lust”.
The song was recorded at Astia-Studio and was produced by Anssi Kippo.
Freak Lust rocks melodically and tells of lust that blows up consciousness.
Anssi Kippo commented:
“Rylos moves into a higher gear with their new single Freak Lust! Once again drums are not replaced by artificial samples, and Mikko’s vocals are not ruined by editing, and pitch correction. Freak Lust radiates genuine and honest old school energy.”

Rylos was formed in 2013 and the band has released four full-length albums and a few singles.

Photographer: Niko Rintalahti

Rylos are:
Mikko Heino – Vocals
Misca Muhli – Drums
Sami Turunen – Guitars
Riina Suikkanen – Bass

Finnish alternative death metal band EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS released a third single from their upcoming debut album

Finnish alternative death metal band Extinction In Progress released
a third single “Cold, Pt. 2: Mårran” from their upcoming debut album “Shades Of Pale” which is set to be released later in 2022
via Inverse Records.

The band comments:
“The song is the second part of an opus titled “Cold”, which will be fully released on the upcoming album “Shades Of Pale”. It’s an epic and dark piece with a variety of shades about loneliness and coldness, both internal and external. With this song,
the band takes a deep bow towards the art of Tove Jansson.”

Promo pic by: Hannu Perälä

Cover art by: Juha-Matti

Juho Ahlgren: vocals
Joni Kinnari: guitars
Samuli Kaakinen : guitars
Atte Kuvaja: bass
Antti Nurmikoski: drums

releases third single
from their third album

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria releases their third album “Armon Loppu” on February 18th 2022.
Now they present the third and last single before the album release.
“Jean Grenier” is a gruesome historical story.

Jean Grenier is a true story of 17th century poverty and endless hunger that pushed Jean Grenier to made his own solutions.
He fell into insanity wearing his wolf skin cloak that gave him a dark freedom which was ripped away from him in the end.
Within every human there is a beast that will step in when the situation forces to do so.
band backgrounds the single.

Kärsimys kunniaan (Inverse 2016)
Pimeys saapuu pohjoiseen (Inverse 2017)
Armon loppu (Inverse 2022)

Promo picture by
Susanna Raitamaa

GTARZEE pays tribute to a Finnish classic with Kristian Meurman

Following ‘Living a Lie’, the hard rocking debut single by Gtarzee and
‘Ave Maria’, one of classical composer Franz Schubert’s most popular songs, comes ‘Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen’, the classic Finnish ballad of unrequited love written by Reino Helismaa.
Freely translated as “The sunbeam and the goblin” the song tells a story of a goblin (he) who falls in love with a beautiful sunbeam (she), but he cannot get her because he travels in the darkness
and she travels in the light.
Renowned Finnish singer Kristian Meurman, one of the finalists in the Finnish Idols contest in 2007 and known for his majestic version of
Vesa-Matti Loiri’s interpretation of Eino Leino’s poem ‘Lapin kesä’,
lends his beautiful yet powerful vocals to the song, that stays faithful to the original, but adds elegant acoustics and searing lead guitars accompanied by bass and tight drums by Kari Storckovius.

The song was mostly recorded by Gtarzee in his home studio and then partly in Soundwell Studio by Valtteri Kallio, who also mixed the song. ‘Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen’ was mastered by Janne Hakanen and it is released by Secret Entertainment.
Who is Gtarzee?
Gtarzee is Tim Norrgrann – the solo artist.
Tim Norrgrann is best known as the co-founder, composer, occasional lyricist, lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the Finnish-Canadian hard rockers Forth.
Co-writing some of their most memorable songs, Tim is building a reputation of writing songs that are melodic, beautiful, powerful
and yet easy listening.
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Photo: Tom Norrgrann

GTARZEE pays tribute to a Finnish classic with Kristian Meurman
part ii

Tim started playing guitar early on, but switched to bass in the early 2000’s and joined two bands of different musical styles;
the pop rock band Beneath the Bed and the progressive rock band Ethereal.
Tim switched back to lead guitar after joining the hard rock band Naked Idol in 2008.
Continuing his musical adventures Tim picked up the bass again
and recorded the bass guitar for the song ‘Voittaja’ by Kultakypärä.
The song ‘Voittaja’ was the 2010 theme song for Fintoto (horse racing in Finland).
In august 2010 Tim picked up the guitar once again and formed The Roc with Canadian vocalist Brian Forth.
A few years later the band changed its name, at the suggestion of Tim, to Forth.
Up until today, Forth has released three albums;
the debut album “Road Stories” (2014),
the sophomore album “Captivity” (2019)
and the newly released third album “Forth” (2021).
Now the musical adventures of Tim Norrgrann continue alongside of Forth as the solo artist Gtarzee.

Finnish swamp rockers
MUDDY MOONSHINE released a new single Crystal Riders from their upcoming second album

Finnish swamp rockers Muddy Moonshine releases its second splice
'Crystal Riders' from the forthcoming album 'Are We There Yet?'.
Already renamed album finally sees its daylight on March 18th 2022 via Finnish label Secret Entertainment.

The band comments:
"Crystal Riders is one of the first tracks done after new vocalist joined the group. Song is straight on Muddystyle ignoring any thin red lines between genres. Track was recorded at Magnusberg Studios
with Marko 'Puke' Kataja."
Muddy Moonshine was founded in summer 2014.
Original idea for this project was to have a small three person blues band (Jonne Rytkönen, Tero & Jarmo Ikala), to perform few pub shows. Moonshiners quickly developed own material and they needed to add some man power, so Saku Manninen joined to play drums
and Jaakko Ruusulampi on bass guitar.
3rd guitarist slot was for Niko Turunen.
This lineup recorded the bands first EP " Distilled in Finland" in Porvoo Magnusborg studios 2015.
Muddy Moonshine continued to make their own music and played shows in good pace.
Jaakko decided to left the group and was replaced by Kim Sandström.
Niko was replaced by Stefan Granroth.
Just before Moonshiners were about to start recording their debut album, Tero's health issues started and he was replaced
by Aleksi Ahokas (Rapture, Fragilehollow).
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Track list:

1. Under the Moon
2. Crystal Riders
3. Sold Out
4. Corn Whiskey a Go
5. Charm of Drinking Hard
6. Distilled in Bayou
7. Why Why Why
8. In a Dream, In a Song, On a Movie
9. Keep on Riding
10. Into the Night
11. Son of a Gun
12. One More Time
13. Me & You
Album cover by Emma Manninen & Jonne Rytkönen

Finnish swamp rockers
MUDDY MOONSHINE released a new single Crystal Riders from their upcoming second album
part ii

Debut album:
'Muddy & Wild" 2016' was recorded in Porvoo Magnusborg studios and was published via Inverse Records affiliated company Secret Entertainment worldwide.

Due to musical differencies Aleksi left the group to follow his own path in music and Muddy got an experienced former frontman of :
Iconofear, Doperman, Hedonist & Zombie Rodeo Thomas Vee in vocals.
Transition was easy and natural, since our paths had crossed before and there had been talks about collaboration before.

Moonshiners made more material and gig pace was good.
It was almost time to enter the studio and publish their second album.
Stefan decided to focus on family.
Muddy Moonshine didn't recruit anyone to replace him.
2 track single from the forthcoming album is released on September 16th 2021 and the full album will hit streaming services and stores on March 18th 2022 via Secret Entertainment.

Tuomo Varjola - vocals
Jonne Rytkönen - guitars
Saku Manninen - drums
Jarmo Ikala - guitars
Kim Sandström - bass
Promo pic by Emma Manninen

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