Finnish extreme metal band
released a new single
from their upcoming EP

Comp. Konsta Vihavainen, Niko Lappalainen, Joonas Peltonen
Lyricss. Aatu Kovanen, Konsta Vihavainen

picture by Lisa Nikula

Finnish Helsinki-based extreme metal band Kneel Before The Death released a new single 'Lust'.
It's a symphonic death metal track with influences from black metal and deathcore and also some elements from electronic music.
The atmosphere of this single is very dark
from the very beginning to the end.
The song deals with frustration as well as how fear takes full control of a person and all that is left is anger.

Lust is an opening track from the upcoming 'Memoir' EP which is released on April 28th 2022 via Inverse Records.
Kneel Before The Death is a Finnish extreme metal band based
in southern Finland.
The band was formed in early 2013 by drummer Konsta Vihavainen and guitarist Niko Lappalainen, with bassist Joonas Peltonen and
singer Aatu Kovanen joining the band later the same year.
The band's musical style was originally based off death metal, progressive metal and deathcore, but has later been influenced more by black metal, symphonic metal and electronic music, such as synthwave,
creating band's unique sound.

Kneel Before The Death released their first single, 'In Death We Trust',
in December 2013, following their first EP
'The First Chapter' in August 2014.
Band kept evolving their sound to more darker direction and in 2015 released two singles, 'The Bloodline' and 'Deathbringer'.
Their second EP, 'Life/Death', was released in September 2016.
KBTD's latest single, 'Miserere Mei', mixed and mastered
by Swedish death metal legend Fredrik Nordström,
was released in November 2018.

released a new
music video

Comp. & Lyrics by Otto Salonen

picture by Jamppa Lamminpää

Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode released a new single and music video 'Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind', which features Jarkko Kokko from Mors Principium Est on lead guitars.
The track is taken from their upcoming third studio album Decade of Silence which is set to be released on May 6th 2022 via Inverse Records.
"The song is about the breakdown of the mind and how all the traumas come together into one big lump that eventually breaks into pieces.
In such a situation, the person of the song no longer is able to keep it together, neither can't find help in medication or therapy. As a solution,
he develops his own world into which he dives,
while traveling to the distant stars.

"They tell me I'm cured
They tell me I'm well
I'm still strapped down
This is my Hell."

A video of the song describes how each of us has our own cross to carry. Sometimes it can weigh so much that you just have to let go of everything. Some survive alone or with the support of friends, and others sink into deep waters. However, it is worth remembering that no one has to be alone, and help is always available."
says the band's singer Otto Salonen about the content of the song.

Finnish melodic
death metal band
released a new EP and video

1. Rampant
2. Animal Farm
3. Destination: Genocide
4. As A Unit
EP cover by: Marko Taali

picture by Samuli Raappana

The melodic death quintet Hagalas from Jyväskylä Finland, have published their second EP on April the 4th 2022.
Thematically the EP follows the already published single
'Destination: Genocide',
being very topical regarding the current world situation.
War, refugeedom and the struggle of humanity are
mirror images of the songs to be published.
The release contains four songs, including the month ago published 'Destination: Genocide', which recieved great overall ratings and
media feedback.
The band comments:
"As A Unit, the title track, paints a picture of war and brotherhood. Focusing on how a single combatant cannot make a difference. How you fight and die as a unit. The song also makes note of the scars you receive in war. And they are for life. An official lyrics video has also been released for the title track.

The EP also contains the songs Rampant and Animal Farm, from which the former sends a message to the oppressor not to get used to unconditional power. Revolution and reprisal for freedom are inevitable. Animal Farms message is that you are living your life as a faceless slave, your worth measured in taxes paid per critical questions asked. Embracing the invisible shackles. Thanking your tyrant with a wide smile and tightening the blindfold as you step over the edge. Desination: Genocide describes the consequences of people sitting on their hands, while society spirals to dystopic totalitarianism. Picturing life is good, while standing on an invisible conveyor belt, eyes shut, trusting autocrats to decide
what is best for all."
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Finnish melodic
death metal band
released a new EP and video
part ii

Kalle Korhonen
growls and vocals
Antti Huovila
JM Helenius
Ville Uimi
Teemu Kankainen

With the publishing of the EP Hagalas goes on a live tour.

18.4. Lappeenranta, Musta Wappu, Kellari
18.5. Helsinki, Bar Loose
19.5. Jyväskylä, Ilokivi
20.5. Kuopio, Ottopoika
21.5. Tampere, Varjobaari

The live shows are carried out with Shadecrown (FIN),
Veriteras (Seattle, USA), Soulglass(FIN) and Warfarer (FIN).
As A Unit EP was recorded in the Fall of 2021 in an old cottage at the shore of Lake Päijänne with
Samuli Raappana from Tuuliajo in charge of recording and mixing.
The EP was mastered in Sweden by Tony Lindgren
from Fascination Street Studios.
The songs themselves are composed and arranged by Hagalas.
"Our method for songwriting is to gather up to the musical man-cave and start playing. Due to these test-sessions and countless hours of input, the band is in peak performance and ready to bring in the show, which you can measure yourself by coming to the live concerts this spring."

New song from Ukrainian female fronted band TEREN
profetic words before the invasion of the barbarians

Greed is the fourth release of Ukrainian folk metal band TEREN.
It's a scream of doomed despair.
We’re going down a cliff, and our blind greed just forced it.
Homo isn't sapiens, apparently…

When we had the basis of this song,
we thought that here would be some poignant lyrics.
It would be about absolute evil, the mother of all grief and woe.
Don't ask us why we heard this in our own music.

We wrote the lyrics within minutes,
in which the main character is a cause of all cataclysms.
Every step burns Earth down, waves her hand raise a storm,
every move turn light into darkness.

When we put it all together,
we understood that this song is about humanity.
The main curse on Earth is human.
The only reason of all wars, cataclysm and woe is a human’s greed.
We destroy everything around us, because we can.
It was god-knows-which year, maybe 2222, maybe last year.
Instead of icebergs, oil slicks drifted across the ocean, the planet's central heating was directly connected to forest fires, the noise of cities echoed off steep garbage slopes, multiplied and muffled lone voices.

Sometimes, when the smog and dust scattered, dreamers sat and peeped through a hole in the ozone layer into the sky, dreaming of new worlds, sipping through the straws the last drops of Earth's power.
Mankind was choking on its own greed.

german gothic metal band
announce new album
'spirit & liberation'

1. Scorpion
2. Your Eyes On Me
3. Lisa
4. Ritual Summer
5. Moon 24
6. Godchildren
7. Seven
8. Native Tongue
9. B.M.T.C.
10. Exitus
11. San Francisco (Bonus)

Mastermind and guitarist André Marcussen has stepped out of the shadows of the past with his project CHILD OF CAESAR and recorded the sinister follow-up to 2015’s album “Love In Black” with the current line-up.
Heavily 90s-influenced Gothic Metal paired with wistful melancholy and inner strife forms the basis.
On the new monument “Spirit & Liberation” with its eleven songs also, Punk and Black Metal influences play a role and thus adding raw and
wild moments to the foundation.
The voice of the new singer Patrick Pagliaro fits ideally to this.
Sometimes scratchy-driving, sometimes gloomy-melodic,
but always with the right pinch of audacious energy.
The band already provided a first glimpse at the beginning of 2021 with the unfortunately prophetic anti-war lyric video for “Your Eyes On Me”.
The recording and mixing of the album, which will be released via Dr. Music Records on 08/26/2022, was done at guitarist Christopher F. Kassad’s Tones & Tunes Studio, and for the mastering, the musicians once again entrusted Mika Jussila of Finnvox Studio (Amorphis, Solstafir, Nightwish). For the artwork, the band leader relied on the outstanding artist Eliran Kantor, who caused a sensation with impressive cover oil paintings for bands such as Kreator, Tristania or My Dying Bride and
Thrashwolf graphic designer Logan Francis Gray
(e.g. Metallica, Slash, Crowbar) for the layout.
The songs of CHILD OF CAESAR are an equally sinister feast for the ears of Goth fans and metalheads who miss the ferocity of Tiamat’s early records while appreciating Satyricon and
not denying themselves the punky Bad Religion vibes.
This extraordinary blend makes “Spirit & Liberation”
a captivating experience
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german gothic metal band
announce new album
'spirit & liberation'
part ii

Patrick Pagliaro: Vocals
André Marcussen: Guitar
Christopher F. Kassad: Guitar
Tobias Habel: Bass
Felix Haun: Drums

picture by Mathias Blom

2011, André Marcussen gathered an illustrious group of musicians from the Metal underground, such as Autumn Eyes singer Daniel Mitchell,
to realize his vision of Metal beyond the mainstream.
Four years later, CHILD OF CAESAR first attracted attention with dark, avant-garde Gothic Metal on their debut “Love In Black”.
Now, the follow-up “Spirit & Liberation” is finally being released and shows a more multi-faceted band that will cause a furor with its relentlessly wild Dark Metal kaleidoscope.
New at the mic is Patrick Pagliaro, who, just like bass player Tobias Habel, has made a name for himself with the bands Slomind and Bunghole. Guitarist Christopher F. Kassad (Ex-Jesus On Extasy, Aeranea) is also
part of the band and Felix Haun (Karabooza) provides
a lot of punch on the drums.
The album’s opener is “Scorpion”, which is inspired by the ruthless assault by religious fanatics on the Bataclan club in Paris in 2015.
“Ritual Summer” is rooted in the summer of ’69 and references its shady sides with the Manson murders, drug abuse and the escalating Vietnam War. The lyrics to the first single “Seven” revolve around youth and
its rebellion against a slave morality system and
the grandeurs of ethics and human reason.
Appropriately, the band has produced a haunting, menacing music video with Maria Goruleva of All4Band Design (e.g. Ignea, Diamond Head, Doomeye).
“Exitus”, CHILD OF CAESAR’s second single, accompanied by a lyric video,
is a stormy ode to death, with brutal Old School Death Metal growls soundtracking the hazy thoughts just before the final breath.
It continues with the quieter “San Francisco”, a melancholic doomy
Gothic Metal adaptation of Scott Mackenzie’s hippie-era cult song.
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german gothic metal band
announce new album
'spirit & liberation'
part iii

picture by Mathias Blom

For this, English video artist Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art
(Rotting Christ, Skindred, Ascend The Hollow)
has produced an atmospherically oppressive lyric video.
With “Spirit & Liberation” CHILD OF CAESAR have created a multi-layered masterpiece of sinister Goth Metal sound art with profound lyrics about sensitive thoughts on life and death.
The new songs take the fundamental humanistic undertone of
André Marcussen’s project to another level with his homage
to a mature world without gods and religion.
Lovers of gloomy albums with a 90s Dark Metal feeling will get bright eyes when this menacing album unfolds acoustically in their four walls.
To heighten the anticipation for the new songs, CHILD OF CAESAR
have announced not only the cover artwork
but also the tracklist of the new Gothic Metal opus.

italian hair metallers
have released the new single

A.T. Rooster:
Vocals, Keyboard
Dany Rockett:
Alex Jawbone:
Jack Chevy:
Mikki Mixx:

Sneakout Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce the digital release of "Countach", first single taken from "T.M.T.T.80",
the new album by Italian hair metallers Reckless.
The full-length release date is set for April 29, 2022.
The single digital art was designed by renowned artist SoloMacello
(Black Veil Brides, Nick Oliveri, Elvenking, Speed Stroke, Band Of Spice, Valient Thorr).
The official video, which features a special guest appearance by Speed Stroke’s D.B. and Andy, was shot by MUVI LAB.

swedish heavy/thrash metal band BESIEGE
have released their second ep
'Brink of Collapse'

Fredrik Thomsen
Rhythm guitar and vocals
Johan Fredberg
Lead guitar
Carl Bergevald
Marcus Elton

Besiege is a metal band based in Gothenburg Sweden.
They officially formed in 2020 and have so far released two EP:s 'And Then There Were None' from February of 2021 and
'Brink of Collapse' from January of 2022.
Their music can be described as influenced by 80's Bay Area Thrash
but also combined with classic heavy and melodic metal.
From the beginning, Besiege existed as an idea by long time friends and guitarists Fredrik and Johan,
who for many years had jammed the riffs and songs, that Fredrik wrote.
They nourished the dream of one day form a band playing
the old-school type of thrash they loved to play and listen to.
In 2019 they decided to make it real by putting out an add
searching for a drummer.
Marcus answered and from the fall of 2019 he joined Fredrik and Johan
in their jamming sessions in their rehearsal studio in Gothenburg.
During the next year Marcus was a part in forming the band Cowherence,
where Carl served as a guitarist.
Since Carl also shared the passion for the old-school thrash
and Besiege now were looking for a bass player
Carl got the question and accepted.
From the autumn of 2020 the line-up was completed and
Besiege now formally existed as a full band.
In February of 2021 they released their first EP
'And Then There Were None' followed almost a year later
by their second EP 'Brink of Collapse' released in January of 2022.
Both EP:s were recorded in Studio Meltdown in Kungsbacka
outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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