Finnish death metal band
releases first single from the upcoming EP

“Perished” is the first single from Helsinki-based death metal band OvDeth‘s upcoming EP.
The track presents maybe the tightest edge of the upcoming release and it features vicious and progressive verses and a driving chorus riding on blast beats and fearless vocals.

Even though the song’s lyrics are ambiguous, they still immerse the listener in pain and despair.
“Change is a painful loss, and without it, one withers.”

Photographer: Jani Kormu

KUOLEMAN GALLERIA releases second single from their upcoming album

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria is about to release their third full length album on February 18th 2022.
Now they present the second single from the album called “Pystyyn kuollut”.
Track also features Mikko Heikkilä (Kaunis Kuolematon & Dawn of Solace) on clean vocals.

The band comments on the new single:
“‘Pystyyn kuollut’ is a state of mind, filled with despair. When death whispers and tells you to rest. When a solution after another are out of your reach and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. And finally – when you can see the end of the tunnel, it disapears in blink of an eye. When everything is just black. Confront your shadow on your way to the final destination – And then.. embrace it.”

Kärsimys kunniaan (Inverse 2016)
Pimeys saapuu pohjoiseen (Inverse 2017)
Armon loppu (Inverse 2022)

picture by Susanna Raitamaa

Gothic/doom metal band INNER MISSING released first single ‘The Quest’ from their upcoming ninth studio album

russian gothic doom metal band Inner Missing released their first single 'The Quest' from the upcoming ninth studio album 'Dead Language', which is set to be released on February 25th 2022 via Inverse Records.

Sigmund comments:
“Aleister Crowley is one of the most iconic figures in Gothic culture and definitely the most misunderstood one ever. This is an attempt to rethink his poetry and reimagine his myth – no more, no less.”


1. Dead Language
2. The Quest
3. Empty Rooms
4. Long Odds
5. Mute
6. At Sea

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Morton
at Morton Studio
Assisting and editing engineer: Dmitry Kim

Album cover by Olga Kann


Sigmund – voice and guitars
Melaer – keyboards and bass

Finnish traditional
doom metal band

Finnish traditional heavy metal / doom metal band Wizards Of Hazards has released new EP “Black Wizard”.
They are also preparing their second full length album to be released next year.

The band was originally founded in 1989 as Black Wizard but after approx.
25 years they changed their name to Wizards of Hazards.
Their debut album “End Of Time” was released 2020.
EP was recorded completely as analog at Astia Studio and was mixed and mastered by analog wizard Anssi Kippo.

Photographer: Heikki Sulander

JUSTICE THEORY releases powerful new single

Finnish metal band Justice Theory is happy to announce that they will release new EP “BEATEN WILL RISE” on Spring 2022.
And now here they give you a first taste of upcoming EP.
Cover artwork is created by Petri Lampela.

Vocalist end guitar player Valtteri states: “This song is ultimate power straight from the heart! After emotional and low-tempo song Fade Into the Night, I wanted to make a song that really hypes you up and makes you move. For me, lyric-wise this song is about two themes. First theme is standing together whatever comes to our way. Trust between brothers, and not giving up until you’ve given your everything ties it up really well. We should always remember that we are not alone in this world. Bond between humans can be stronger than we even realize, particularly when it comes to a matter of life and death. Another theme is that we always manage to find a way for rising up after being beaten down. When you’re at the bottom, it just gives you a moment for rise again…”

Photographer: Jaakko Manninen

MEGASNAKE released new single that takes you back to summer feelings
MEGASNAKE released new single that takes you back to summer feelings

The Finnish power quartet MegaSnake has released a new single “Don’t”.
The band’s line-up is singer Richard “Tipe” Johnson (Leningrad Cowboys, Gringos Locos, Apocalyptica’s live line-up), Drummer Twist Twist Erkinharju (Peer Günt, Leningrad Cowboys, Los Bastardos Finlandeses), Guitar player Samuel Hjelt (Kings of Modesty, ex-Ancara) and bass player Henrik Tuura (Kings of Modesty, Killer Kachina)

Guitar player Samuel Hjelt and bass player Henrik Tuura
backgrounds the new track:
“We’re not re-inventing the wheel or anything like that. Our influences go back to 1970’s and 80’s rock music and that is surely easy to hear. We are just making the kind of music that we personally love to play.”
The debut album of MegaSnake is scheduled to be released
on March 2022.

Photographer: Jarmo Saario

THE JOKE JAY have released their single/video ‘Most Of The Tears’

THE JOKE JAY finally dropped the long-awaited video & single “Awake” from their debut double-album “Awaken”.
The album was released on the 29th of October, 2021!
The Joke Jay finally releases the official single “Awake” accompanied by a music video from their debut double-album “Awaken”, which fans have been impatiently waiting for.
The album “Awaken”has been officially released worldwide on the 29th of October 2021 via all trusted dealers.

The Joke Jay, the new band around namesake Joke Jay (And One), producer and synth-pop
mastermind Olaf Wollschläger (Vorsprung durch Technik), and allrounder Hilton Theissen (Zoodrake, Akanoid, Dark Millennium) presents themselves with their debut double album “Awaken” in the timeless and individual appearance of a classic rock/pop band with various influences from alternative rock to electro styles of the 70s to 90s, and an approach of uncompromising, musical debauchery.

Ingrian backgrounded industrial artist ALEKSANDER SUSI
releases new single in
Russian language

Aleksander Susi
(a.k.a. Aleksi Susi, i.a. ex-2wolves, ex-Scent of Flesh, Alexanred) has released his newest single and for the first time in Russian language.
He has Ingrian background and in 1990, as a child, moved from Russia to Finland with his parents.
For years he has been active as a solo-artist nowadays, releasing regularly his Industrial Metal influenced music.
The latest song “Он не такой”, simply translated as “He is different”, is about a young man, a free soul, who goes his own path in his life.

“Concrete of Mankind”
(Death/black/grunge metal)

HÖST started as a one-man project (melodic death/black metal) in 1994 by Filip Leo, previously in bands such as Corporation 187 (vocals), Satanic Slaughter (bass), Thornclad (guitar), Demons To Prefer (guitar), Daisy Chain (guitar), Spiteful (guitar). The reason why HÖST was created was to make music without being forced to fit in or compromise. HÖST released 3 demo cassettes in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997. In the summer of 2020, Filip started writing music for HÖST and recording a new song “You Can’t Be My Messiah” (guitar, bass and drums).
Pehr Severin, (who was also the singer in Corporation 187 for their debut album Subliminal fear), was asked to record vocals for the new song and the result exceeded expectations. The song also deserved a better drum sound and Mathias Kamijo programmed new drums for the song (and ended up programming drums for the entire debut EP). More songs were created and resulted in the debut EP called “The Heart Of October”. (Released on the own label Studio Jätteliten) The vocals on the EP got a quite unexpected mix between the two voices of Filip and Pehr and might be described as a grunge/black/deathmetal sound.

In the late winter of 2020 Songwriting escalated and resulted in the full length album “The Upside Down” and was released on April 1, 2021.
This album sounded a bit more harsh and dark than the previous release.
The vocal part on this album was performed by both Pehr Severin and Filip Leo once again and HÖST recruited a real drummer this time, Nir Nakav (Salem, Tomorrow’s Rain, The Nir-Death Experiment).

The summer of 2021 Filip continuously wrote music and created 4 new songs with drums from Nir Nakav and vocals from Pehr Severin. As the sound gets more and more cemented, the kind of unique mix between the voices of Filip and Pehr, and genres seems more and more naturally blended and a new EP is being released November 19th 2021. Recorded at Studio Jätteliten and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound. The new EP is named 1994 and the artwork is created by Filip Leo.

Session members through the years:

1996: Robert Eng, drums and vocals

1997: Robert Eng drums, Andreas Deblén vocals, Pehr Severin vocals

2020: Mathias Kamijo drum-programming, Pehr Severin vocals

2021: Nir Nakav drums, Pehr Severin vocals

new single
“Wobbly Wheel”

Theo Nt has a voice that has been known to stop people in the streets and hold them there for hours. While a versatile musician in many respects, who composes, mixes, and masters all of his own material, it is the range and colour of his voice which has heralded him the mixed Greek Chris Cornell/Jeff Buckley and makes him a natural draw.

Professional trained in electric guitar, modern oriented vocals, popular music theory and production from the world-renowned Brett Manning and Jaime Vendera and the University of Glamorgan, whose client list includes Grammy Award Artists, Theo now regularly tours throughout Greece with his solo endeavor and has been featured in commercials, including the famous Vivechrom and SAE.
He mentors a select number of students per year in Athens.

He taught to keep his promises from an early age so he started to chase his compositional dream releasing his first couple of songs in 2012 with ‘Dead Poets Society’ while with this project a single has been released the following year receiving exceptional reviews.
Theo Nt feels emotional about Christmas so he released two Christmas songs with very successful feedback from professionals and his audience. The breakthrough came in 2017 with the project ‘Hold And Release’ with which he released an album and a few singles. Fast forward to 2021, almost 9 years later, he composed, produced and mixed around 40 songs in his home studio, tunes that have been in various playlists and getting airplay around the globe.

The latest tune with the title ‘Wobbly Wheel’ is tighter, punchier and more straightforward, a perfect example of today’s approach of the Grunge scene. Heavy guitars, powerful rhythms, superb dynamics and of a piercing voice ringing in your head.

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