After 2020's "Destination Hell",
the North German metal rockers BLACK HAWK
release their brand-new album "Soulkeeper" via Fastball Music
with ten driving heavy metal anthems clearly rooted
in the classic metal sound
This comes as no surprise as the band was formed in 1981
and their debut album "First Attack" was released in 1989.
Nevertheless, the band has actually picked up pace
only in the last decade with numerous albums
that have been able to enthuse more and more genre fans.
The ten new tracks take exactly the same line
and impress with pumping metal rhythms, hard riffs, groovy solos
and catchy refrains.
There is hardly a song on the album
that you cannot sing along to at the top of your lungs.
The songs were recorded at Wellenschmiede Studio
and mixed and mastered by Timo Höcke
(Mantar, Ancient Curse, Inner Axis, Whiskey Hell).
In terms of backing vocals,
the band was supported by e. g. Dirk Schlächter
(Gamma Ray, Ross The Boss), Mark Brühning (Bad Influence),
Conny Bethke (Chainreaction, Wheels Of Steel)
and Hanjo Gehrke (Skytap, Wheels Of Steel).
The band will also play some live shows again this year
starting March 25th (album release show) to blow away the audience
with their new songs live on stage.
The album 'Soulkeeper' will be released on the 24th of march, 2023.

German old school metal band
will release album
German old school metal band
will release album

After the first album "Down The Hatch" (2017) and several concerts,
THE GROUND SHAKER broke free from the shackles
of the pandemic's lockdowns to produce their second opus
of 13 tracks "Rogue Asylum", offering a groovy and resonating rock, chiseled with raging riffs and bewitching harmonies.
A modern heavy rock sound to make the tectonic plates collide
and give birth to the most majestic summits.
Channeling their inner rage and bringing grit and groove
back to the rock scene,
these four guys let their band name speak for them:
That's it!
Chiseling their style, the band is revitalizing the genre,
sticking to their roots, and playing with a fearless conviction
that is lacking in many of today's bands.
The combo is led by Giro Reign (guitar, vocals) and Dav Elgin (guitar):
Giro mixes his raspy voice and sharp riffs with bluesy solos,
creating a heavy and yet tasteful music.
THE GROUND SHAKER definitely bears the US footprint,
that singer/guitarist Giro Reign has acquired in California,
and embellishes it with harmonies and effective rhythms
conferred by Dav Elgin's guitar.
Vortex Ram's distorted bass complements the perfect chemistry
of the band by supporting Bat Ducora's strike and present drums,
thus making the rhythm section a locomotive of these hairy compositions.
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Swiss heavy rock group
will release album
'Rogue Asylum'
Swiss heavy rock group
will release album
'Rogue Asylum'

Based on their first album "Down The Hatch" Giro and Dav
wanted to produce a second opus that stands out,
with a production of exceptional quality,
where both musician can affix their seal, their musical signature.
With Giro's astonishing talent of composition
and Dav's signature arrangements to embellish the songs,
the demos show a great potential.
To push the songs further, they conjured three world class references:
the famous Ted Jensen for mastering,
Johann Meyer for mixing
and the producer Marc Le Goff (Shake Shake Go).
This collaboration produces "Rogue Asylum",
an album of exceptional quality.
Listening to it, there are not only tunes, but hits of thunder!
The band started promoting the album from autumn 2022
with three single and video releases
and the latest fourth single "88 Strong As A Lion" in 2023
and will continue with new singles/videos until the album release
on the 19th of may, 2023, and upcoming live shows to be announced soon.

Swiss heavy rock group
will release album
'Rogue Asylum'
Swiss heavy rock group
will release album
'Rogue Asylum'
part ii

Finnish melancholic metal band Abandon All
releases their debut album "Far Away" later this year.
The second single from the upcoming album has been released.
"Stupid People" is a song about school bullying.
This is a topic that affects unfortunately many children and young people.
Some members of Abandon All have themselves been through it
and that is why it seemed important to them
to talk about it through a song.
Abandon All was founded in 2020 and after one year
the line-up stabilized to it's current form:
Monia Sommer - Vocals
Juha Nygren - Guitar
Kari Harjunniemi - Guitar
Ami Havukainen - Drums
Sami Heinonen - Bass

Lyrics: Monia Somer
Composed by: Juha Nygren, Kari Harjunniemi,
Ami Havukainen,
Sami Heinonen
pic by Jon Kangas

Finnish melancholic metal band
has released single/video
'Stupid People'

Helsinki-based Fearout releases new 'Resistenza' EP
as a follow up for their 'Bleedthrough' (Inverse 2021) debut album. 'Resistenza' will be released on May 5th 2023 by Inverse Records.
The new EP will expand band's repertoire to punk rock,
but the band still combines their rough-edged metal rock
with stoner influences.
The first single 'Hey Stringer, Where's Wallace?' has been released.
lead vocalist Justus:
''Hey Stringer, Where's Wallace?' was written approximately same time when we decided to start recording our first album. So it just quite didn't make it to the first album. This song has upbeat feeling and kind of positive vibe with metal influenced guitar riffs are mixed with punk attitude. This song is influenced by the best TV show ever made: The Wire. Fun fact: when we started this band, I suggested that we should call it Stringer Bell.'
Fearout is a rough-edged Hard Rock/Metal/Punk/Stoner band
from Helsinki. Finland.
The band was founded in 2014
by Arg Kinnunen (Guitar) & Justus Latvala (Vocals).
Current line-up was stabilized
after Topi Lajunen (Drums) joined the band in 2016
and Minttu Minkkinen (Bass) in 2018.
Fearout fuses filthy stoner guitars and noisy punk rock aggression
with seductive melodies
and provides energetic, volatile, and sometimes literally bone crushing
live performances.

Music & Lyrics Juha Latvala
Single cover by Eini Suominen

Justus Latvala
Vocals, Guitars
Arg Kinnunen
Guitars, Backing Vocals
Topi Lajunen
Drums, Backing Vocals
Minttu Minkkinen
Bass, Backing Vocals

Finnish heavy rock band
has released single/video
'Hey Stringer, Where's Wallace?'

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria
releases their fourth studio album "Pedon Synty" on March 24th 2023.
Now they have released the third and final single "Sieluvaras"
from the album.
The frontman Kimmo Jankkari backgrounds the single:
"'Sieluvaras' (Soulthief) takes you back to the suppressed memories. It leads to the domination over you. To despair, anger and revenge. The ascendancy might anyhow turn over and the king might have to step down from his throne. When there is only one path to follow the choises are limited to minimum. This song crystallizes the story of the album. It's a metamorphosis that end up into the destruction of the entity holding the power."
Kuoleman Galleria celebrates the album release
by playing "Deep Waters & Dark Skies Tour" in Finland
with legendary Finnish dark metal band Mustan Kuun Lapset
and Swedish Wormwood:
March 30. Lutakko, Jyväskylä
March 31. Olympia, Tampere
April 1. On the Rocks, Helsinki

Composers: Kimmo Jankkari, Timo Anttonen,
Juha Matinlompolo,
Juha Väinölä, Jussi Kulomaa
Lyrics: Kimmo Jankkari
Producer: Tuukka Järvinen
pic by Susanna Raitamaa

Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band ALASE
has released single
'Fate's Intervention'
Finnish dark metal band
has released single/video
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