01. Wraith
02. Trauma Culture
03. Distort
04. Magma Hour
05. Ex Negativo
06. Zenit
07. Proxy
08. Outbreak
09. Blacklight
10. I am But A Guest In Exile
11. Mitternacht
12. Half Me
pic by Lisa-Marie Tanck

HALF ME will release on the 17th of february their debut album 'Soma' via arising empire.
meanwhile HALF ME have realeased single/video 'Ex Negativo'
feat. Marcus Lundqvist of THROWN.
HALF ME about their Theme & Lyrics:
'Life is defined as the absence of meaning. The chains that used to give control over life are slipping out of the protagonist's hands and blur the lines of every aspect of existence. Any meaning we give to our own inventions just contributes to the corrosion of our collective mind. The nihilistic tone of EX NEGATIVO is maintained through a violent outburst of guest vocalist Marcus Lundqvist of Thrown that contrasts the song's fade into an auditive loop of monotony.'

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
HALF ME Live - Album Release Shows:
17.02. Hamburg - Logo
18.02. Hannover - Strangriede
24.02. Essen - KJH Hüweg
25.02. Koersel (BE)
03.03. Bad Hönningen
04.03. Berlin (TBA)

German metalcore group
will release debut album

01 The Songs Of The Whales
02 Forgive Me
03 Monotonic Scream
04 Twisted Games
05 In Abundance
06 Open Your Mind
07 Vanity

ISOLE will release on the 10th of march 2023 their album 'Anesidora'
via Hammerheart Records.
'Anesidora' delivers Isole’s most refined work yet, enriched by its maturity!
An album that in a way is to the point,
yet sets a softer tone without losing its Doomy Heaviness.
Isole, originally formed under the name Forlorn,
way back in 1990 before changing to Isole in 2003.
They have released 7 full lengths albums
and “Anesidora”, their 8th album.
Isole are a 4 piece with Daniel Brynste and Crister Olsson on guitars, Jimmy Mattsson on bass and Victor Parri on drums.
Mattsson provides harsh vocals while Brynste and Olsson provide cleans.
Lots of great harmonies and cleanly sung passages
blend with big riffs and dreamy solos.
Grand soundscapes are created with multiple layers
and clever song structures with minimal fuzz or sludge.
Typical of this style really, expect longish songs
with plenty of time given to create atmosphere.
There is great respect due to any band
that reconsiders their approach
as personal and personnel relationships change in the course
of their history and it’d seem Isole is highly sensitive
to not only their chemistry as performers
but surely considers the strengths of each member when composing.
So, they are back and what are they doing different?
There is the sense going into “Anesidora”
that Isole have something to say and are driven to express this side
of themselves regardless.
...to continue, please go to the next side...

Swedish doom epic metal act
will release album

Bryntse’s vocals have hit a truly beautiful stride
between sensitivity and pure heavy metal soaring
that manages an earnest appeal this time around.
The melodies are not forced or readily apparent from song to song,
but when the bigger hooks do come they are enormous in their impact.
Anesidora (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα) was in Greek and Roman mythology an epithet of several goddesses and mythological figures.
The name itself means “sender of gifts”

the album was Recorded and mixed by Jonas “Tord” Lindström
at Studio Apocalypse.
While Artwork was done by Matt Chambers for Soft Viking Design.

For Fans of:
Anathema, While Heaven Wept, Ereb Altor, Candlemass

Swedish doom epic metal act
will release album
part ii

01 Death Is Life Eternal
02 Cold Comes The Night
03 Absence Of Heaven
04 Tenebrae
05 Of Magick
06 Evoking The Moon Goddess
07 Where Angels Fear To Tread
08 Sky Burial
09 Serpent God
10 When The Lights Went Out

After 12 years this is the triumphant return of Hellenic darkness!
On february the 10th 2023 'Evil Summons Evil'
from Greek cult black metal act DEVISER will be released
via Hammerheart Records.
Followers of Deviser all over the world
who still concider their early releases as hidden gems
of their collections,
are in a frenzy this year
awaiting the long-awaited new full length release,
“Evil Summons Evil”,
Greeks latest installment in the Black Metal scene
and possibly the most important album of their career.
An album that will surely leave its mark on the global metal community.
Produced by the talented Psychon of Septicflesh
who has taken over the mixing and mastering of the album
and recorded exclusively at Soundabuseproductions in Athens.
Deviser is a long-lasting value in the history of European Black Metal
for the connoisseurs of the genre.
The call of evil comes to darken the whole earth
this February through Hammerheart records, Featuring
Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral/Gra), Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall)
and Androniki Skoula (soprano/Chaostar) on guest vocals
The front-cover artwork was done by Kris Verwimp
(Arch Enemy, Marduk, Immortal)
For fans of:
Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Dissection, Melechesh, Moonspell

Greek cult black metal act
will release album
'Evil Summons Evil'

Swedish metalband HÖST has released album 'Nightmares And Goals'.
The album is released exactly 20 years after Corporation 187 released
the album 'Perfection In Pain' where both Filip Leo was the singer.
HÖST is created by Filip
and started out as a one man projekt back in 1994.

Swedish metalband
released album
'Nightmares And Goals'

Hair Metal heroes John Diva & The Rockets Of Love
are dropping their third album “The Big Easy“ on March 17th, 2023.
Their second offering “American Amadeus“
served as an ode to Glam Metal, but for record number three,
the five musicians revisit what they do best:
straightforward, refreshing rock with distinctive riffs, hard beats, multilayered lyrics, and a frontman in top form.
The wait is finally over:
JOHN DIVA is back!
„Remember 80-something, we never seemed to miss a thing“
these first lines of John Diva’s latest song “Back In The Days“
are a perfect summary of what this band stands for:
Spandex pants, juvenile folly, a love for partying,
and a Walkman with a fresh set of batteries.
John Diva & The Rockets Of Love are bringing back carefree 80s vibes,
yet manage to make them sound brand new.
And isn’t carefreeness exactly what we all need right now?
The name of the record says it all!
guitarist Snake Rocket explains the process of creating "The Big Easy":
"We wanted to record an album that sounds like Cherry Cola. Also, we put great emphasis on the fact that the record is intended as an album and doesn’t sound as if we jammed together an intro and eleven random songs. The record works in that order precisely."
It only took six months from initial song idea to finished album.
Never has John Diva & The Rockets Of Love sounded more like a unit.
never has the group oozed so much joy
and California sunshine from every pore.
John Diva & The Rockets Of Love are synonymous with wild parties,
passionate live shows, but also liberal messages in their lyrics.

01 California Rhapsody
02 The Big Easy
03 God Made Radio
04 Runaway Train
05 Thunder
06 Believe
07 Back In The Days
08 Hit And Run
09 Boys Don’t Play With Dolls
10 The Limit Is The Sky
11 Capri Style
12 Wild At Heart

German glam rockers
will release album
'The Big Easy'
German glam rockers
will release album
'The Big Easy'

pic by Austin Spruill

Of Virtue serve their blistering new single 'A.N.X.I.E.T.Y.'
via Arising Empire.
Produced by Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland
(August Burns Red, Polaris, Hollow Front),
additional production by Chris Shifflett,
mixed and mastered by Dan Braunstein,
known for his work for Spiritbox, Dayseeker, Volumes.
This heavy new material by modern metal experience Of Virtue
hits you straight in the face.
Tyler (vocals):
"This song is about being uncomfortable in your own skin and being so far in your own head that you allow outside factors to break you down. While you may know you need to change, not knowing how, not wanting to ask for help, not allowing yourself to be vulnerable to change - all due to the fear of the unknown, the anxiety - that's what paralyzes us. This all isn't talked about enough because of guilt or shame. The last few years have been very difficult for a lot of people, including us, for this reason - so we decided to speak up in case anyone felt the same way."
Progression, or more generally, change, is a constant in music;
in order to adapt and survive, you must grow and develop.
And no band knows that more than midwestern metal act Of Virtue.
What began as a humble, promising metalcore act
born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan
has erupted into an internationally recognized
and critically acclaimed alternative powerhouse.
Playing this year's UK Tech Fest, Summer Breeze, Fallen Fortress, 6K Fest, and Upheaval festival
and accruing a staggering 3,5 million plus streams
on their new SINNER EP on Spotify alone, Of Virtue's growth is a fact.
...to continue, please go to the next side...

american midwestern metal act
have released new single/video

See Of Virtue live on the following festivals this year:
23.06. 6k Fest - Liege, BE
02.07. UK Tech Fest
Newark On Trent, UK

15.07. UpHeaval
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

17.08. Summer Breeze
Dinkelsbeuhl, DE

26.08. Fallen Fortress
Bad Dürkheim, DE

Of Virtue was formed in 2008 and catapulted themselves
into the Michigan metalcore scene in 2009
with their debut EP “To Breathe Again”.
Combining elements of melodic hardcore and metalcore
into a mosh-friendly and energetic amalgam.
The band almost instantaneously cemented themselves
as a staple within their local scene.
In the months that would follow, the band would create and release
their debut full-length record, “Heartsounds” in 2011,
followed after an extensive regional touring cycle.
“Heartsounds” saw the band expand on the sound
defined by their breakout effort,
with lyrics speaking of positivity and determination,
underscored by a blend of metalcore
that was both vicious yet passionate and inspiring.
By 2015, the band would release “Salvation”,
a sprawling and ambitious example of meticulously done
melodic metalcore, which would earn them nationwide attention
as a promising, prodigally talented metal act.
Shortly after that, Of Virtue would release their third full-length record, »What Defines You« in 2019.
The album saw a marked incorporation of alternative rock and hard rock into their backbone of bold, robust metalcore
with an overwhelmingly positive message.
The result was a release that would launch them
into heavy music's stratosphere.
Even in the setting of a global pandemic,
Of Virtue continued to blossom worldwide, accruing new listeners and fans in countries tens of thousands of miles away, expanding their reach
even in a time where live performances were all but impossible.

american midwestern metal act
have released new single/video
part ii

Kimmo Jankkari,
Timo Anttonen,
Juha Matinlompolo,
Juha Väinölä, Jussi Kulomaa
Lyrics: Kimmo Jankkari
pic by Susanna Raitamaa

Finnish dark metal band KUOLEMAN GALLERIA
releases their fourth full length album
"Pedon Synty" on March 24th 2023.
Now they have released second single and music video to the track "Häpeäpaalu" (The Pillory).
band's vocalist Kimmo Jankkari tells:
''Häpeäpaalu' (The Pillory) is a cathartic growth story which forces old memories to the surface and turns the next page in your life. The song grows as it moves forward and there's freedom to be found in the end. The Pillory breaks down...'

Kuoleman Galleria celebrates the album release
by playing "Deep Waters & Dark Skies Tour" in Finland
with legendary Finnish dark metal band Mustan Kuun Lapset
and Swedish Wormwood.

March 30. Lutakko, Jyväskylä
March 31. Olympia, Tampere
April 1. On the Rocks, Helsinki

Finnish dark metal band
has released single/video

Pekka Viljanen,
Pepe Tamminen
Lyrics by Pepe Tamminen
pic by Pepe Tamminen

"Alone" is composed by guitarist Pekka Viljanen
and the band refined it into its final format.
Singer Pepe Tamminen found an idea for lyrics and melody
during his journey in Lofoten Norway.
The amazing landscape fits perfectly with the mood of the song
and the singing part of the music video was also made there.
Alone begins as an atmospheric ballad with acoustic guitar and cello followed by a catchy chorus
which is typical for example Scorpions best ballads.
The outstanding guitarsolo mirrors perfectly the emotion behind the song.
This song is dedicated to all who've lost their loved ones.
The song was recorded n mixed at Magnusborg Studios by Marko Kataja.
Mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck,
who is a well-recognized and trusted professional
by many hard rock and heavy metal bands
(Velvet, Rammstein, Ville Valo, Sonata Arctica, Sunrise Avenue,
Michael Monroe, etc.).
BLADE is a new Finnish hard rock band that differentiates
from mainstream artists by its uniquely cheery and explosive sound.
The members of the band have been touring together as a cover band
since 2016, playing well-known rock classics from Led Zeppelin
to Guns and Roses for the ever-hard-rock-hungry Finnish audience.
The idea of BLADE's material started to form in 2021,
as all the band members dusted off the material they had collected
in their drawers, cumulating ideas for songs on the new album.
Even the most dedicated hard rock fan's expectations will be met
with this charged rock album.
BLADE's debut album is scheduled to come out in 2023.

Finnish hard rock band
have released single

01. Primis
02. Murder Room
03. Dirty Road
04. Madness
05. Hauted Shadows
06. Name On The Shell

Jalmari Salmela – Vocals
Aleksi Korhonen
Guitar, Backing Vocals
Miro Paasineva – Guitar
Roope Kajaan – Bass
Jukka Huotari – Drums
pics by Lotta Ruutiainen

Finnish 2017 founded heavy metal band Woundstripe
has released their debut EP "Primis".
The mini album was recorded at Kuopio Rock Academy studios
by Tupi Tuomainen who has worked also with bands like Tarot,
Wintersun and Sonata Arctica.
It is produced by Sakari Hietala from Tarot
and Euge Valovirta from Cyhra.
Valovirta also mastered the EP.

Woundstripe doesn't like to categorize their sound too strictly
but their music has been compared to bands like Alice in Chains,
Thin Lizzy and Pantera.
From this background
the band creates their hard grooving heavy metal sound.
the band describes their debut EP:
"The EP has some raw sounds and catchy rhythms and the Lyrics lead the listener towards some quite gloomy state of mind."
The current line-up was formed in 2019.
Woundstripe has played live shows in Finnish festivals
like Kuopio Rock and Metallivuori.
And they have also toured in Russia.
the band tells about their future plans:
"Our objective is to go as far as it's possible and of course: play as much live shows as it's possible!"

Finnish heavy metal band
has released EP
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