Composed by
Tarmo Kellomäki
& Lari Launonen
Lyrics by Tarmo Kellomäki
& Lari Launonen
pic by Jarno Hämäläinen

"Brutal irony of fate and dancing in the midst of sadness"
Frail's latest single release "Kiss Goodbye" is a combination
of bouncy metal, rock and disco.
The single is the third release
from Frail's upcoming full-length album to be released in 2023.
Frail's previous singles "Save a Life Tonight" and "Children of Depravity" have received positive attention both in Finland and abroad
For example in the form of radio play
and playlist places provided by Spotify.
Brutal irony of fate 'Kiss Goodbye' is written by Lari Launonen,
the previous member of the Frail band, and Tarmo Kellomäki,
the singer-songwriter of Frail.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
"'Kiss Goodbye' is a really old song that is built of 2 songs of my good friend and ex-Frail member Lari Launonen and one chorus made by me. Before going to the studio, the current band got the idea to combine the absolutely killer riff that was in the second song with the actual "main" song. The whole thing turned out so great that we dared to ask Mozart Launonen for permission. Clearly he wasn't that delighted about the idea at first."
Kellomäki and Launonen are united not only by the song's production,
but also by its theme - death.
'Kiss Goodbye' tragically became a sister track to Frail's previous single 'Save A Life Tonight'.
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Finnish modern rock metal band
has released single/video
'Kiss Goodbye'

Composed by
Tarmo Kellomäki
& Lari Launonen
Lyrics by Tarmo Kellomäki
& Lari Launonen
pic by Jarno Hämäläinen

Tarmo Kellomäki:
"Where Frail's previous single "Save a Life Tonight" dealt with the fear of losing a loved one with an angry and sad touch, "Kiss Goodbye" tackles the theme with a more hopeful approach - even though the subject of the song's narration passes away. The songs are also connected by my and Lari's own real-life experiences. While my child survived a heart disease, Lari's son did not. Lari has openly and publicly dealt with his family's story, and I won't go into it any deeper. However, it can be said that there is a downright brutal irony of fate in the ensemble formed by the songs."
Dancing in the midst of sadness

Musically, "Kiss Goodbye" strongly takes the listener into the world
of post-grunge, nu-metal and disco-rock of the 21st century.
In the disco rhythm of the song's chorus,
there are hints of the dance-punk greatness of Panic at the Disco! - band,
while the rest of the song is about bouncy American rock.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
"At live shows, this song has made the gang swing their hips nicely. For me, music is a strong physical experience, and that's why it's great to play this song live. In the theme part, one bounces heavily and in the chorus, on dances. Despite the dark theme of the song, it contains a hopeful view of the future and therefore this dance fits the whole thing well. It's like dancing in the midst of sadness."
A music video for the song "Kiss Goodbye" has also been released,
which showcases the band's energy similar to its live performances.
The video was filmed during the band's playing rehearsals
in authentic rehearsal facilities in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Finnish modern rock metal band
has released single/video
'Kiss Goodbye'
part ii

Composed by Eero Kaasinen
Lyrics by Eero Kaasinen
pics by Maria Ilonen

Finnish dark rock band DOL
releases their second EP "Amor Brutale" later this spring.
Now the single and music video of a track "Lillith's Song" is released.
DOL's guitar player and singer Eero Veri backgrounds the single:

"Couple years ago I heard the story of Lillith for the first time and I was fascinated by it. I had hear the name all around in pop culture, but never knew the whole story. Lillith is the mother of all vampires and demons, according to some wife of lucifer and the first wife Adam in christian mytology, although almost any reference to her was completely cut from the bible as we know it. The latter being the most fascinating claim for me, I've always heard of Eve but never any wife or even woman before her. According to the legend, Lillith was Adams equal, not made of his ribs but created just like him. She was too dominant and did not submit to Adam, so he asked god for another wife and so, Lillith was sent to hell and given to lucifer. In the song I try to reference her as a (vampire like) entity that takes over the female in the song and her spouse feels at first that she has this coldness inside because she wont submit to her but at the end notices that things are much better doing so. There is more of that vampire side of things mixed in there on the lyrics as the woman in the beginning is thinking should she bite the man, turning him also to a vampire, but would that have too big of an effect on their love? Would she completely rule over him after that? All she wants is to be his equal partener...
On the musical side of things, we try to dive deeper into dark rock and goth themes and sounds, still keeping the core same as before. There are also definedly much more synths amd programmed drumbeats than, before also trying to mix some violins and cellos there too.
The songs post-production, mixing and mastering was done by Matias Kupiainen of Stratovarius, who is largely behind the overall sound of the track."

Finnish dark rock band
released single/video
'Lillith's Song'

'Atlas Ruinica' is the 4th full-length album
by Indianapolis Fantasycore band The Wise Man's Fear.
The independently released record weaves the story
of a twisted globetrotting adventure,
following main character Elise Lansette
as she investigates the mysterious circumstances of her uncle's death
over the course of its 10 tracks.
From the Welsh countryside to the Sahara Desert, to Paris,
to glaciers in Norway spawning portals leading to strange worlds,
it's an action-packed journey full of twists and turns for Elise
as she races to locate the fabled Atlas Ruinica before her opponents,
the mysterious Ptolemaic Kings.
The album also spans the globe sonically,
while staying true to the band's quintessential modern metalcore sound
and combining it with everything from Norwegian Black Metal
to deathcore, post hardcore, symphonic moments, and much more.

01 Tailspin Final
02 Where the Sky is Empty
03 Slumbering World
04 The Strength to Bury a Friend Final
05 Sunchaser
(Ft. Whale Bones)
06 The Rival
(Ft. Lauren Babic)
07 The Absence of Light
08 Mazerunner (Ft. SPAWN)
09 Sea of Fire Final
10 Solomon's Gate
(Ft. Jordan Radvansky)

American fantasycore band
released album
'Atlas Ruinica'

After two years of experimenting with ambient and acoustic music,
Fugit returns with a new metal album.
This new work encompasses all the emotions
that arise with the realization
that reality is nothing more than a fractal morphogenic hologram,
constantly evolving its sound towards new melodies.
From stars, to atoms, from galaxies to our cells inside of us,
everything always repeats itself in the same way,
according to the same patterns and rules,
and it's all fake, illusory, holographic in nature.
"Like an explorer of a distant world, watch the universe consume life."
Fugit is a one man band from Italy, created by Andrea Milan.
Formed in 2014 as a way to cope with the human condition,
Andrea's music
speaks from personal experiences to science to our place
and purpose in this massive thing called
The Universe.

Andrea Milan:
all instruments, vocals, composition, mixing, mastering and artwork
C.C. : Female vocals on
track 1,2,5 and 9
Recorded at FugitLab in 2022

Italian metal one-man band
released album
'Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram'

Sheffield's rising stars of Alternative Metal 'Shadow Smile'
return with their new single 'Signed In Blood'.
This is the title track from their crowdfunded debut album
expected to be released in coming months.
Produced by Daniel Jeffery and Mixed by James Pinder
(The Wildhearts, While She Sleeps, Malevolence)
at Treehouse Studios (UK),
the single provides an explosive taste of things to come
from the British outfit featuring Connor McGovern (Vocals),
Adam Smith (Guitar), Ethan Goebel-Todd (Bass) and Joe Fletcher (Drums).
After eight successful self-released singles,
'Signed In Blood' shows Shadow Smile have channelled
their varied influences
(ranging from contemporary acts like Bring Me The Horizon
and While She Sleeps to the stadium filling sounds of Metallica,
Def Leppard and Queen)
into an accessible yet defined take on Metal, perfect for the 21st century.
As part of an overarching concept album about the Seven Deadly Sins,
'Signed In Blood' is written from the perspective of Mephistopheles
and sees the listener begged, taunted and bribed into selling their soul.
This acts as a metaphor for the way
in which people are guilt-tripped into following societal trends
and often turn their back on their own core values for prizes
that simply aren't there.
Lead vocalist Connor McGovern comments:
'We wanted this song to be a modern take on songs like 'Sympathy For The Devil' by the Rolling Stones where the listener is being told why they should forget their morals and join the dark side. Those songs have always been a lot of fun and fit perfectly with the dark Shadow Smile imagery'.

British alternativ metal band
released single/video
'Signed In Blood'
British alternativ metal band
released single/video
'Signed In Blood'

Finnish rock band Judith Alice is set to release their new EP
'Resolute' on March 24th 2023 via Secret Entertainment.
The first single 'Tonite's Alright' (Feat. Diison) has been released.
The band comments:
"When the pandemic hit things got closed up. No gigs, no fun. During these times Judith Alice recorded a new EP entitled 'Resolute'. The first single from the upcoming record - 'Tonite's Alright (feat. Diison)' - is basically about the worst hangover you can imagine. After listening the song you can forget the hangover and get the party started again!"
Judith Alice was formed in Helsinki, Finland by old friends
June Stacy and Stan Ford (Skeeter Hazy) in 2016.
The nowadays five piece band has been creating a reputation
as a wild live performer and a party maker since.
The first single, "I Only Go Out When It's Dark" was released in 2017.
The second single "Drug Festival" was released in December 2018
and as a third single they recorded a cover for an old danish hit
"I WIll Stay", it was released January 2020.
Yeah, the one Hurriganes made famous in Finland back in the day.
Recordings of the first album began in 2017,
and after all the setbacks and struggle
it was finally released Thursday, August 13th 2020.
When the world closed because of the pandemic,
Judith Alice used the time to write and record new music!
2023 starts with a brand new single/video 'Tonite's Alright (feat. Diison)'
followed by an EP called "Resolute"!

Single picture by
Jukka Aaltonen
cover by Jussi Aaltonen

Skeeter Hazy - Vocals
June Stacy - Guitar
Vasco - Guitar
Eric Jacobi - Bass
Aaron Snow - Drums
pic by Aaro Tuisku

Finnish rock band
released single
'Tonite's Alright'

Glen Poland will release with his metal project HOLLENTOR
on february the 17th the album 'Divergency'.
Songs/Lyrics written by Glen Poland
with special guest performances including:
Glen Drover (x-Megadeth),
Shawn Drover (x-Megadeth),
Tim Ripper Owens (x-Judas Priest),
Henning Basse (x-Firewind),
Rudy Sarzo (x-Ozzy/Whitesnake),
James MacDonough (x-Megadeth/Iced Earth),
James LoMenzo (x-Black Label Society/current-Megadeth),
George Lynch (x-Dokken/current-Lynch Mob),
Eric Peterson (Testament)

American metal project
will release album
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