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Finnish Doom/Industrial/Gothic act
has released album
'Flowers in the Wreckage of Dreams'

01. Drag Me Into You
02. Pretty When She's Sick
03. Scarred Angelic Veins
04. Asunder
05. Chase a Sunset
06. Lock Without a Key
07. Sewers of Heaven
08. You Spin Me Right Round (Dead or Alive cover)

The American-made melancholy wasteland known as Oblivion Gate
returns with their sophomore release,
"Flowers in the Wreckage of Dreams";
the gloomiest of 90s lo-fi Trip-hop rhythms merge
with the grungy doom metal of their ATMF debut "Wisdom of the Grave" to a transformative and despairing perversion of pop music
and murky industrial nihilism.
On a symbolic level, "Flowers in the Wreckage of Dreams"
wraps it's narrative around the utter annihilation of an innocent spirit
and thereby subsequent metamorphosis
into a darker, lower form of life into exalted glory.
Though formed in the frozen urban perennial darkness of Finland,
the American goth rock origins of Oblivion Gate are pure and undeniable as the deepest cuts of Type O Negative are vocally reminiscent
and the reckless endangerment of Antichrist Superstar
pervades in electronic execution.
This is clandestine spiritual sedation
for deathwish purveyors of suicidal decadence.

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German Rock artist
will release her new single
'Give It To Me'

pic by Marek Vesely

Rock artist Mareeka releases her new single 'Give It To Me'.
Following on from her debut single 'Voices' the German artist is back with her anthemic new single.
'Give It To Me' is an energetic rock track
that showcases Mareeka's powerful vocal range
as she dishes out a dynamic single laced with hard-hitting drum lines, stirring melodies and rousing guitar solos,
resulting in a well-rounded rock track that screams out for live settings.
The accompanying cinematic music video looks like
it's been taken straight out of an action-thriller movie,
set in NYC the video shows Mareeka as a hitwoman
as she fights her way through the city's underbelly.
Mareeka explains further the meaning behind the track and video:
'The song is full of energy and shows me as a strong, independent woman who can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The song means a lot to me because it gives me motivation, not to be afraid, no matter what or who comes to life.'
Influence by the likes of Evanescence, Avril Lavigne and Pink,
the Berlin-based artist began her career as a dancer and singer
in pop girl groups, leading her to tour in 2008
until leaving her latest band 'Sqeezer'.
Since then she has opened for the likes of Richie Sambora in 2015
and performed worldwide on stage
with Fools Garden, East17 and Mic Donet.
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German Rock artist
will release her new single
'Give It To Me'
part ii

pic by Marek Vesely

Mareeka has also written and produced a charity single
'Let's Get Together to Help the World' for the aid organization
'help alliance' which is under the umbrella
of the Lufthansa Group,convincing drummer Karl Brazil
and bassist John Garrison (Robbie Williams, James Blunt,
Christina Aguilera) to record the track.
A heartfelt documentary followed showing behind the scenes footage
and outlining the work 'Help Alliance' does.
Now with the release of 'Give It To Me' Mareeka looks to continue
to showcase her own unique brand of Rock worldwide.
'Give it to Me' is slated for release on 3rd February 2023.

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Finnish melodic metal band
released new single/video
'Up So High, Down So Low'

pic by Mikko Virtanen

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland
released the last single 'Up So High, Down So Low'
from their upcoming fifth studio album 'Victory'
which is set to be released on March 31st 2023 via Inverse Records.
The single features famous Finnish metal rap artist Nyrkki-Kyllikki.
An extraordinary music video is done for the single
and it is directed by Anton Paananen and produced by Niklas Nordling.
Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment:
"The last single from Dead End Finland's new album to be released in March is called "Up so high, down so low". Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it's important to take a deeper look at what's really important. You can never say for sure what a jump into the unknown will bring, but sometimes a new beginning can be found in a free fall. "Up so High, Down so low" encourages to take that leap of faith. The song features the Finnish metal-rap artist Nyrkki-Kyllikki. "

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Finnish heavy rock band
has released new single
'Highway of Love'
Finnish heavy rock band
has released new single
'Highway of Love'

Lyrics by
Mikko Heino & Arto Porvari
Composed by Mikko Heino, Jussi Uutela, Jere Anttonen, Taneli Tulkki
pic by Teemu Kekkonen

Rylos, carrot-flavored melodic hard rock band from Finland,
has released a new single.
'Highway of Love' is a lovesong from along the highway.
Last year for Rylos was full of member changes and other worries,
but the band wanted to continue without stopping.
The original member, singer Mikko Heino
found guitarist Jussi Uutela and drummer Jere Anttonen.
Taneli Tulkki helped with bass lines as a session musician.
Rylos is playing gigs with two other Hard Rock/Metal bands.
Manzana and Gentle Savage are touring with Rylos under the title
"Road to Neon Waylay".

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Finnish melodic death metal band
released new single/video
'La Magra'

Composition & Lyrics by
Ville Riitamaa
pic by Obliviart

Finnish melodic death metal necromancers Torchia
released a new song 'La Magra' with a striking music video.
The song is the first single from the band's upcoming third album.
without forgetting melody, guitarist Ville Riitamaa elaborates:
''La Magra' is a soul-ripping remedy found in evil and misery. For such a spiteful story, a touch of the melancholy of Finnish language was definitely needed. When it comes to the composition, the song is an unprecedentedly nasty Torchia tune, and the main riff takes no prisoners.'
The sinister music video, typical of Torchia,
was produced in collaboration with Obliviart Productions.
The video uses CGI graphics, which is a whole new element for the band.
vocalist Edward Torchia:
'When we started writing the script, I soon realized that we are about go beyond this reality. The story of the song was simply crying for visual effects. The end result takes the viewer to another world.'
The band's third album will be released later in the autumn.
The album is a sequel to the widely acclaimed 'Of Curses and Grief'
and 'The Coven'.
Torchia take to the stage next time on 10th of February
at the legendary Yo-talo in their hometown Tampere
with the warm-up acts Anzillu and Sirkuit Preiker.

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Swedish AOR act
released new single/video
'Tuff It Out'

Pelle Saether
Lead/backing vocals
Dennis Vestman
Rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Dan Svanbom
Solo/rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Stefan Westerlund
Bass guitar
Joakim Jonsson

It's a rarity that a band has longevity, but GRAND DESIGN always hit home, with multiple albums being crowned Album Of The Year.
Well look no further than 2023, with the release of a new video single, 'Tuff It Out' and a new album, 'Rawk' to follow.
Many will identify with 'Tuff It' Out lyrics,
especially during these uncertain times.
Musically the song is genius with crunching chords,
powerful vocals, and a full arena vibe.
Vocalist Pelle Saether about the first single from the upcoming album:
"Tuff It Out has a bombastic rhythm that will blow your mind! The lyrics is all about workin' for the weekend 😊".
About GRAND DESIGN's upcoming album 'RAWK'

FOR APRIL 21, 2023 (GMR).
GRAND DESIGN, the Swedish AOR/melodic rock sensation,
are back with their long-awaited 6th album 'Rawk.
The album was produced by Pelle Saether
and recorded at Studio Underground Sweden
between January and September 2022.
This album is the perfect follow up to their last album 'V' (2020).
'Rawk' has that signature GRAND DESIGN sound
that has made them one of the top artists
in the Swedish melodic rock scene.
The 11 songs on the album are packed with unforgettable choruses, shredding guitar work and a superb production.
Erik Grawsiö from Swedish act Månegarm and Veith Offenbächer
from German act Dawn of Destiny appear as guests
on one of the albums highlights, 'Carry on my wind'.

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Finnish progressive metal band
released a single/video
'The Monster...The King'

Composed by Ari Lempinen
Lyrics by Ari Lempinen,
Esa Lempinen
& Marko Loukamaa
Single cover by Ari Lempinen
pic by Sami Hinkkanen

Finnish progressive metal band Sum of Seven
released the new single and music video 'The Monster...The King'.
The track is released in collaboration with Inverse Records.
Ari Lempinen comments:
"In the song 'The Monster...The King' we wanted to give more room to the instruments to tell the story supporting the vocals. The song flows with tasty solos and tight riffs in synergy with Marko's vocals and dances between succulent blasting and a relaxing respite. The music reflects the atmosphere of the lyrics, which dive deep into a dreamlike space where the monsters and kings within us are in juxtaposition. The music video features the skilled breakdancer Jose Granados aka Bboy Kalaco who interprets the mood and the message of the song with his skillful moves."

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American doom metal project
has released album

1. Etugen Eke & Od Ana
2. Garuda Khuresh
3. Agloolik Igaluk
4. Tamag & Ocmah
5. Imdugud in Shambhala
6. Peri to Ela Guren
7. Sedna & Eliduc (bonus)
8. A-dkar Theg Pa (bonus)
Cover artwork and layout by
Joshua Wilkinson
(The Company).
Layout assistance by
Łukasz Jaszak.

Marc Urselli's thrilling project STEPPENDOOM
amalgamates indigenous throat singers from around the globe
with the cream of doom metal!
Among many others, the renowned artists
who answered three-time Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli's call include Matt Pike (SLEEP, HIGH ON FIRE), Aaron Aedy (PARADISE LOST),
Steve Von Till (NEUROSIS), Christopher Juul (HEILUNG),
Dave Chandler (SAINT VITUS), Lori S. (ACID KING),
and Scott "Wino" Weinrich (THE OBSESSED) from the metal side,
as well as masters of throat signing such as Alash Ensemble,
Batzorig Vaanchig "Zorigoo", HUUN-HUUR-TU, Tanya Tagaq,
Albert Kuvezin (YAT-KHA), and Alexey Tegin.
"SteppenDoom" witnesses artists from each joining forces,
enriching and enhancing each other to create new sounds
that are rooted deeply in local environments, nature,
and the last wild regions of this planet as well
as in one of the most global industrialised urban musical styles possible.
Marc Urselli's STEPPENDOOM demands to be listened to
with non-prejudiced ears and an open mind.
While the album and its songs may require some time to properly absorb, they ultimately reveal a stunning beauty that sees eagles soar over cities, winds from the steppes awakening hearts and minds,
ice turning to arctic animals, and many other miracles.
Ancient magic is joined to modern forces here,
creating something revolutionary and new
that contains one of the oldest forms of human expressions:
the cry for freedom!
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Marc Urselli
at EastSide Sound New York City, US.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

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