the dead daisies 'holy ground'

Rock’n’Roll is a trip, not a destination…we all know how the saying goes!

The Dead Daisies continue their journey towards 2021 with new music, virtual performances and adventures.
The Dead Daisies have gone from strength to strength since the release of their selftitled album in 2013.
They have released four studio, one live and one covers album to a growing army of fans worldwide and are praised by the global media in an era where Rock has been declared dead time and time again.
The band’s DNA includes an amazing collective of players that includes John Corabi, Marco Mendoza, Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, Frank Ferrer, Darryl Jones, Tommy Clufetos, Charley Drayton and Jon Stevens amongst others.

They’ve also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Rock including Kiss, Guns N‘ Roses, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Whitesnake, ZZ Top and the Hollywood Vampires.

The Daisies have started the next chapter welcoming new band member Glenn Hughes.
Also known as “The Voice Of Rock“, Glenn has taken over lead vocals and bass guitar, joining guitarists Doug Aldrich, David Lowy and drummer Deen Castronovo.
With the addition of Glenn Hughes, The Daisies supercharge their front line through his rock solid bass grooves and unmatched vocal intensity.

As all fans know, the man is a true original, inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, with a rich history of music that features heavy weights like Deep Purple and Black Country Communion as well as a successful solo career.
One might say: “They don’t build rockers like him anymore”.
Followers can expect more High-Voltage Rock songs, indomitable grooves and spellbinding lyrics, all the ingredients that have made this music so timeless, out-living trends of the modern day.

The sound of The Dead Daisies is entrenched in the Hard Rock way of life we all love but as a living, breathing rock band, they are constantly evolving & bringing new dynamics to a classic style.

They’ve conducted multiple headline tours throughout Europe, Japan, South & North America and conquered some of the worlds most prestigious festivals such as Download, Wacken, Graspop, Sweden Rock as well as Woodstock Poland, where they played the notable Concert for Peace with a 60-piece orchestra in front of over 300,000 people in 2017.

Significantly, they were the first American Rock band welcomed back to Cuba after the embargo was lifted in 2015.

It’s the uplifting experience of a live show that makes Rock music so encompassing and where The Dead Daisies always deliver.
Their concerts are known for creating a special connection between the players and their audience, giving life to each other, singing, screaming and relishing in the moment!!!

The upcoming album ‘Holy Ground’, was recorded by Producer Ben Grosse at La Fabrique Studio in the South of France and due for release early in 2021.
The first single ‘Unspoken’ was released in April 2020 with the song continuing to receive global media praise, accolades and has definitely broken the silence! In July, The Lockdown Sessions EP was released with four stripped back semi-acoustic tracks, ‘Unspoken’, ‘Fortunate Son’ with Deen on lead vocals, ‘Righteous Days’ and an amazing version of the Humble Pie classic, ’30 Days In The Hole’ with Glenn and Doug.

The Daisies will kick off 2021 with a series of shows throughout Europe on the “Get Out Of The House Tour” followed by dates yet to be announced in the UK, Japan, US and Australia.
June/July will see the band playing with Foreigner, Judas Priest and at numerous summer Festivals.

The Dead Daisies are pushing forward, giving energy and taking chances to ensure that every person who experiences them has no doubt that Rock is Indeed Alive & Well and here to stay.


01. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory) 4:49

02. Like No Other (Bassline) 3:39

03. Come Alive 3:50

04. Bustle And Flow 3:40

05. My Fate 4:28

06. Chosen And Justified 3:43

07. Saving Grace 4:08

08. Unspoken 4:47

09. 30 Days In The Hole 3:40

10. Righteous Days 4:11

11. Far Away 7:03

New Line-Up:

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) – bass, vocals

Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio) – guitars

Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Journey) – drums

David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink) – guitars

Tour 2021:

03.02. DE-Essen – Turock

04.02. DE-Berlin – Columbia Theater

06.02. DE-Munich – Backstage Werk

07.02. DE-Hannover – Capitol

09.02. DE-Wiesbaden – Schlachthof

10.02. DE-Nürnberg – Hirsch

11.02. CZ-Prague – Lucerna Music Bar

13.02. SK-Bratislava – MMC

16.02. HU-Budapest – Barba Negra

18.02. AT-Vienna – SiMM City

19.02. IT-Milan – Live Club

21.02. FR-Lyon – CCO

23.02. ES-Barcelona – Razzmatazz 2

24.02. ES-Madrid – BUT

25.02. ES-Pamplona – Totem

28.02. FR-Strasbourg – La Laiterie

01.03. FR-Paris – Trabendo

03.03. CH-Zurich – Dynamo

05.03. BE-Vosselaar – Biebob

06.03. NL-Amsterdam – Melkweg

09.03. DK-Copenhagen – Pumpehuset

11.03. SE-Stockholm – Slakt Kyrkan

12.03. SE-Örebro – Frimis Salonger

14.03. NO-Oslo – Vulkan Arena

the dead daisies
'holy ground'
& The Rockets Of Love
'American Amadeus'

Of course, John Diva & The Rockets Of Love could have taken the easy way out.
Their 2019 debut album Mama Said Rock Is Dead instantly made 24th place in the German album chart list, putting the band on the map internationally practically overnight – in huge blinking neon signs.

Their dazzling video clips accompanying their singles are dripping with clichés and are causing quite the stir on the internet, while their tours following their album release turned out to be nothing less than a Rock´nRoll imbued victory parade with an ever-growing entourage.

What, therefore, could have been more natural than them adhering to the exact same 80ties glam rock inspired recipe for success for their second album American Amadeus, when it had worked like a charm for their first one?

But no, as lead singer John Diva points out. “That was never even an option for us. On the contrary: the challenge lies in growing, testing boundaries and inventing yourself over and over again on an artistic level. Stagnation means regression, so with American Amadeus we are definitely going one step further.”
Stylistically speaking especially, their 12 new songs are sounding out extremes.
Or, as guitarist Snake Rocket describes the direction of their new album: “Our hard songs are even harder and faster, our flashy pieces even flashier”.
He’s making it quite clear that this approach is due in parts to an increased self-confidence.
“Our major tour for Mama Said Rock Is Dead has had a positive impact on us”, he says. “Thanks to the thoroughly positive feedback for our first album and its great reception at concerts, we’re going out on a limb even more with American Amadeus.”
The album will be released on 15th January 2021 by Steamhammer/SPV and only a few weeks later the band will be going on a big concert tour.
With American Amadeus John Diva & The Rockets Of Love are definitely growing and gaining even more personality.

At the core of the characteristic John Diva sound lies authentic and energetic Classic Hardrock, a style that first flourished during the 80ties and spread from Los Angeles all around the globe in an unparalleled way.
Because one thing’s for sure: Where John Diva treads, there’s glitter and shine.
So much so, that even the greats of that era can only shrug their shoulders resignedly.

The new songs, however, go even further, cross referencing not only formations like Van Halen, Mötley Crüe or Def Leppard, but also rock legends of the 70ties like The Who, Kiss in their early years or Black Sabbath.
This already shows in their epic title song ‘American Amadeus‘, which is brimming with pomp, pathos, glamour and decadence.

This flair is also expressed in the accompanying video clip, which can only be described as opulent.
“To us, ‘American Amadeus‘ is the perfect title track because it demonstrates the whole range of our stylistic repertoire” John Diva explains. “The song is glamorous, playfully electrifying and combines European high culture with American trash culture.”
Much the same can be said for the first single ‘Bling Bling Marilyn‘, that boasts a chorus which literally blows your mind.
The song was written by lead singer John Diva, together with Hannes Braun (Kissin Dynamite), who contributed valuable ideas to no less than 3 more songs.
“We’re really happy with the collaboration”, the band enthuses, “especially as the fans will definitely be noticing his style in ‘Bling Bling Marilyn‘.”
The same goes for Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker), who had his share in composing ‘Champagne On Mars‘ and ‘This Is Rock´n`Roll‘ and who is playing a banjo slide solo in ‘Voodoo Sex & Vampires‘.

At the heart of this exceptional band is none other than pink comet John Diva himself, womanizer and a true gentleman.
It’s his powerful voice that layers their humorous lyrics with intelligent and onomatopoeic innuendo.
Always at his side are his wing men Snake Rocket and JJ Love, arguably the finest duo of guitar heroes on God’s green earth.
Then there’s of course bassist Remmie Martin, the enigmatic heartthrob with the compelling gaze, and last but not least Lee Stingray Jr., a drumstick-whirling Jack Sparrow lookalike, the pirate once so congenially portrayed by Johnny Depp.

These fabulous five are pouring out catchy tunes in heaps, it seems.
This is one tried and tested recipe for success that John Diva & The Rockets of Love have certainly stuck to with American Amadeus – and rightly so!


01. Voodoo, Sex & Vampires 3:57
02. American Amadeus 4:00
03. Soldier Of Love 4:04
04. Bling Bling Marilyn 3:49
05. Champagne On Mars 2:52
06. Weekend For A Lifetime 3:47
07. Karmageddon 4:54
08. Wasted (In Babylon) 4:03
09. Movin‘ Back To Paradise 3:58
10. Drip Drip Baby 3:51
11. This Is Rock’n’Roll 3:27
12. 2 Hearts 3:55


John Diva – vocals

Snake Rocket – guitars

J.J. Love – guitars

Remmie Martin – bass

Lee Stingray jr. – drums

Vinyl Bonus Tracks:

13. Star Of Rock 3:35 (bonus track)

14. Blonde! Black! Red! Brunette! 3:43 (bonus track)

15. American Amadeus (Orchester Version) 3:53 (bonus track)

“The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2”

After the first retrospective The Chronicles Of Eden (2007), Edenbridge, one of the most unique bands in their genre, deliver their second „Best Of“ album, right on time to their 20th Anniversary.
Part 2 is the quintessence of the studio albums 5-10 and again it was up to the fans to vote for their favorite tracks of each album.
Creative mastermind/multi-instrumentalist
Lanvall: „The voting was not a major surprise and is more or less identical to the songs, we would also have chosen. Therefore 4 tracks of each album could be covered along with some older all out of print bonus tracks.“
As a surprise, there are 2 new recorded acoustic versions of the hits Higher (over 4 million views on YouTube) and Paramount featured, among the Easter Version 2020 of the song Dynamind, re-recorded by Sabine.
Lanvall: „It was extreme fun to turn Higher into a nearly jazzy piano/vocal version showing a different side of us, formerly unknown. Paramount was one of the absolute fan favorites and so it was near to transform that song too and let it shine in a new light.“
The 150 minutes of the double album cover the big range of the symphonic metal sound and the compositional substance and consistency, Edenbridge has been standing for 20 years.
Atmospherically dense compositions, directed mainly by Lanvall and vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher, which combine melodies and grooves, toughness and sensitivity, emotions and intellect, spirit and the subconscious mind in a unique way.
The atmospheric artwork was inspired by a vision, singer Sabine had, linking the spiritual awakening to a Aurora Borealis.
Sabine: „After an own spiritual experience a couple of years ago and without an explainable reason, I felt a deep connection to the name Aurora. Subsequently I concerned myself with what the name stands for and relating it now to a heart quality, which might lead us to higher consciousness. Especially when there is a lot of negativity in the room, a possibility for transformation exists, through recognition and acceptance, respectively the self-responsibility for own feelings. Edenbridge always followed this path and especially now it is even more important to get into the own truthfulness.“
The graphic direction of the cover artwork was again in the hands of drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier, who developed into the creative visual pole of the band since his entrance into the band in 2016.
All tracks were produced by Lanvall and mixed by Threshold mastermind Karl Groom, with whom the band has been collaborating for 15 years now.


CD 1

01. Higher (3.51)

02. On The Other Side (4.51)

03. Shiantara (5.51)

04. Alight A New Tomorrow (3.53)

05. Until The End Of Time (4.35)

06. Shadowplay (5.24)

07. The Greatest Gift Of All (12.16)

08. Dynamind (Easter 2020 Version) (2.07) *previously unreleased

09. Brothers On Diamir (6.51)

10. Paramount (Acoustic Version 2020) (3.39) *previously unreleased

11. Tauerngold (5.36)

12. The Bonding (15.25)

CD 2

01. Live And Let Go (4.30)

02. Mystic River (7.13)

03. MyEarthDream Suite (For Guitar and Orchestra) (6.47)

04. The Moment Is Now (4.23)

05. Skyline’s End (5.31)

06. The Memory Hunter (5.02)

07. Remember Me (3.38)

08. Inward Passage (1.19)

09. Paramount (4.21)

10. Higher (Acoustic Version 2020) (4.40) *previously unreleased

11. Into A Sea Of Souls (4.58)

12. Bon Voyage Vagabond (5.52)

13. Eternity (3.03)

14. MyEarthDream (12.37)

Current Line-Up:

Sabine Edelsbacher: Lead vocals

Lanvall: Lead- & rhythm guitars, bass, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, orchestration, Hammered Dulcimer, Kacapi, Bouzouki, Mandolin

Dominik Sebastian: Lead- & Rhythm guitars

Johannes Jungreithmeier: drums

Stefan Gimpl: bass

“Dance Of
The Black Tattoo”

It’s been three years since Magnum brought out The Valley Of Tears – The Ballads, a compilation that focused on the British rock act’s quiet, more otherworldly and dreamy side.

Three years during which the idea matured to follow this successful release (top 100 of the German album charts) with a companion piece.

Dance Of The Black Tattoo has turned into exactly that: a collection of songs that present Magnum exclusively as tough-as-nails rocking and extremely vibrant musicians.

What makes this album, available from 8 January 2021 on Steamhammer/SPV on CD, double LP and for digital download, so special is the fact that Magnum have gone through their impressive archive, looking for rare live cuts and outstanding radio versions and have come up with spirited live recordings and edits that concentrate on the essential components of some of their most accomplished rock numbers.

Naturally, guitarist and band mastermind Tony Clarkin has used this opportunity to remaster and update all 14 tracks so that they comply with the state-of-the-art of (sound) technology.

Says Clarkin: “There have always been two aspects to Magnum: a slightly more tender and lyrical facet, but first and foremost of course our powerful, rocking side. And that’s the element that Dance Of The Black Tattoo documents impressively.”
The album kicks off with live versions of ‘Black Skies’ and ‘Freedom Day’, previously available exclusively as DVD bonus tracks on Escape From The Shadow Garden.
“The perfect launch of this compilation because they present Magnum musically and lyrically from our familiar raw side. The subsequent ‘All My Bridges’ is a little different in that the music is still heavy, but the lyrics are more poetic,” explains Clarkin, whose dynamic guitar style has harmonized perfectly with Magnum vocalist Bob Catley’s warm and charismatic voice for almost fifty (!) years.

‘On A Storyteller’s Night’, the title track of their 1985 masterpiece, and ‘Dance Of The Black Tattoo’ are another two rare live tracks from the bonus section of Escape From The Shadow Garden, followed by radio edits of their seasonal anti-war number ‘On Christmas Day’ and the fan favourite ‘Born To Be King’ off their classic Goodnight L.A., previously only available on vinyl or for digital download, followed by ‘Phantom Of Paradise Circus’ and ‘No God Or Saviour’, both bonus tracks from Sacred Blood – Divine Lies.

Clarkin: “To be honest, when I started going through those old masters, I didn’t even have ‘Phantom Of Paradise Circus’ on my radar. I usually start working on new material about four weeks after the release of an album, so occasionally a song may sink into oblivion although it has a lot of substance and class. Such as ‘Phantom Of Paradise Circus’. I really love that number and am happy that it is getting the attention it deserves at last.”
‘Your Dreams Won’t Die’ and ‘Twelve Men Wise And Just’ are two live bonus tracks which first featured on Lost On The Road To Eternity, before ‘Show Me Your Hands’, ‘Not Forgiven’ and ‘Madman Or Messiah’ – three previously unreleased radio edits from the still topical studio recordings Lost On The Road To Eternity (2018) and The Serpent Rings (2020) – round off the new release.
“Sometimes it’s not easy to shorten a carefully balanced composition for the radio, but in these three cases it worked really well,” reckons Clarkin.

Talking of working well: Naturally the artwork of Dance Of The Black Tattoo was designed by Magnum‘s tried-and-tested cover artist Rodney Matthews, who always succeeds in translating the special ambience of the British rock group’s albums into atmospheric images and colours.

Clarkin: “This time it was easy really: I called Rodney, told him the album title and he sent me this absolutely fascinating artwork. I bet our fans will love his little masterpiece.”
Having said that, Clarkin is sure to win this kind of bet for the whole of Dance Of The Black Tattoo.


01 Black Skies (live) 6:06

02 Freedom Day (live) 6:20

03 All My Bridges (live) 4:55

04 On A Storyteller’s Night (live) 5:09

05 Dance Of The Black Tattoo (live) 5:53

06 On Christmas Day (radio edit) 4:21

07 Born To Be King 5:31

08 Phantom Of Paradise Circus 5:88

09 No God Or Saviour 5:24

10 Your Dreams Won’t Die (live) 5:44

11 Twelve Men Wise And Just (live) 6:22

12 Show Me Your Hands (radio edit) 3:48

13 Not Forgiven (radio edit) 3:38

14 Madman or Messiah (radio edit) 3:41

LIVE 2021:

05.09. NL-Uden – De Pul

07.09. SE-Stockholm – Fryshuset Klubben

08.09. NO-Oslo – Vulkan

09.09. SE-Huskvarna – Folkets Park

10.09. SE-Gothenburg – Pustervik

11.09. SE.Karlstad – Nojesfabriken

13.09. SE-Malmö – Babel

16.09. UK-Nottingham – Rock City

17.09. UK-Sheffield – Leadmill

19.09. UK-Norwich – Waterfront

20.09. UK-Islington – Assembly Hall

21.09. UK-Southampton – Engine Rooms

22.09. UK-Cardiff – Tramshed

24.09. UK-Manchester – Academy 2

25.09. UK-Holmfirth – Picturedome

27.09. UK-Birmingham – Symphony Hall

29.09. UK-Cambridge – Junction

30.09. UK-Glasgow – Garage

02.10. IE-Dublin – Voodoo Lounge

03.10. UK-Belfast – Limelight 1

Current Line-Up:

Tony Clarkin – Guitar

Bob Catley – Vocals

Rick Benton – Keyboards

Dennis Ward – Bass

Lee Morris – Drums

with joy we have been informed, that one of the most talented bands from the 80ties early 90ties will release in 2021 after allmost 30 years their new album.
their official announcement on their official homepage: ‘
Bratty! Trashy! and Heavy!
12 new Star Star songs and videos
in 2021
Trashy Rock n Roll with a Sunset Strip beat’
ANNISOKAY will release their album 'aurora' on the 29th of January 2021

ANNISOKAY officially launched the pre-orders for their highly anticipated fifth studio album »Aurora«, which will be available on the 29th of January 2021 via Arising Empire.
 »Aurora« comes in a special & limited fan-box, as well as vinyl and CD

ANNISOKAY – the German Rock / Metal band is releasing its fifth studio album »Aurora« in 2021 and is reinventing themselves.
Old braids were literally cut off and a new front man brought on board.
The musical foundation has remained.
Heavy guitar riffs and driving drum rhythms, paired with a mix of melodic goosebumps singing and aggressive shouts.
Rudi Schwarzer is now responsible for the latter.
The new front man was already able to convince the fans live.

ANNISOKAY played the X-Mas Bash Tour together with the EMIL BULLS in winter 2019.
In January 2021 the new album »Aurora« will follow in a completely new guise.
As usual, guitarist and singer Christoph Wieczorek is in charge of the production, whose charismatic and melodic voice will continue to provide goosebumps.
The quartet is completed by the rhythm group, consisting of drummer Nico Vaeen and bassist Norbert Rose.

ANNISOKAY was founded in 2007 and has since been considered one of the most talented German bands with an international flair.
The band has already played successful tours in Europe, Great Britain, Japan and the USA.
With several headline shows in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, the band gained a loyal and massively growing fan base.
The highlights were support shows for PARKWAY DRIVE in sold out halls in Moscow and St.Petersburg.
The established independent record label SPV signed the band in 2014 and three studio albums were released, all of which made it into the top 100 of the official German album charts.
In 2018, ANNISOKAY switched from SPV to Arising Empire.
In the same year, the fourth studio album »Arms« was released, which reached #26, making it the band’s highest chart entry to date.

The idea for the band name comes from the song ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson.
With »Annie Are You Okay?« ANNISOKAY released a Michael Jackson cover EP in 2016 to honor a true musical genius who served as the inspiration for the band name.
What sound and what kind of music do ANNISOKAY stand for?
Free of clichés typical of the genre or current sound trends and yet sounding modern, that is the maxim.
Guitarist and singer Christoph Wieczorek has been a producer since the beginning of the band.
This is how all ANNISOKAY albums are created, under the direction of Christoph, in his recording studio “Sawdust Recordings” in Halle / Saale.

After four studio albums, the brand new album »Aurora« is all about the new shouter.
Aurora symbolizes the mystical polar light, full of hope on the dark horizon.
ANNISOKAY had toured extensively in the years before and made the leap to international stages outside of Europe.
The start for this was a four-week USA tour with I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE, from New York City to Los Angeles. Japan and Russia followed, as well as an extensive European tour.
The band spent almost a year together on the tour bus.
After the summer 2019 festival, the big cut came and the band split from the previous shouter. Long-time friend and experienced shouter Rudi Schwarzer was hired for the upcoming shows in 2019.
Rudi has been playing in various hardcore bands for over 10 years.
It quickly became clear that it would fit!

With new strength, fun and a lot of energy, ANNISOKAY continue their successful genre mix and set new standards for modern and melodic Rock / Metal music.

ANNISOKAY was founded in 2007 and has since been considered one of the most talented German bands with an international flair. The band has already played successful tours in Europe, Great Britain, Japan and the USA. With several headline shows in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, the band gained a loyal and massively growing fan base. The highlights were support shows for PARKWAY DRIVE in sold-out halls in Moscow and St.Petersburg. The established independent record label SPV signed the band in 2014 and three studio albums were released, all of which made it into the top 100 of the official German album charts. In 2018, ANNISOKAY switched from SPV to Arising Empire. In the same year, the fourth studio album »Arms« was released, which reached  #26, making it the band's highest chart entry to date.

»Aurora« tracklist:
 01. Like A Parasite
 02. STFU
 03. The Tragedy
 04. Face The Facts
 05. Overload
 06. Bonfire Of The Millennials
 07. The Cocaines Got Your Tongue
 08. Under Your Tattoo
 09. The Blame Game
 10. I Saw What You Did
 11. Standing Still
 12. Friend Or Enemy
 13. Terminal Velocity

Rudi Schwarzer | Vocals
Christoph Wieczorek | Vocals / Guitar
Norbert Kayo | Bass
Nico Vaeen | Drums

 Extratours presents
 13.03.21 Göttingen - Exil
 22.04.21 Prag - Rock Cafe
 23.04.21 Cham - L.A. Eventhalle
 24.04.21 Wien - Chelsea
 28.04.21 Zürich - Dynamo, Werk 21
 29.04.21 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
 30.04.21 München - Backstage
 01.05.21 Schweinfurt - Stattbahnhof
 05.05.21 Hannover - Musikzentrum
 06.05.21 Hamburg - Gruenspan
 07.05.21 Essen - Turock
 08.05.21 Osnabrück - Bastard Club
 14.05.21 Jena - F-Haus
 26.05.21 Stuttgart - Universum
 27.05.21 Nürnberg - Z-Bau
 28.05.21 Berlin - Hole44
 29.05.21 Köln - Helios37

single 'Neon Highway'

ONE MORNING LEFT start right off on top with their single ‘Neon Highway’, the first taste of this hell of an album.

‘Neon Highway‘ is a hyperactive love song full of pure chaos and fury, thoroughly resonating with the album title.
As told by Leevi Luoto (guitar/vocals): “This is a straight up love song. MAD love. Also functions as the landscape-painter of the album, describing the world we’re singing about.”

ONE MORNING LEFT’s fourth album marks their first new material in five years.
On »Hyperactive« the group begins a whole new chapter in their story, drawing inspiration from retro electronic- and video game music, as well as 80’s hard rock while staying true to their heavier roots.

Changes are happening not only in the musical style but also in their lineup.
Returning from the cast of 2016’s “Metalcore Superstars” are frontman Mika Lahti, singer-guitarist Leevi Luoto, and drummer Niko Hyttinen.
Additional firepower is provided by new faces Tuukka Ojansivu on guitar and Miska Sipiläinen on bass guitar, as well as the return-to-form of keyboard player Touko Keippilä from the band’s original “Panda

Mika Lahti | Lead Vocals
Leevi Luoto | Guitar & Lead Vocals
Tuukka Ojansivu | Guitar & Backing Vocals
Miska Sipiläinen | Bass & Backing Vocals
Touko Keippilä | Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Niko Hyttinen | Drums

TO KILL ACHILLES »Something To Remember Me By«
OUT: February 5th, 2021

TO KILL ACHILLES are a 5-piece alternative rock band from Dundee, Scotland.
Having recently signed to Arising Empire, the band are set to release their new full-length album in early 2021 with a touring schedule to follow.

Taking lyrical inspiration from personal life experiences and musical influence from a wide variety of alternative genres has allowed them to create a piece of art which fully encapsulates the bands message – “we only exist when we exist together.”

The band have extensively toured across the UK, the majority of Europe and Russia with bands such as WE CAME AS ROMANS, COUNTERPARTS, WHILE SHE SLEEPS, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN, HEART IN HAND, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS and many more.
In the hope to spread their message to as many individuals as possible, they plan to continue dominating their ever growing European market whilst reaching new territories further afield, pouring their heart and soul into every performance, on and off stage.

"This record is the story of a man who wakes up on his twenty fifth birthday and the events that happen throughout the course of a year that lead him to take his own life exactly one year on to the date. Each song represents a month in his life (with the exception of two moments of reflection). In each of the songs we tell a story that a member of the band had to go through over the last few years. Every song is real and is a portrayal of how we felt in that moment. The message of the record is to highlight that these events can happen, that people can be dealing with things without anyone else being aware. In our lives, we were lucky because we have the support network of our incredible friends and families, but in the case of our character, he does not. The record is a statement which shows that without support, even the strongest of people can be driven to contemplate taking their own lives. It’s so important to talk, it’s so important to find the people in life that you can share your lowest moments with because no one can be expected to go through that alone. Our character deals with alcoholism, a lack of direction or passion in life, the fear of growing older and losing yourself, the isolation felt by."

Taking lyrical inspiration from personal life experiences and musical influence from a wide variety of alternative genres has allowed them to create a piece of art which fully encapsulates the bands message – “we only exist when we exist together.”

Mark Tindal | Vocals
Shaun Lawrence | Guitar
Marc Sharp | Guitar
Matthew Tippett | Bass
Kieran Smith | Drums

'The Devil In Me'

Release date: March 26th, 2021

Format: – CD Digi Pak + Poster – 2LP + 2 Bonustracks, Gatefold, 140g black vinyl, printed inner sleeves

It’s got to be a very special release that has Suzi Quatro announce proudly: “The Devil In Me is the best album in my career to date!”
After all, the American rock vocalist would hardly utter such superlatives lightly.
Suzi’s enthusiasm for her latest offering has many reasons, twelve of them to be precise.
Because 'The Devil In Me' consists of exactly a dozen songs, each of them – from the opening track and title song to the final ‘Motor City Riders’ – a real highlight.
The reasons for Suzi’s remarkable creative explosion: on the one hand the lockdown, which kept her from her usual touring life in spring 2020, and on the other another collaboration with her son Richard Tuckey, which had already worked out extremely well on her predecessor album No Control.
Suzi: “Starting spring 2020, almost one hundred of my shows were cancelled and Richard would also have been on tour with his band had not all concerts been cancelled or postponed. So I said to him: ‘We should make the most of our free time, write new material and allow ourselves to be inspired by the things that are currently going on in the world.’ I already knew that Richard and I make a brilliant team, after all No Control had been a major success and a very special recording for us. Although I would never have thought that we’d be able to surpass it. But everybody who’s heard 'The Devil In Me' and all the people who had worked on the previous album have told us: ‘This album is even stronger!’”

Suzi Quatro, now in her 57th year of writing and performing, certainly knows what she’s talking about.
Since the beginning of her career as a 14-year-old singer and bassist she has achieved almost everything a musician could possibly hope to achieve.
Her charismatic voice, her powerful bass style and global hits such as ‘Can The Can’, ‘48 Crash’, ‘Devil Gate Drive’, ‘If You Cant Give Me Love’, ‘Shes In Love With You’ and ‘Stumblin In’ made her a rock music icon in the 1970s.
To this day, her motto is: “I won’t retire before I turn around, shake my ass and there’s silence.”

That this moment is still a long way in the distant future is partly due to The Devil In Me. “I have to confess that I could hardly wait to work on new material again with Richard after the release of No Control,” Suzi explains. “Every album has its own creative history and I know that it’s impossible to plan success. But Richard and I were certain of one thing: We knew we’d be a good team again.”
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01. The Devil In Me 3:24

02. Hey Queenie 4:08

03. Betty Who? 3:57

04. You Can‘t Dream It 3:10

05. My Heart And Soul 5:13 (long version)

06. Get Outta Jail 3:18

07. Do Ya Dance 2:44

08. Isolation Blues 3:36

09. I Sold My Soul Today 2:37

10. Love‘s Gone Bad 4:35

11. In The Dark 3:08

12. Motor City Riders 3:54

LP Bonustracks:

13. Can I Be Your Girl 3:34

14. Desperado 3:37


And every single note on 'The Devil In Me' proves just how good this team is.
The album presents Suzi’s full range of musical diversity plus a number of surprises.
From rock tracks such as ‘The Devil In Me’, ‘Get Outta Jail’, ‘Motorcity Riders’ and ‘Hey Queenie’ (“these four songs are typical of me and continue the tradition of my 1973 debut album”) to fairly unusual numbers such as the pub atmosphere-inspired ‘Isolation Blues’ with its intimate mood or ‘In The Dark’ which is accompanied by elegant piano and provocative saxophone sounds, Suzi presents herself from a whole range of different aspects.
“Richard wanted this album to have a through line, so that you could put any track on, and it just fit… he also said he wanted this album to be as important and ground breaking as my first one. So that is how we approached this project, and that is what we accomplished.”

‘My Heart And Soul’ shows just how creative Suzi and Richard could be – it’s without a doubt one of the most beautiful Christmas songs of recent years.
Says Suzi: “I have a little studio at my house. Richard was in the studio working on ideas, I was sitting on the patio, relaxing, and heard this absolutely beautiful track coming out of the open studio door. It was a bass line, with a sparse guitar chord, and drums. It was immediate for me. I ran into the studio, mask on of course, it was like a magnet. I asked him: ‘What is this?’ I told him to set up a microphone, I said: ‘Quick, quick, quick!’ And without thinking, without writing anything down, I sang the first for lines of the song exactly as they ended up. That`s when you know you have a great song … and we do!”

And so the lead single ‘My Heart And Soul’ (scheduled for release on 4 December 2020) hails an album that – you can’t help but agree with Suzi – probably really has turned into the best of her career so far.

'The Devil In Me'
part II

Live: 2021

09.05. DE-Dessau – Anhalt Arena

10.05. DE-Dresden – Kulturpalast

14.05. DE-Mönchengladbach – Red Box

17.05. DE-Berlin – Friedrichstadtpalast

22.05. DE-Siegen/Hilchenbach – KulturPur

28.05. DE-Stuttgart – Liederhalle

12.06. UK-Peterborough – Showground

19.06. ES-Vitoria-Gasteiz – Azkena Rock Festival

26.06. DE-Neuleiningen – Burgsommer

01.08. DE-Seebronn – Rock of Ages Festival

04.08. DE-Monschau – Burg Monschau

05.08. NL-Steenwijkerwold – Dicky Woodstock Festival

14.08. DE-Mülheim – Freilichtbühne

21.08. DE-Rust – Europa Park

03.09. DE-Cottbus – Stadthalle

04.09. DE-Zwickau – Stadthalle

05.09. DE-Dexheim – Kultur auf dem Hof

17.09. DK-Vejle – Musikteater

18.09. DK-Knebel – Fuglsøcentret

19.09. DK-Copenhagen – Docken

03.10. DE-Neuruppin – Kulturkirche (sold out)

30.10. DE-Dillingen – Lokschuppen

06.11. DE-Mannheim – Rosengarten

23.11.-30.11. AUS- Brisbane – Rock The Boat

18.12. DE-Leipzig-Arena


20.04. GB- London – Royal Albert Hall

30.04. DE- Obertraubling – Airport-Eventhall

27.05. DE-Wuppertal – Historische Stadthalle

03.06. DE-Ulm – CCO Halle

15.10. DE-Fulda – Esperantohalle

16.10. DE-Augsburg – Kongress am Park

20.10. DE-Friedrichshafen – Graf Zeppelin Haus

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